Over The Knee Boots For Date Night

Hello Tuesday! Yesterday was such a nice day to be outside and get things done. We got a few things done, but the old “my way” and “his way” took over so we had to stop, regroup and decided I would finish this project today. YAY!..NOT YAY! I think as a Mom, I know what I want, how I want it done and every person in my family are the exact same way. This can be troubling at times…LOL!

We tried a date night this past weekend, but the kids inserted themselves, so we made it a family night out. We decided we would take a night to ourselves and go to one of our favorites places, The Outback last night. Yum!

This is the perfect Fall Date Night outfit! I really enjoyed wearing this one. The focus on this outfit would be the over the knee boots, but let’s talk about the jacket for a moment.

I purchased this last year on Black Friday from Kohl’s and have worn it so many ways since then. To my surprise, it is still on the website (it is a big seller) and it’s under $40. It does fit TTS, if you want it a little bigger for thicker sweaters, I would size up. This comes in multiple colors also, see it here. I am wering a Medium.

This Tie-Hem Wrap Blouse (I am wearing a Medium) is also on sale right now from The Loft Outlet and is super cute with jeans and booties if that’s your style. What I liked about this blouse is the front wrap that is secure, but the hem can be tightened or loosen up. It’s a cute detail that is eye-catching. (see the pic below for the tie on the side) This could work with white jeans or slacks, or even a skirt. It’s definitely a blouse that is dressier and can be a workwear piece. See the blouse here. Sweaters are BOGO Free right now also! Shop Sweaters here.

My jeans are from American Eagle, these wear so well and I have more than one pair. I love their jeans, they fit very well, last forever, and have stretch in them so they are never uncomfortable. These are High-Waisted Skinny Jeans and they are online only, but they are on sale for under $38. See them here, they come in Petite, Curvy, Regular, and Tall. I am wearing an 8.

My boots are from Nordstrom last year and are by Franco Sarto, but are no longer available. I did finally a similar one here that is cheaper in price but looks almost identical. I also found many similar ones above in the carousel that range in heel height and shaft height. I really like the over the knee boots, but not too over the knee, I am 50 – so I have to be a little reserved. HA! These are right at the knee cap, very comfortable to wear, and look great with jeans or skirts.

Who over 40 are styling the Over The Knee Boots? Do you feel like you can’t? Maybe a shorter shaft right below the knee would be a better alternative for you. It took me a very long time to warm up to this trend, but once I purchased the boot – I was sold like a piece of candy in a candy store from a kid with a quarter! That’s SOLD! (smile)

I am getting my cleaning done today, a little laundry, and overall straightening the house up. I will be taking my Mom to the doctor tomorrow, so say a prayer for her, if you will. What are you girls up to? Love to hear what you girls are doing! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  • Sandy

    This outfit looks so cute on you and perfect hair style to go with this outfit! Yum….Outback. To answer your question; No over the knee boots for me. Once again I would feel like I was “trying to hard”, plus I know I wouldn’t get my money’s worth out of wearing them since we don’t go out that often and I know I wouldn’t wear them shopping. Seems like I don’t wear my jeans inside of jeans hardly at all. You are so right about being the Mom and knowing how we want things done. Others just can’t see inside our head and have the same vision 🙂 Maybe today you will get your project where you want it to be without any suggestions from others!

    • Beverly

      Isn’t that the truth!! I think I’m too OCD lol!! Thanks for the comment, I figured there would be a lot of women that wouldn’t like over the knee, so I added some other boots in the post. I wear booties mostly, but every now and then I like wearing tall boots with my jeans inside. I know everyone has their own style, that’s what makes us all special and unique!! Some pumps would look cute with this too!! I’m getting back to the last of this chaos lol. Have a great day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Well, I worked today hence the later comment post. I love this outfit and have thought about trying on a pair of over the knee boots but I wasn’t sure that they would look appropriate for my age (58). I bought a pair of boots at the end of last winter and when I recently tried them on I have a lot more room in the calve area then I remember when I got them. I think they look a little funny to me with extra room. Should the boots be snug around your calve or is it ok to have some extra room there? I also found that with age I now see more sagging skin and wrinkles around my knee, ugh! The things that we have to deal with as we age. Anyway, I wondered if the over the knee boot would work better to camouflage that issue. I have tomorrow and Thursday off and I am thanking God big time for that as I have started to feel fluish as of last night and need some down time to rest. Have a great evening and see you in the morning! 🙂

    • Beverly

      I think we all are having the sagging problem over 50. Sagging is everywhere uggg!! I have boots that are a big bigger and then I have the snug fitting boots, I think it determines how you’re feeling that day. Both will work in my opinion, but if you’re going over the knee, snug is the answer! And yes, it camouflages they knew area very well!! Plus it’s really cute with tights and a dress or skirt. Funny you should say that you feel fluish, because I have been feeling that way too. I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet and figured I’d wait to make sure I wasn’t sick. You know our lives seem to be parallel lol! Hope you feel better soon!!!❤️❤️❤️See you in the morning

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