Kimonos & Espadrilles

Happy Friday! Last day of work and most of us are off for the weekend! I know I have been talking about it being cold a lot (I’m ready for longer days and warm weather), but as I have been looking around on social media it seems many of you are getting snow! Still! One of my friends said they got 30 inches of snow this week- HOLY COW! The most I have seen here in NC was 18 inches back in 2000. I can’t fathom that kind of accumulation. My hat’s off to all of you still dealing with winter weather!

I still have a few cooler weather outfits to share, and how to turn a winter look into a spring look. But today, I really wanted to share a Spring look with a bright Kimono. I love kimonos, they are great as coverups for bathing suits and add just a touch of WOW to an everyday outfit.

I bought this kimono last summer from Cato and absolutely fell in love with it. I loved wearing it with shorts, it gives me just enough coverage that I like as I’m getting older. This season they seem to be a lot more popular than in the past. Now you can get about any length you desire, any color, or sleeve length. The best thing is they are mostly all affordable!! I found some similar ones like I have on for you to look at below.

I styled a plain black tank top underneath with a pair of Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans. If you haven’t tried a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy – put it on your list! They are super soft and comfortable to wear, they fit great and if you get the pull on jeans – OH MY GAH! It’s like wearing jogging pants! LOL!! Get the jeans I have on HERE.

This would also look good with a pair of jeans, cropped jeans, or even shorts. (I styled denim cropped jeans below. These are the number 1 jeans on the blog right now, Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringed Cuffed Boyfriend Jean. The fit TTS, I am wearing a size 10 and the color is Mid Shade. Get those HERE. I wore this kimono last summer with denim shorts and dress shorts. You can dress this look up if you’re going out at the beach with a cute sandal, wedge or a kitten heel.

Let’s get to the Espadrilles! Girls, I have been looking at these babies sitting in my closet for a month now and I had to slide them on! That’s another reason I decided to go with the kimono – I wanted a Spring look to style these “OH MY GOSH” shoes with! I know I’m overly excited, but let me tell ya why! I’m almost 5’8″ and I feel very awkward in some espadrilles. They are way too tall for me, seriously – when you’re taller and put on heels over 3 inches you feel like a skyscraper! You feel like you tower over people and it makes you very self-conscious!

When I found these 1 inch Vince Camuto Kathalia Espadrilles, I had to get them! I got these from Sole Society and used the AfterPay, I’ve told you girls about this before. AfterPay is like QVC’s Easy Pay method -I can sneak a couple pair of shoes in here and there and Barry is none the wiser! HA!!! For the girls that read the blog at his work- remember…what goes on the blog stays on the blog HAHAHA!!!

These have a solid bottom and if you have never worn espadrilles before let me forewarn you that they are stiff on the bottom. It takes you walking around in them for a little while before it feels natural. The bottom is hard, so it doesn’t bend like a tennis shoe would. These have a good cushion in the sole and the leather trimming is very well made. The buckles on these are perfect– when you reach around to buckle these shoes- you know these are nicer shoes!

For my jewelry I chose the Isadora necklace, the stone is a pewter gray and the chain is gold with pewter beads for the second strand. Against the black tank, it looks almost white and goes very well with the white pants. I just bought this necklace a few weeks ago and boy have I enjoyed it. I love that it has 2 strands, I can layer it and get an entirely different look. Get the Isadora HERE. For my bracelets, I chose the Golden Shadow for the Rhea Collection, I love the stones on this bracelet – it just pops and gives me some dazzle and bling on my arm! Plus it is lovely with the other bracelets I chose. Get it HERE.

I paired it with the Dove Stretch Bracelet, this is all white with just hint of gold around the white stone. The white beads look like marble – I have shown this on the blog before, so you know it’s one of my faves! I like that it is a stretch bracelet. I love not having to clasp a bracelet! Maybe it is my age or plain laziness, I don’t know, but I would rather slide a bracelet on any day than have to figure out how to get it hooked on my arm. Who has spent countless minutes trying to do that in the morning? And you’re in a rush to get out the door!!!?? I have!! LOL Get it HERE.

Last but not least, I am wearing a Luca + Danni Swarovski Druzy Metallic Champagne Bangle. I am in LOVE with this bracelet. I got it last summer and it is an accessory that makes any outfit look great. Plus, it’s only $38 and you can get an extra 15% if you use code HELLO15. This code worked yesterday – I hope it’s still working! One of my longtime friends just bought her one – shout out to GINA!! She gets hers today and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about it!

Hats are going to be HUGE this summer, plus they look really cool on! I got mine from Amazon called the Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll up Hat Fedora Beach Sun Hat, these are only $15.99 and come in 12 colors. These are cute to wear on a sunny day and let’s not forget days at the pool or beach! Look chic and stunning in this little Fedora!! Get it HERE.

You girls have a great day- I’m off to work and then starting the weekend with Brooklyn! Maybe she will make the blog this weekend LOL!

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  • sandy

    I love how you showed the two looks and you are always so cute in your hat! I have one kimono that I also got from Cato and one pair of Espadrilles with a small wedge as my feet can’t handle flat shoes. I love my kimono except for the fact that it always feels like it’s falling off my’s ok as long as I’m standing still and I can pull it together but once I start walking it is so light weight that it “flies” open and gravitates toward falling off. I am anxious to pull it out and wear it though because I love the colors in it as I have three different bottoms that I wear it with!!! Have fun with Brooklyn!

    • Beverly

      Mine does that done yikes. It’s the kimonos that have a v cut in the neckline. I have other that is cut like a regular top and it doesn’t fall off. Girl, I’m so ready to get little Brooklyn I can’t stand it 😆 She always makes me smile. Have a great weekend!!!

      • sandy

        So I had to go look at the cut of my kimono and yep…it is a V cut neckline so I will keep that in mind to look for a regular cut top and see if that makes a difference on it staying closed better! Thank you so much for this tip. And…you know I completely understand your excitement of getting to spend time with your granddaughter…they are so fun!

  • Kelly Palmer

    You look so cute in these outfits! I have never owned or worn a kimono and I really like the look so I may have to look for one. I think the shoes are cute too and you know that I too have the “skyscraper syndrome” 😉 I have the weekend off, yay!! My husband, Troy and I will be working on cleaning out our bonus room to prepare for a visit from our oldest daughter and her family next weekend. I cannot wait to spend some time with two of our grand daughters, Hannah (age 12) and Ily (age 8)! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Beverly

      You’re going to have a busy weekend!! But exciting things are coming!! I busted out laughing at the “skyscraper” comment -I know how it feels lol these shoes are low and perfect!! Have a great weekend and getting ready for those grandkids!!! Happy Friday!!!

  • Johnna

    You make everything look so good! I don’t think I’ve seen anything you’ve put together I don’t like. I’m only 5’3” so high heels not problem for me although I don’t wear them often. But as I’m a shoe freak I’m loving the espadrilles. Sole society makes nice comfy shoes Gonna check those out. Happy Friday 😊

    • Beverly

      Johnna, I love these shoes. They are perfect for running errands and still looking cute!! Thanks for your kind words-sometimes I worry about the outfits lol Glad to see you on FB!!!

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