Spring Into Pink

Good morning ladies! I can’t believe we are in the last week of March already! This year is rolling by so quick, I can hardly believe it. As fast as it’s flying by I thought I would be roasting marshmallows at the fire pit by now HA! At least our days are longer now and it is starting to warm up here in NC. How is your weather? I know a lot of you have had snow and rain by the buckets!!

I’m running a tad bit late today so this blog is going to be kinda quick. I wanted to share with you a top I found at my local WalMart! If you like flowy and floral, then you will love this blouse. I walked past this on 2 different occasions and finally gave in on my 3rd trip into Walmart.

This blouse is by Time and Tru and costs $18.46, it comes in three more colors, navy, khaki, and white. It has a shell that is attached to it or sewn in at the straps on the shoulders. It ties with these cute tassels and the sleeves are similar to balloon sleeves. It has a boho look to it. I have been finding more and more cute pieces at Walmart here lately! When I went online to find these pieces I was actually surprised at all the items they have to offer. This top is actually called Women’s Woven Blouse Jacket with Cami, get it HERE.

This top is so cute!! The colors really pop with white but would look great with denim or khaki. This would be a really cute outfit with flat sandals and a pair of denim shorts for the summer. I like to find pieces that I can wear casual or I can dress it up. I want my wardrobe to be flexible. We all have a few pieces in our closet that we wear here and there, I want to get my money’s worth out of my purchase. This is a top that will be flexible for you. I can even see wearing this to church with a white knee-length skirt and some cute heeled sandals. It’s very “Springy” looking!

These jeans are also from Walmart, they fit just like the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans! These are Time and Tru Women’s High Rise (and they are very high in the waist) Sculpted Ankle Jegging. These jeans were rolled up at the hem when I found them, I unrolled them and gave them a cuff. These were $17.84, about half the price of my Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy. These might be a cheaper alternative when looking for an “I need a new pair of pants today” jeans. Although these fit as well as the Rockstar, the Rockstar feels better on…I want to make sure I let you girls know that. They come in 3 different colors, khaki, denim, and black.

I reprised the hot pink Sanoura Heeled Sandals for this one! I couldn’t resist pulling these out with this top. There are so many pink and coral colors in the top, I didn’t want to wear just a nude pair of heels or sandals. I wanted the outfit to “pop” like Easter LOL! Nude, white, gray, blush, or a leather brown shoe would look great with this outfit. Mix it up and have fun with your colors. You girls ever put on a new outfit, look in the mirror and actually feel better about yourself? Wearing a great outfit can make your confidence and self esteem sky rocket!

Have a great day ladies! I’m off to work to start building a new website…wish me luck LOL!! have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog! XOXO

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  • SandyW

    Quick cup of coffee before the grandkids get up 🙂 It definitely is SO true for me too that if I put an outfit on that I like and feel good in, it immediately sets the tone of how I feel when I go out. Funny how that or a good hair day will do that for a person. Did you have a hard time deciding which color top to get as they are all so pretty. I just bought a pair of Rockstar jeans from ON off the clearance rack last week and they would feel better if I could loose a couple of pounds..or more..but I bought them because of the price hoping that they would stretch a little after I had them on…LOL Hope you had a great first week on the FWTWL and are feeling good going into your second week.

    • Beverly

      All the colors are very pretty!! I kept going between the khaki and the one in the post. It was a struggle lol!! As cheap as they are I may go back and get the other color. My ON Rockstar jeans did stretch some. And you’re right, if that hair or outfit is on point-game changer 🤣🤗

  • Karen Lucas

    I love that top. It is so funny that you purchased it at Walmart. I love that. I shop for all of my groceries at Walmart and I will look through clothes b/c you never know, right! When someone asks where did you get that top or whatever it is, I muffle the word Walmart and giggle. But they are getting much better I have to say. I am going to try those jeans as well. I just lost 32 pounds and trying to find the right jeans that I feel comfortable in and don’t have to spend $100. Love your blog and style. I just found you through one of my other blogs that I read. Don’t ask me which one b/c I read several.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Thanks Karen!! You never know what you’re going to find at Walmart lol!! Congrats to you on losing 32 lbs!! Wow!!! Go girl!!!!! I’m so glad you like the blog. Thanks for the comment!!

  • Jayne Finkbohner

    Absolutely love this blouse . It makes me so happy that you periodically will show a beautiful piece from Walmart. It is not my go to place but I am surprised how many times I running in for something totally not related to clothing and some gorgeous item like your top grabs my attention and calls out me. It truly is many times how we pull all our items together and you do it so exceptionally well!!

    • Beverly

      Wow!! What a compliment Jayne!! Thank you!! I like to show you girls style at a good price. I like to have options that won’t put me in debt lol!! Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a great day!!

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