Waterfall Jacket + Camo

Hello ladies and Happy Tuesday! Brooklyn made a surprise visit yesterday afternoon so I got to mess around with her for the day. I also got to talk with a fellow blogger helping her with her blog. If you are on Instagram her handle is @rememberwynn18 and she is a midlife influencer like myself. I think you will really love her, she is from Texas and can throw an outfit together like no other. Check her out if you’re on IG, once her blog is up and running she will be a guest with us here.

I have a love for camo, and camo is very hot this season! It’s been trending for a while now and it’s not going anywhere! How do we take a pair of camo pants and dress them up? It’s super simple and I’m going to share one way I like to give it a little pizazz.

The Look

This drape jacket is a must-have, I’m just going to put that out there. It looks great with jeans, skirts, dresses, and yes…camo! Maybe you have noticed the draped or waterfall look is everywhere, coats and cardigans alike. This drape front jacket is super comfortable and stylish. It can dress an outfit up and definetly take it from day to night in a heartbeat! Imagine this with some great skinny jeans, a pair of cute heels (with color) and a cami – I think I just found another date night outfit! Ha!!

Some of my favorite camo pants are from The Loft and boy have I been wearing them a lot. (Huge sale at The Loft – These are 40% off using code: BOO – see them here) These should be fitting tight to my legs, but since I started the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, these are VERY roomy. I still wear them because I like them so well, I guess I need to break down and buy a new pair that actually fit, huh?

I will be sharing a video of my Mom very soon on her success on the FWTFL. She has lost 30 lbs and girls, I am so happy for her! She was wearing a 2X and I could tell she really wanted to find something that would work, especially at her age. I had great success, Barry dropped weight, and now she has outdone us ALL! A new round starts November 11th and you can get more info here, if interested. Be sure to check back and listen to my Mom talk, she’s almost 80! We haven’t taped it yet, but I cannot what to see what she’s going to say. I’m NOT editing this at all, so it’s straight from the hip! Should be interesting lol!

I chose these open-toe booties to wear with my outfit, although these were purchased last year or so, a similar pair is at Target. These are limited stock. These Vince Camuto wedges are super cute and similar in style. Plus, who doesn’t love a wedge? See them here.

Another look that I have been styling these pants is with an olive Moto Jacket. So I decided to add a picture of that in the post also. This is great for a more casual look. I switched out the heels for a lower bootie. These Rimini booties are super comfortable and no matter where I go, I am asked where I purchased these from. See them here. (These booties are in the Top 10 Faves of the Year, so far!)

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Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a great day! Today I have tons of errands to run, I didn’t get anything done yesterday since Brooklyn dropped in – so it’s going to be a long day! What are you girls up too?


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  • Sandy

    Cute combo again. I have tried on the waterfall cardigans but not jackets. I like how they lay more closed then an open front cardigan. Something nice to change it up. I am jealous of the beautiful weather you are still having. It was in the mid 30’s here yesterday. So happy to hear your Mom(and you) is doing so well on her health journey.

    • Beverly

      I was in shock when you told me the weather was in the 30’s the other day. My mouth actually dropped!! You guys get the cold weather quick and if I remember correctly, last Spring I was starting to wear shorts and you still had snow on the ground. Wow!! I like the waterfall look, it dresses it up a bit!!❤️❤️ Happy Tuesday lovely!!!

    • Beverly

      Awe Jalisa!! That was the sweetest compliment ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs to you‼️😘😘 Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re following! Be sure to comment so I can get to know you😆

  • Kelly Palmer

    I like the waterfall jacket but like Sandy I have never tried one on. I think that my favorite is still the moto jacket. Congratulations to all of you on your weight loss but especially to your sweet mom! I am excitedly awaiting the video and can’t wait to see what she has to say 🙂 I ended up asking to be taken off of the schedule at my work for this week and cannot wait to feel better! I don’t remember a time when I have felt so nasty for so long, ugh. It doesn’t help that I cannot stay still. I always need to be doing something and this has forced me to take it easy and do nothing whether I want to or not. It has stirred up the old vertigo which has been fun as well. Are you feeling any better? I hope so and pray that you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

    • Beverly

      Oh no!!!!! This is horrible! Plus vertigo-girl, that stuff is horrible and I have a new appreciation for people to get vertigo. I hope you feel better soon, I’m praying!!!!❤️❤️ Oh, I would wear the Moto jacket the most too!! I love that jacket lol

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