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Happy Sunday everyone! I love Sunday posts and sharing the Top 5 of the Week with you! This Sunday, I am sharing a blog I recently found that is VERY inspirational and one you might want to check out. Deborah Hutton is a Christian mom that has found a platform to share the Bible not only in her community but worldwide. Check her out at Women Devotions.

The post I am sharing from her website today really hit home with me and thought you ladies might enjoy it also.

* This entire devotion blog is written by Deborah from Women Devotions.

Often time, we wake up with eagerness to check our emails and social media accounts for updates; and thereafter rush right into the day without committing our day into God’s hands. We’re constantly overwhelmed with the thought of how to convert our to-do to done. But we don’t consider it needful to spend time with our Maker… seek His presence and ask for His plans for the new day.

Many people might not yet understand the benefits, as well as the spiritual implication of starting off a new day with prayer.

Why is it important to create a habit of praying before anything else in the morning?

Today’s short devotion focuses on the benefits of Morning Prayer and the power that comes with it.

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went to a desolate place, and there he prayed – Mark 1:35 (ESV)

This verse is preceded by an account of how our Lord Jesus Christ healed all kinds of terrible diseases. And forced out a lot of demons from those oppressed of the devil.

How is this relevant?

We will be more thankful

Morning Prayer is a great avenue to thank God for the victories and testimonies of the previous day. Of course, we know that God has been faithful to us, and we couldn’t have amounted to anything significant in life without His help. We can’t even thank God enough for sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ for our salvation. He saved us from our sins and gave us a new life in Christ Jesus. Thus, we should always acknowledge this in our prayer.

We will learn direction for the tough decisions ahead

Morning Prayer is the time to get our faith refueled and find out the assignments that God is committing to our hands for the new day. In doing this, we trust God to enlighten the eyes of our hearts to know the hope to which He’s called us.

We will learn to lean on Him for knowledge

Combined with reading of the Scripture, Morning Prayer can dramatically enrich our spiritual, physical, mental and financial lives. God speaks to us through His word and often times we will be reminded of things we should be praying for right from the scriptures.

Be encouraged to start the day off in prayer.

Each time we consider God first on our to-do list, we’re simply telling Him that we’re nothing without Him. Thus, calling on Him to come and have his way in everything we’d be doing that day.

Therefore, every believer should make it a lifestyle to engage with the Holy Spirit as we begin our day. You’ll be amazed at how God will invigorate and transform your life for optimum productivity.

I am truly enjoying reading her blogs and she has been an inspiration with her writings! Hope you enjoyed it!

Top 5 Faves of The Week

1. Faux Suede Ankle Strap Boots

2. Rockstar Super Skinny Cords

3. Dolman Sleeve Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

4. Tulip Swing Tank from Loft

5. Kaari Blue Faux Leather Jacket

5. Cut-Out Chunky Heel Bootie

This cute bootie has been on the Top 5 list for a while and ties at #5 this week!

I love seeing the analytics to see what was trending and what was staying on the Top 5!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you ladies have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy your last day of the weekend and relax! Was one of your favorites in the Top 5? I have Brooklyn and we are going to build a “club” today and have some girl time! XOXO

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  • Brenda Foxy Lady

    Thank you for writing the Sunday post. I really needed this today. I hope you fun with building a club with your granddaughter.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Thank you for sharing the Women Devotions and I have subscribed to it 🙂 I have no problem with saying my prayers and talking to God throughout the day but for some reason I have not been very disciplined at doing morning devotions. I do speak to God throughout the day as prayer requests or praises come to mind and I especially find it so relaxing to speak to Him as I fall asleep at night but I have never been much of a morning person and don’t always feel awake enough to even think clearly enough to take in a devotional. I guess everyone is different in what works best for them. I liked all of this weeks’ top 5! I am taking it easy this morning and will be working later today. I hope that you and Brooklyn have a wonderful time together!

    • Beverly

      I am groggy in the morning and it takes me awhile to wake up and get going. I do much better when I’m alone for some reason ( getting motivated and reading a devotional) She is so inspiring with her blog posts!! Glad you liked her!! Have a great day!

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