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Good Sunday morning ladies! Grab your favorite cup of java and let’s catch up before church starts! I am not able to go to church this morning so I will be spending time with my Lord and Savior via the internet this morning! My –  haven’t times changed huh? We can now watch our own church on the web, just like we are there when we can’t make a service. When I was little, I don’t care what was happening, if those doors to the church were open ANY day of the week – Mom had us there! And I mean ANY DAY!!! It was our second home, but today I have to go into work (the holidays are kind of busy in retail) so I will be catching my church’s service via the web today.

We have only a few weeks left in this year and I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. I haven’t even gotten my tree up yet, so decorating the house is the top priority on my list this week! I love the lights on at night, I just feel so warm, happy and cozy – it truly is a magical time of the year – MY FAVE!!!! Plus, I can watch my Hallmark Christma movies with a cup of cocoa or my favorite coffee all while gazing at those beautiful lights! I swear I think the decorations instantly make me feel all warm and cuddly inside! Nice look below – OMGAHHHHH!!! LOVE!!!

After Thanksgiving, it seems we have been so busy running around with work and errands, it’s non stop. Brooklyn is here this weekend and she is like the energizer bunny, but I wouldn’t trade my time with her for all the gold in California! By the way, I’m cooking another Thanksgiving dinner today when I get home from work – these turkey comas are going to kill me! I can thank my oldest, Chase, for bringing that baby home – I guess he meant for me to cook one this year! haha

The Lord has been so good to us these past few months, I have to give Him a shout out! The blog has quadrupled in subscribers and grown beyond my comprehension. I am still in awe the way He has blessed this venture, and I am so glad He is right here with me! And I can’t continue without saying thank you to all my followers, I love every one of you and I am so grateful for your support!!

So, I wanted to share one of the cutest outfits I picked out Balck Friday. I know you ladies are busy with “life”, kids, husbands, etc- so I will make this short. I loved this sweater dress so much, I had to share this. Honestly, I do not walk out of the house without my MacBook attached to my hip or thrown in my backpack- so this look is ME up and down!


This sweater dress and faux wool vest coat with the beige tall boots are just the outfit I can LOVE!!  This is an outfit for work, church, a lunch date with girlfriends, a holiday get together – you name it and it will fit right in!!

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I hope you ladies enjoy your day today and remember He is ALWAYS in CONTROL!!!

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