Wearing Leopard For Fall: Part 1

Happy Friday everyone! It’s getting cooler here, the nights are getting crisp and I am in Fall mode 100%! With Fall, comes booties, scarves, cardigans, and more, so today I am styling one of the biggest trends going on right now. The leopard print chunky cardigans are on every Fashion Blogger’s social media and every local and online boutique.

I really liked this sweater more than I thought I would. It is longer, chunky and it makes a real statement. I thought I would style it 2 ways for you girls today, so you can see some of the versatility. Leopard print is really big this season, along with all animal prints, so I thought I would show some ways to wear leopard in the Fall in 2 different posts. Today it’s all about the cardigans, so check back tomorrow to the second part.

I looked high and low for a cardigan that had a good price point and one that was well made. I went through many but found this sweater on Amazon for under $35. It also comes in multiple colors if the beige/tan is not your color. See it here.

This cutie has pockets but does not button up, it is an open front cardigan. It does seem to run big, so I would size down when purchasing unless you want the big chunky look. You want this type to be a little big, but not huge. I am wearing a Medium for reference, I normally wear a Medium or a Size 8.

Leaf Earrings

I styled the first outfit with distressed KanCan jeans and this black camisole. I picked these brown cowboy booties from Belk. These boots are part of the Buy 1 Get 2 Free deal and let’s just say…I shopped this sale!

I kept my jewelry simple but I did add a great pair of leaf earrings. I wanted a chunky, bigger earring – for some reason I like my earrings bigger. Do you like bigger earrings or do you prefer smaller ones?

I am also loving the new Gucci “inspired” belt! I have told you girls before how my daughter is forever stealing my belts – well, now I have plenty of belts to hide from her. LOL!

For the second look, I thought about denim but decided to go with white jeans to bring the white in the sweater out. And it really did! I added these chunky heel booties and a pop of color with my handbag and I was set for the day. Isn’t it amazing how a little color can really make an outfit stand out?

If you’ve been a lover of anything leopard print, then this is a great addition for you. It would be perfect for hayrides and walking with the kids trick-or-treating in a few weeks. You could even go one step further and take black face paint and be a kitty! Fun!!

With Belk having such a huge sale right now with shoes and boots, this is a great time to add a few faves. There are a few sales for shoes, some are BOGO Free, others are 50% OFF, and other price points. See all the sales at Belk here.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day and stopping by the blog. I will be back in my attic today clearing years of things out while it is cooler. Reorganizing and getting organized is a tough and LONG job that no one really wants to undertake, but it must be done. Sighhhh! What are you girls up to today? Anybody have any exciting weekend plans?

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  • Sandy

    Adorable sweater! I thought it was a blue inside the black and couldn’t find that one on the link so went back and re-re-read and you said you paired it with white jeans to bring out the white in the sweater so I guess it’s white inside the black and not blue. This week we would have gotten by with just a cardigan and no outer coat but those days are being numbered. Your outfits have looked so pretty around your landscaping and your yard. I hope you can see an end to your attic purge pretty soon. You will be so glad to have that job behind you.

    • Beverly

      Ahhh the attic purge 😂 Brooklyn stopped by last night and while her mom and dad were talking she went up in the attic with me and took all my Halloween decorations 😂‼️‼️ I don’t really decorate anymore and she was pulling those things out and taking them to her mom. I laughed so hard. So I ditched a few things last night lol!!

      I liked the sweater and the colors, seems like there was one that had gray/blue in it on the Amazon website. Thank you for the compliment on the pics!! I told Barry last night we need fresh mulch and a couple of mum’s fir the house since he’s been too busy to take pictures. He rolled his eyes 😂😂😂. Have a great day Sandy!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! That is a cute sweater and looks really good on you as does pretty much everything that you wear 😉 After reading Sandy’s comment I had to go back and look and the white part on the sweater does look like a light blue on my computer too. The weekend activities for me will be work today, tomorrow and Sunday. I have some things that need to be advertised for sale to get them out of our attic space and bonus room. Troy said that he will advertise them if I can make a list of what needs to be sold but I don’t think that I will have time to do much before I go to work. I hope you finish up your attic project soon and have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      Happy Fri-Yay!!! I knew this attic project was a huge undertaking- but it’s coming along…slowly lol! I looked on my screen and it looks light blue too, but it’s totally white. No blue in this cardigan. It is cute and they are everywhere and I check boutiques all the time. They run around $45-48 in the boutiques and that’s just too much!! I’m a thrifty shopper for a lot of my things! Sorry you will be working the entire weekend, I think we will be having a yard sale— oh boy!! Ha!! Have a good day!!❤️❤️

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