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Happy Saturday! First of all, I want to thank everyone for their picks on Top Looks From Instagram and pinning their favorite to Pinterest! I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner will be at the end of the month. If you haven’t made a selection click HERE to read the post! Also, pick your favorite and make sure you pin it to Pinterest to be entered to win!

Yesterday was not one of my best – I got up with a mild headache that quickly had turned into a migraine by 10AM. This happens to me every Spring, but I wasn’t prepared for a migraine so early in March. The only thing that helped last year this time was getting Botox for migraines. If any of you girls have migraines and have any advice, drop it below in the comments.

I can usually tell when my allergies are messing up, my eyes seem to swell like crazy! And they have been! I could tell the puffiness in my eyes was almost all gone around 8pm last night, so I know I’m on the mend! I never had issues like this when I was younger…another YUK of getting older HAHA!

Taking a Winter Outfit and Wearing it For Spring

Today I thought I would take a look from January and show you how I am going to continue to wear the same outfit in the Spring. Transitioning outfits can be made easy! A lot of times we find ourselves going and buying new pieces for Spring in February and March (which is fine), but there are ways to shake it up with just changing our pick of shoes. If you are like me, I seem to buy an entirely new wardrobe for each season. That may be because I pack my summer clothes up when Fall comes in and then switch out again when it gets warmer.

I chose one off your favorite outfits that was on Instagram and on the Blog. Plus, it’s one of my all-time favorites and it wears so comfortably, I had to show this one. The good thing about this outfit, if you picked items that were similar then you can have a new look to last you through April easy! And into May- if you have a beige sweater, you can easily wear this with white pants and sandals or espadrilles like I have on. You will be seeing me incorporate pieces that I have styled before and creating new outfits for the Spring – this will help utilize your purchases! Shop the Look HERE.

Shop the Look

As I am looking at these two pictures, if I had layered necklaces with this look it would really POP! Although I like the Spartina crossbody (hipster) in the Eliza pattern, I really like the London Fog for more room. This also has a strap that I can wear it over my shoulder or crossbody – so that’s a win/win! I purchased this London Fog from Burkes Outlet about 7 years ago and it still looks brand new! I have found some similar ones below.

I wanted to stay with a taupe theme, its one of my favorite colors, plus the “natural” material and looks are in this Spring and Summer. I am wearing the same bralette in this photo as I was in the picture with the Spartina and Toms. These YIANNA Women Floral Lace Bralette Padded Breathable Racerback Lace Bra Bustier have been a lifesaver for me. They are padded, hold you in where you need to be held in and take care of any back bulge you may have. Don’t we all have the bra strap dilemma in the back???

These run around $15 and come in 6 colors, if you are a D cup, you may not want this style. I rad all the reviews and there was not enough coverage for a D cup. I am a B cup and ordered the Large, I wear a Medium or Large top normally. Hope that helps if you decide to order. Get the bralette HERE.

The necklace worn was a simple Bar necklace in Gold called the Kyle Necklace. I have a Silver and a Gold, the Silver is personalized with Est. 12-10-1-10 (my wedding date) and the Gold is personalized with Dream-Pray-Believe. Bar necklaces and earrings are very popular this season and for good reason – they are perfect for layering! These come in Rose Gold also and are only $32. Get the Kyle necklace HERE.

I styled the Espadrilles yesterday, so I will be brief in the description. These are made by Vince Camuto, called the Kathalia and come in 6 different colors. I chose Dusty Mink, I thought this color would go with more of my outfits. Although, there is a black and cheetah print pair that I am really digging! What are your thoughts ladies?

I chose these Black Fan earrings by MOOCHI from Amazon, these were $7.99 and they come in 17 different colors. I have enjoyed wearing these, but these wear best when my hair is in a ponytail or a messy bun. get them HERE.

