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Good Sunday morning ladies!! What a week it has been!! Brooklyn turned 4 this week and her daddy turned 25-WOW!! Time slips by so fast, it seems like yesterday my son was only 4, now he has his own4-year-old.

I got to thinking about that last night, just how fast time really does go by. It seems like yesterday I was in my 20’s just starting out and I blinked and found myself with 2 grown kids and a grandchild. Thinking about how quick our time here on Earth is, it made me ponder on eternity.

If all of time and eternity was visually seen, how amazed would we be to see that our time and existence on Earth would be less than a quarter of an inch of eternity compared to a yardstick? This made me think that what little bit of time we do have on this Earth, we need to live a life we would be proud of. A life our children would want to mimic. My father passed away at the age of 48 and I have people telling me all the time, what a good man he was. He left a legacy his family is proud of and I’m proud of the life my father led and I’m proud he set high standards in his life and led by example.

I say all this because I want to do the same for my children. I want God to shine through me and sometimes that’s hard, cause that devil is slicker than a peeled onion. It’s easy to get caught up in drama and get drawn into saying and acting in a way we are not proud of. It is a constant battle these days and sometimes we need a word of encouragement.

I’m learning each day that if I come across a situation that can cause me to not shine bright, it’s best I retreat and read God’s word. I must use that Bible to be my manual. I must strive to be truthful, loving, compassionate, giving, and so much more to be the person I desire to be.

So in this day, the Lord’s day, I urge my friends, followers and myself to strive harder. We are the examples the generations behind us are watching. And they watch us more than we think. Inside all of us is a strength that is unimaginable, and through hard times we learn and see just how strong we can be. You may be going through some type of trial or tribulation and I want to tell you, you have someone praying for you! Someone in your corner, I pray daily for all my readers, friends and family. Through difficult times look up – cause that’s where your help comes from.

Be the example you will be proof of. And more importantly, be the servant God desires you to be.

What’s Coming on the Blog This Week!!

On the note of fashion and beauty – this week we will be styling buffalo plaid- casual and a little dressy! This should be fun!! I have had a lot of you asking me to show outfits, so I listened and I have a bunch of stuff coming in. Also, we have some leopard booties that will be styled this week also. These are so popular right now – you’re going to LOVE the looks, so stay tuned!!


Stay Hydrated Like a BOSS This Winter!!!

Also, this winter weather is fast approaching, so make sure you keep your skin hydrated! I’m fighting dry, itchy skin this year with Rodan+Fields Active Hydration collection. OMG……you need to get the Active Hydration Body Replenish – my legs have never been so soft.l Well, they were 15 years ago lol, but seriously…my skin is really dry and this has changed my life!



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