Lash Bomb…Right HERE!!

Girls, over the past 10 years I have noticed my lashes have gotten, well–I barely have any. I used false eyelashes, got extensions that really ruined my lashes. So I thought I was doomed and the big “eyelash” craze would not be working for me. Until now!!!!

I want you to look at these Before & Afters. Now, they are only 5 weeks apart, but I’m getting lashes again!!

Let me back up, when I would get ready in the mornings, I would put some mascara on. But seriously, I could not even see that the mascara was getting on my lashes. I chalked that up to getting older and my eyesight declining.

It got to the point I skipped mascara altogether-why even try if you can’t tell, right?? Well, I’ve been faithfully applying Rodan + Fields Lash Boost on each night for about 4 1/2 weeks now; last week I started noticing I could see mascara on my lashes. That made me happy!! So I have been wearing my mascara daily now!!

I was doing a video for an updo and taking before and after pictures of the Updo for Youtube and the blog. As I was looking through the pictures to decide which ones I would use, I looked at one picture and my lashes actually caught my eyes!! Imagine my surprise and imagine the ” Oh my word, I’m putting this on auto-ship” reaction!! Cause that was my reaction!! Pure shock, amazement, happiness. All those things rolled up into one big bubbly ball!!!

So, if you’ve heard of this great product, but have been wary, Ummmm…..jump on this bandwagon girl!! I won’t be using false eyelashes anymore!! Thank you, Lord‼️ Imagine how they will be in 4 more weeks!! I will update you girls!!!!! I had a girlfriend tell me my eyelashes would grow and get so thick they’d hit my sunglasses hahaha!!!

**Sidenote** if I look a little thicker in the face -it’s because I’ve gained 8 pounds over the holidays –Whoa!! (and it was worth every pound!!!) Guess I will hit the gym come January, cause I’m not missing out on home cooking through Christmas 🤣🤣

If you do decide to grab you up some Lash Boost, click on any link or pictures, or just scroll up to the menu bar at the top of the page and click on R+F.

Make sure you enroll in the PC Perks program so you get a 10% discount and free shipping on this order and any other orders over $80!!! Feel free to take the Tool Solutions and you can email me anytime!! Have a great day ladies!!!


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