I hope you liked this post on how I am transitioning my winter to spring wardrobe. Without buying an entirely new closet full of clothes. What are some of the things you girls do when it comes to switching out your wardrobe? Also, Monday I will be styling the white denim jacket with a skirt that can go from casual to church! And I will show both ways. happy Saturday and have a great weekend! See you in the morning with Coffee & Girt Talk!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    This outfit was my favorite pick and the first one that I pinned from your post the other day so thank you for restyling it for Spring! I swear that you are a mind reader or we just think on the same wave length or something. I was just thinking that I should ask if you could post about some undergarments and/or sleep wear. Also I am on the lookout for a new purse and appreciate the suggestions that you gave. I think the cheetah print shoes are cute 🙂 I am still looking for an animal print flat, ballet slipper type shoe but have yet to find a comfortable pair. I have a question for you about R + F. I see that you carry a product to help your eyelashes grow longer but do you have anything that would help eyebrows to fill in from years of over plucking? Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

    • Beverly

      Kelly you are in LUCK!!! The lash boost works on eyebrows too!!!! I never used it for mine, but some of my teammates have. If you get the lash boost you will see growth in 2 weeks, after 8 weeks you’re going to be in awe!!! That’s a good idea with undergarments and sleepwear, because I’m in need of both so I will be posting soon!! I’m so glad you liked the transit look!! Happy Saturday!!!🤗

  • Kelly Palmer

    I forgot to comment about the migraine issue. I used to get ocular migraines with the pulsating shapes and colors on a regular basis and they would sometimes last for days. The only thing that worked for me was seeing an Acupuncturist regularly and they went away. I haven’t had a migraine in about 5 years even though I haven’t been doing acupuncture in approx 3 years. Hope that helps and I will be praying for you!

  • sandy

    I am so sorry you are dealing with a migraine. I would get them periodically and would have to go to the bedroom where it was quite, make it as dark as possible and put an ice pack on the spot that was hurting then just let it wear off; it seems like after menopause I have not had to deal with them but sounds like yours are allergy related. I’m going to love these post showing transitions and this too was one of my favorites. I like carrying a bigger purse too with a crossbody strap and I like the smaller ones for shopping so I don’t have so much to hang on to when trying to look at clothes. I think the cheetah print are cute! Feel better so you can enjoy your time with your granddaughter.

    • Beverly

      Thanks Sandy!! That’s exactly what I did yesterday. Dark room and I put one of Brooklyn’s headbands around my head to keep pressure on the part that was hurting. Better today 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m like you about purses, when I’m shopping I have to rage the minimal!! Lol happy Saturday!!!!

  • Gloria

    I also pack away my winter clothes for summer because we have such a long summer in South Texas. But I do really like the idea of using some of our winter pieces to move into spring. It really helps the budget and just adding some new spring shoes always helps 😉

    • Beverly

      Exactly Gloria!!! We are about to build on to our home to give me an office and a bigger closet🙌🏻🙌🏻 -seems as the kids get older this house gets more cramped lol. I’m going to try and be smart this year transitioning into warner weather lol happy Saturday!!!!

  • Mitzi

    Good morning Beverly glad you are feeling better! I have never had a migraine before but I know a lot of people that do they all do different things. Spring and Fall always gets the allergies messed up!
    It is always so hard for me to pick clothes out when transitioning to spring so thanks for the ideas. One question do you use self tanner the one thing I don’t like is when changing from winter shoes it summer shoes the so white feet. Do you have the same issue?
    Have a wonderful Saturday….did you get Brooklyn last night? I got Bentley ( my grandson) yesterday after work…. Loving every second!!!❤️

    • Beverly

      We do have Brooklyn this weekend!! We get her 3 weekends out of the month, her parents work weekends, so we help out and love it!! I don’t personally use self tanner but I have had a lot of good reviews from the Limelife Tanner -the link to that is in the menu under Limelife. I did use body makeup on my feet and legs for pictures before though. It stays and you set it with powder. It’s called Dermablend and comes with a brush to apply and the setting powder. It’s a little pricey, so I only use it a little here and there. That’s what I’m wearing for my feet in the pictures lol. I got mine from Ulta, but you can probably find it cheaper on Amazon. If you’re looking for it to last for a week or so, get the Liquid Sunshine from Limelife. I’ve also heard Dancing With the Stars is a great one!! Have a great Weekend!!!

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