Leopard Heels- Yes Please!

Happy Saturday ladies! Wow! Did we have a full and fun night last night at the Boutique! Tania, 50 Is Not Old Blog, and Leigh Ann came down and did an outstanding job with our R+F Event! Their knowledge is remarkable! They brought along a little helper who was only 11 years old and she can tell you anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you want to know about R+F! She was the highlight of my night – love meeting my team members families!

We have a few pictures from last night, not as many as I wanted to get, it seemed like it was nonstop from the time they arrived till the time we packed up! I will share what we have tomorrow on the blog! After the Event, we all went out to a local steakhouse and had dinner. These are the times when you really get to talk and get to know each other. I heard stories about cheering and kids and husbands…the things that happen in our lives is hilarious!

One story was shared about being a new Mom and falling down steps holding a baby. I cannot divulge who this is (LOL), but I will tell the story that I told. One morning my husband and I had switched vehicles for some reason, he took my car and I had to take his truck. He didn’t leave me the car seat, at first, I didn’t know what to do -my son was only 6-8 weeks old. The babysitter was just down the road, surely he would be OK, I could just lay him in the seat and be very careful. I did just that, I was careful and I got to the babysitter’s house, pulled up on the side of the road and I hopped out. My husband’s truck sat up high just a little and the road had a ditch, so the truck was tilted just a bit. When I opened the door of the truck, Chase was all bundled up in a cocoon, but he rolled out that truck like a rolling ball. I watched him continue to roll until he hit the ground…Y’all – it was like it was in slow-mo!!! I jerked that kid up so fast, oh my gosh, my heart was pounding like crazy!! I couldn’t believe what just happened! I was so embarrassed, scared, worried…I was more embarrassed when I told the babysitter what had happened. I’m telling this story, 1) it’s funny now and 2)we all have these “mom” stories! New Mom’s don’t beat yourself up if a mishap happens – it’s going to happen!!

The Outfit

I actually wrote about these jeans yesterday in Blush Kimono Styles 2 Ways. I know distressed is not for everyone so I am adding other options in the Shop The Look. I grabbed these up because I had folded these up and laid them to the side from yesterday’s post. Do you guys ever do that? Leave a pair of pants or something in your bedroom and grab it up? I hope I am not the only one! LOL! I know we all do it sometimes!! 🙂

My main focus on today’s post is these shoes!!! I REALLY wanted to wear the new leopard print sandals I got from Amazon…yes Amazon, for only $24.99! I already gave them wear test to see if they hurt your feet and no they do not! I wore these to work one day this week and it surprised me how many people noticed my shoes! These stand out in a GOOD way! Leopard print goes with any color of pants! White, black, denim, khaki…these can be worn with so much! I LOVE finding items to show that are versatile and can be worn with other pieces to show an entirely different look! These shoes are by Solemate and come in 8 different colors. Get the sandal HERE.

I chose a simple beige sweater that I have had for a while, I thought the beige would look really cute with the leopard. Speaking of cute…white pants and the beige top with these sandals and some gold jewelry would be too cute! New outfit idea LOL!!

I wore this sweater off the shoulder in this picture, only to show this cute bralette! The racerback bralette is an ANGLOO padded bralettes and I wear these all the time. This is my “go to” undergarment, hands down…I am packing this baby up with me if I travel. I wear this with sweaters, tops, t-shirts…nearly anything and it wears good! This also is nice to have if you do wear off the shoulder tops or will be wearing cold shoulder blouses this summer. Cute and sassy little addition to your outfit!

I am featuring the Urban Black Necklace by JBloom Designs today! This necklace is a bold statement and I love the way the rock is cut. I nearly forgot I had this little nugget! Found it in Brooklyn’s room, little bit had gone in my jewelry box and helped herself! I was tickled when I found it and I styled it ASAP (LOL)!!! The length is 30″ – 33″ and is $68. It’s a heavier piece of jewelry and the quality is excellent! Get the necklace HERE, browse JBloom Designs HERE.

Shop The Post

Girls, I’m off to do another R+F Event, so I hope you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I will see you on the blog tomorrow!

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  • SandyW

    So glad your event last night was a success and you all had fun and had time for girl time and talking afterwards. We’ve all had those “mom” moments you are right about that. I think I’m going to have to pick up a light beige sweater as I’m loving how comfy this outfit looks and….your idea with white jeans and sandals would be perfect for spring dressy casual and of course, your leopard print sandals really add detail to this outfit! We are off to meet our son to pick up our grandchildren to stay with us for three days; they haven’t been to the farm since New Year’s so I am so excited for their visit. Have a great day.

  • Kelly Palmer

    So happy to hear that the event went well! I too have had some Mom moments and am sure that most if not all mom’s have. I really love this outfit and especially the shoes!! I have the bralette on my wish list and now these shoes too. I have been looking everywhere for leopard print shoes and haven’t found any that really “spoke” to me and this is why 😉 Say a little prayer for me today please. The kids and grand kids left early this morning to head home and the house is way too empty and quiet. I work 3-10 tonight and tomorrow night so I am hoping that will help to take my mind off of missing them at least for a little while. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      I know what you mean about the house being quiet. Once they leave it feels empty and takes a day or so for me to get back to normal. Praying for you Kelly!!! Don’t work too hard!!! Happy Weekend!

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