How to Style a Wrap

Hellloooo ladies! Today is Thanksgiving and we have had a great day with family and friends, I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday. I’m sure a lot of you are getting TONS of emails of Black Friday Sales, I certainly have had my inbox FULL today and boy have I been looking!! Nothing better than getting a deal on Christmas presents, Holiday Decor or just a new cute outfit.

Back in October, I was shopping at a local women’s clothing store here in my hometown, Cato Fashions, you may have heard of it, and found some cute wraps. Hold on, let me tell you guys a little bit about me and Cato Fashions, something you probably don’t know – I was a Manager with them for about 9 years when I was in my 20’s. I would run my store and I headed up a team that went around and set up new stores, trained new managers, did all the visual merchandising. They are called exhibition designers now –  the people that put outfits together, dress front windows, basically design the fashion part of the store. We would pull outfits together so the customer can get an idea of how to wear it or give them outfit ideas. Didn’t know that huh?? LOL!!! I guess once in the fashion industry you either love it or hate it – I fell in love from day one!! Ok, back to my cute wrap I found.

I fell in love with a burgundy wrap with light grey detail, which is reversible – which I like! It’s been sitting in my closet for almost 2 months -right when you walk in the closet. So it has screamed at me for a long time to put it on! Today as I was getting ready for our family get together I pulled it out and decided today was the day I was going to break it in! And oh…..did I love it!!! If you have not purchased one of these handy-dandy little things, this is a must-have on your Black Friday shopping list! This is better than a jacket any day of the week; you can wrap it around you, pull it off easy and still stay warm and look trendy- YES! PLEASE!!!

No matter what route you go, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong when wearing a wrap!!


You can wear a wrap with jeans and dress them up with booties, dress pants for work, or even a skirt – basically there is no wrong way to wear this! Go casual or dress it up – you wrap one of these bnabies around you, you are going to look awesome and you’re going to feel awesome! My mom grabbed my wrap up and threw it around her and fell in love, so age is definetly not an issue. She’s 77 and is going to buy her one – Rock On Mom!! Rock on!!! LOL!! (I’m in an extra playful mood today-haha)

Shop or Look at These Cute Blacket Wraps

Really there is no “wrong” way to wear a blan ket wrap, throw it around your shoulders, cinch it at your waist with a belt, let it hang down, or take one side and throw it over your shoulder – you are going to be styling no matter how you wear it!!

I hope you ladies have a great Thanksgiving weekend!! I’m about to spend some time with the grandbaby and get some sugar! Stay safe and be blessed!!

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