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Happy Tuesday! I hope your Monday was a great one and your morning is getting off to a great start! Let me catch you girls up on the FWTFL program. My first week was not as bad as what I thought it would be, the first 2 days are the worst! Learning how to carb cycle takes at least one week doing it, for you to catch on. So if you start carb cycling or intermittent fasting – give it a good week.

From Tuesday through yesterday I had a headache, I’m talking the kind of headache you cannot get rid of for nothing! I thought it might be me detoxing from all the “bad” food I am used to eating. I decided to head to the doctor yesterday to see what was going on and I’m glad I did – I have a sinus infection! I knew something was going on with my allergies but had no clue I had an infection. As of Monday afternoon I am headache FREE!! Praise The Lord!

I wanted to share some outfits from Cato Fashions today – I hope you love them as much as I did. (I also found out I can fit into an 8 now! This is working!!) I grabbed up about 5 outfits that I wanted to show you girls. These are from dressy casual to dressy, thought I would try on some dresses since Easter is coming up.

This was my favorite outfit out of all them. I love this jacket! It’s called the Black Ruffled Faux Jacket, it comes in sizes S- XL and is $39.99. I am wearing a Medium in the jacket. This is a really nice jacket for $39, you can wear this jacket nearly year round (except for Summer). If you like wearing a jacket to work because of the AC freezing you – this is perfect! Get the jacket HERE.

I wore a plain black tank underneath and paired it with the Stripe Bengaline Ankle Pants. Ladies, let me tell you about these pants -OH My Gosh they fit perfect! They have some type of “give” in it that makes it really stretchable, but it holds you in. I am wearing a size 8, but if you want this to be really “fitted”, I would go down a size. These come in size 4 – 16. I looked online and they only have sizes 12-16, the rest of the sizes are sold out. Yes – these pants are that good! Get the pants HERE.

Let’s talk about this black top! It’s called the Ladder Sleeve Tee and it’s a home run hit! This is soft and comfy and I love the sleeve detail. I took a closer picture below of the sleeves for you. I have on a racerback bralette underneath this top, I like the way it looks – what about you girls? The top comes in sizes XS-XL and is $21.99, get the top HERE. Get the racerback bralette HERE. This top is plain black, but with the sleeves…this top stands out!

The pants are Solid Sateen Ankle Pants, these are $21.99 and you can get navy or black HERE. This aqua color is not online, so if it’s the color you like, stop by your local Cato and check them out! These come in sizes 2-16 and fit TTS. These are body sculpting also, so it helps flatten your tummy!! Fits below the waist, 98% cotton and 2% spandex, you can machine wash these also.

This black skirt with the tangerine stripes…it caught my eye when I walked in the store, and it was on th back wall! I had to grab this one up. I wore the same black tank underneath, it’s a Seamless Tank from Cato. It comes in 10 different colors and fits very snug. It is part of the layering essentials line. They run from $4.99 to $7.99 and a great layering piece. I’ve been looking for a tank to wear that is not loose, so this was perfect for me.

The skirt is a Textured Stripe Pencil Skirt and is only $19.99. I am wearing a Small, but could easily have worn a Medium. (Ok…I’m squeezing into the Small…HAHA) The stripe detail in this skirt is what caught my eye. The colors really pop and stood out to me. It comes in sizes XS-XL and it’s a dressier knit. It’s 94% polyester and 6% spandex, it’s 30 inches long also. Get the Skirt HERE. The Mesh Knit Open Cardigan is Hot Coral and went perfect with the skirt. This cardigan is only $19.99, comes in sizes XS-XL and fits TTS. It comes in 6 colors and is 90% viscose and 10% polyester.

I’ve been looking for a simple black dress! I think I found it in this dress! It is very flattering and is the perfect length! The A-Line gives an hourglass figure and makes your waist appear smaller..who doesn’t love that!?! It’s an A-Line Black Textured Fit & Flare Dress and comes in red, blue, and the black. The sizes are XS-XL and is $29.99. It has 2 wide textured stripes in it, you can’t see it in my picture or online in the red, but you can see it very well in the blue. Get the dress HERE.

I found this fun maxi dress that I really liked! I have been looking for a maxi dress that was more fitted through the waist and this was perfect. This is the Floral Strip Maxi Dress and is $29.99. It comes in sizes XS-XL, I am wearing a Medium. It has a removable tie belt with cap sleeves and a little snap closure at the neckline. It is lined, so it is a nicer maxi! This comes in Petite also, get the maxi HERE.

Here are a few more pictures of the outfits. I asked Raegan which one she liked the best and her favorite was the maxi dress. What’s your favorite outfit? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Try On Haul. It’s been a long time since I did one of these and would like your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by ladies, I don’t have a Shop The Post today, these are all direct links. Click on the hyperlink or the pictures and it will take you to the item. Have a great Tuesday and I will see you girls on the blog tomorrow!

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  • Jodi

    I love that you highlight Cato as a retailer. Most of the stores that other bloggers highlight are out of my price range. But Cato has great pieces. Thank you!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I am up and about early today and of course the first thing that I do after feeding our pups is to sit down and read your post 🙂 I love Cato and have been wanting to go check things out there but haven’t had the time. My favorite outfits are the first one with the black ruffled jacket and the one with the black skirt with tangerine stripes. Glad that you found out what was causing your headache and that you got some relief. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      Those are my favorites too!!! I love the black jacket outfit!! Whew! I’m glad too, I should have know allergy season was here!! Have a great day!! I’m in my 2nd cup lol☕️

  • SandyW

    You look adorable in ALL of these; you did get a haul and at great prices. I am so loving those striped pants and can only hope they have my size in the store by the time I get there and can see even wearing it with other colored tops for summer. That black coral dress looks amazing on you. If I wear black, I need an accent color or something on top to give me color or it washes me out. The long dress…oh my..that would be so comfy for a date night or bridal shower…so many options. I love long dresses and skirts. So I don’t think I have a favorite as I like them all. Glad you found the source of your headache. And congrats on a new “size” after just one week. You are doing awesome and the hardest week is hopefully behind you. Taking the grandkids back today. Last night Caylee told me she wanted to stay here forever so I guess they had a fun time.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Their trip was quick, but I’m so glad you got to see them for a bit!! I love it when Brooklyn says stuff like that ( be still my heart) I love them all too, I think the striped pants are my faves!! It stands out!! Have a great day Sandy!! Thanks for the comment and compliment ❤️

  • Cheryl

    Beverly I love the striped pants and ruffle jacket. I actually tried on a pair of pants similar to those yesterday while I was out and about. Now I regret not buying them. I hate it when that happens! Everything you chose looks wonderful on you and I’m so glad you are feeling better.

  • Judy Myers

    unfortunately Cato’s doesn’t ship to California…seems strange. I’d definitely order many things if they did!!!

  • Tammy GRavis

    Love them all and especially the maxi dress. You look like a living doll!!!! Sweet as you are good looking now that a winner right there.

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