How to Rock Leather Leggings After 40

It’s been many years since I’ve worn leather pants, but I recently came across some luxurious, faux  leather leggings that got me thinking, “Could I, should I, wear black leather leggings even though I’m almost 50?” Well, it didn’t take long for me to answer that question with a  – Heck YEAH!! Why not?? But, I have to be careful on how I style them – I am almost 50, so I’m going for a chic and classy look – not an “I’m trying to still act 20 look”!!

I wear a lot of leggings and colored skinny jeans.  My new leather leggings feel like a very “cool and upbeat” change. They’re super comfy, they add a bit of texture to my outfits and give me that modern edge. Still, I  totally understand how one might be nervous to buy a pair. There’s a fine line between looking chic vs. cheap in pants like these at 40, 50 and beyond


Here are a few other Do’s and Don’ts for how, and what to wear with faux leather leggings:

Leather leggings show everything. Don’t wear them with:

  • tops that are too short
  • tops that are too tight
  • tops that are flimsy and see through
  • very sexy tops with deep V-necks and cutouts
  • tall, leather high-heeled boots
  • anything with biker gang looking buckles, studs and chains
  • very heavy, masculine pieces
  • too much glitz, shine
  • too much jewelry
  • too many accessories
  • stilettos – reminds me of Grease – which Olivia Newton-John totally killed it!
  • head to toe black – pop some color in there with shoes and handbags, etc.(see pic below- love the tank and the shoes to change up and add color)

DO wear Black Leather Leggings with:

  • tops that flow and are not too tight so the silhouette is wider, looser on top and narrow, skinny on the bottom
  • tops that end below your hip bones ( minimum) and even better that cover your bum, or longer
  • cozy loose slightly oversized sweaters
  •  narrow cut ( but not tight) blouses and shirts
  • tunic dresses or tops
  •  blazers layered with a long top or sweater underneath
  • sporty and classic pieces
  • feminine touches like lace or peplum
  • long boyfriend cardigans and cascading sweaters
  • rich fabrics like cashmere, silk
  • trench coats, peacoats
  • color- brights or neutrals
  • tops with details at the neckline if you are wide below to draw the eye upwards
  • few accessories- leather pants are a statement on their own
  • Shoes or boots in black like your leggings to create a long, lean line. Flats like smoking slippers, ballet flats and booties work well.

Speaking of Oliva Newton-John – she is still sporting her leather leggings and looking Oh So Fabulous!

One final note: I bought my faux leggings one size bigger than I normally buy because they seemed so tight. Within a couple of hours, they had stretched out, and I had to have them taken in at the waist,  so remember they do stretch a bit. Enjoy this new trend and let your imagination run wild!! LOL!!!


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