Styling a Kimono Now & Later

Hello Thursday! I want to thank all of you that have been checking on me, it has meant so much to me!! I now know that I have BPPV Vertigo and it can last anywhere from a week to two weeks…or longer. I am believing I will be back to normal soon, although I am in and out of the bed still.

While I am having a good day, I am going to squeeze every ounce I can into my day- so let’s talk kimonos for now and later! We all know we can wear a kimono with our shorts, skirts, work pants or dresses. Taking them into cooler weather with jeans is the most fun look for me. I recently purchased this sheer jade kimono from Tee For The Soul Boutique for a family beach trip coming up, but loved the color so much I had to share! These do come in multiple colors, you can see those here. I like Tee For The Soul because they show each item in 2 options – regular and curvy!!

I paired this with my favorite American Eagle jeans and a white v-neck camisole (similar). Something about this jade color makes me happy! It’s a great color, it’s sheer and you can wear it with so many colors. So the options are wonderful! This would look great with gray jeans or chinos also!

I love a longer kimono, it just gives you a long and leaner look – everyone likes that! I tied the ends up to give it a cocoon look – this looks cute with shorts tied up also.

I am wearing Dr. Scholl’s Esque wedges, if you are looking a cute wedge that can be worn through color weather that feel great on your feet – I would look into these shoes. These are some of th most comfortable wedges I have worn – they have great cushion in them!

I am wearing the Egyptian Gold Earrings from jBloom, I loved these at first sight. Something about them takes me back to the ’90s (or ’80s) and I think about that song Walk Like An Egyptian – those were the days of youth and fun! LOL!!

The ark necklace I am wearing is from this month’s Bloom Box (which I LOVED) and the Bora Bora beaded necklace which I attached a wired cross charm to give it a different look. I usualy wear this wired cross charm on a bracelet, but wanted to show how versatile the pieces are and how you can design different looks to wear.

I love trying new looks with bracelets and the Sienna big bead bracelet is so fun to wear! I paired it with the Tinsley bracelet in Rose Gold (Forgiven personalized on it) and the Alaya Wrap that has proven to be a great piece that goes with so many of my outfits! Remember that beads, mixing metals and stacks are going to be very popular this Fall and a hot trend!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you girls have a great day and a long holiday weekend! Who’s going to the beach? Little Brooklyn is gone with her other grandparents and will be going with us in a week – I can’t wait!! Happy Thursday!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Welcome back!!! I am so glad that you are back and feeling better. I was in a very serious car accident back in 1986 and since then I have had Benign Positional Vertigo. I have become accustomed to it over the years and only really bothers me when I get a head cold or something going on with my sinuses. It is strange how we have so much in common including physical ailments. I really like the Kimono and absolutely love the color of it! I have not bought a kimono yet but think that I should in the near future so that I have one to wear for Fall. I am watching the weather channel and the progression of hurricane Dorian closely as my family and friends are on the east coast of Florida in Vero Beach, Sebastian and Melbourne. Praying that everyone in it’s path stays safe!! Hope you continue to feel well and have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Beverly

      We do have a lot in common don’t we??!! I’m getting better but I still have to hold on to Barry or the walls to walk lol. We had to go to Lowes to pay for our countertops and I wanted to make sure about my choice-so I went with him. I had to hold his arm the entire time -so aggravating!! I probably will post here and there for the next week until I’m totally we’ll or if I have good days and I can sit at my computer. It’s funny that my phone does not bother me much but sitting at a desk is horrible! I’ve been watching the storm too, I hope all we be ok. I’ve got a few friends at Vero beach too. They are R and F girls. I’m posting a key lime dessert tomorrow that is my all time fave! I love key lime pie!! Since a holiday is coming up, I think it will be a good dessert. We were going to host a get together here, but with this vertigo I’m not going to be able to. I’m praying for you and Troy and your family in Florida!!! So glad to be posting again!!❤️😘😘

  • sandy

    Well welcome back girl! Glad you have some times when you are feeling well enough to be up but yes, so aggravating I’m sure how long it’s taking to get over it. Do they know what causes it or is this a one time thing? I am loving the color of that kimono and what I like about it too is the sleeves. They aren’t so big and baggy but look like they fit like a regular sleeve. I was going to say that I love how you tied it and then you mentioned it. Such a fun and pretty look going into Fall. I just finished two afternoons of mowing and I’m so ready for mowing season to be over…ugh. Keep feeling better Beverly. It’s nice to have you back even if it’s once in a while. 🙂

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! It’s good to be feeling well enough that I can type!! Lol! The doctor said that this can come back, Lord I hope it doesn’t! It has to do with the inner ear and crystals that somehow moved. Most of the time it only lasts a few seconds to hours. However, it can last weeks, months and years! I’m still getting sick in the middle of the night-when I lay down and shut my eyes it feels like the room is spinning. I try to sit up and sleep but I eventually wake up and get sick. So my sleep schedule is way off and I mean way off! If I’m not completely better by Monday we are going back to the doctor or hospital one.

      I love this kimono because of the sleeves!! It is like a cardigan but sheer! They have a pretty lilac color that I liked also. I see you’re still mowing!! Girl I know you are getting tired of that! Thanks for the well wishes!! Prayers appreciated lol❤️❤️

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