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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was a good one and the weekend was even better! Today is the day to see who won the Giveaway from last week! I am so excited to do these giveaways! Some lucky winner will get the R+F Microdermabrasion Paste sent to them. Who will win? Stay tuned…

Let me tell you a little about this paste, it’s a body and face scrub that exfoliates the dead skin. Revealing smooth skin and improves the overall appearance of skin tone. In other words, this stuff scrubs away the old stuff and reveals the beauty underneath. As I was thinking about what I was going to write this Sunday, I couldn’t help but use this paste in my post.

We all are born into sin and we each must make the choice of living for the Lord or living by the way of the world. When we ask God to forgive us of our sins, he takes out of the dark and brings us into the light. He essentially is taking the old man away and revealing the beautiful creature we were meant to be.

Even when we fall down or stray away from where we should be, God is still looking at us and is right there to clean us up again. Jesus died on a cross and was beaten so that we may have this opportunity with the Lord. If you think about your kids going outside to play and coming in dirty and muddy…our souls can look the same way. By getting on those knees and asking God to forgive us and to help us do better – he gives our soul a bath and reveals the beautiful YOU! You are uniquely made, exquisite, formed by the hand of a loving God. What a miracle and what a love story!

Drum Roll Please…

The Winner is…Jen Rowe!! Jen, you have won a full-size Microdermabrasion Paste! Email me your address and I will have a jar shipped to you straight from R+F Headquarters! I know you will love this wonderful product!! Any of you girls that use this product, will you drop a comment below so Jen will know she won something amazing!! Email me at [email protected], I can’t wait to hear from you and Congratulations again!!

Giveaways and Specials will be given monthly from now on!! I’ve had so much fun giving – I want to continue it! These giveways and specials will be with JBloom Designs and Rodan + Fields! Good luck girls!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    A great Sunday post as usual! 2 Corinthians 5:17 is one of the first scriptures that I ever memorized. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂 Congratulations Jen!

    • Beverly

      Thanks Kelly!! It was a very short one lol. It’s been a busy weekend lol. That verse is one of my first ones I memorized too!! Happy weekend!!

  • Sandy

    Asking for Gods forgiveness and bathing our soul is so reassuring indeed. I always love your comparisons. The two grandkids are keeping us hoping but we are enjoying their visit for sure. Congrats Jen… happy exfoliating!

    • Beverly

      Oh my!! Enjoy those grand babies!! Yes-they will tire you out in a heartbeat lol. Have a great Sunday Sandy!! I like the way you said “bathing our soul”❤️❤️

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