Mini Try-On Haul With Cato Fashions

Today I am bringing some cute finds from Cato Fashions for the spring and summer seasons. I recently visited my local Cato’s and found some super cute blouses and dresses. I am also sharing my favorite 5-inch shorts from Old Navy that are on sale and a few other items that have been marked down ridiculously low! With the warmer temps and longer days, it’s time to bust out of the sweaters and get our summer groove on! (“Groove” really dates me doesn’t it? lol)

Cato’s has an entire line of essential items and this v-neck double layer tank is one of them. Each season the colors change and I can say that I have a few of these. This is a longer tank like a tunic but can be tucked in easily. This fits TTS and I am wearing a medium for reference. This comes in multiple colors and only $15. It’s a perfect piece to wear alone or for layering. See the blouse here. Make sure you check out my go-to knit cropped jeans, they are on sale for 25% off right now. See them here, and they fit tts. If you’re looking for a great summer bag that can hold it all, especially at the pool or the beach, I found the BEST straw tote at Target. Details below the picture.

I am wearing these Steve Madden Skyler studded sandals, and they are the must-have sandal for the summer! These fit tts, see them here. These are already selling out, but they are available in all sizes on the Steve Madden website.

Who loves a chambray shirt? I love this short-sleeve hi-lo button-up to wear with shorts and white denim this spring and summer. This even looks great with leggings and sneakers! Super versatile and fits TTS. The 5-inch chino shorts I am wearing are from Old Navy and on sale for only $15. These fit tts and comes in multiple color options. Outfit details below pic.

I’m a sucker for lace and this blouse is totally worth a closer look. I love the embroidered detail and sheer yoke, it is such a romantic top! This is under $20, fits TTS, I am wearing a medium for reference. See the blouse here. The paper bag cropped pants I am wearing are nearly sold out, but I did find a similar pair from Amazon. These are a hot seller for Amazon and come in multiple colors. See those pants here.

Everyone has been loving these cute kitten heels and if you didn’t grab them earlier, today is your lucky day! These Are on sale for only $27 right now, they are normally $78…now that is a deal! I sized up a 1/2 size in these, see them here.

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Have you been to Cato’s lately? I have found so many cute things there recently and can’t wait to share with all of you! Today will be another day of contractors and even though it has been one LONG road, I am so glad we found the main issue. What are you girls up to today? I have missed you!! Stay safe! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Cindy C.

    I’ve missed you! So sorry for your home renovation problems. I hope your Mother is doing well. Looking forward to spring & summer fashions!

    • Beverly

      Good morning Cindy!! Mom is well on the mend, she has gotten out by herself a few times in the past few days. I’m still going over and helping with a few things. I had Brooklyn for Spring break last week, so all 3 of us spent a lot of time together. We had a full week with dr appointments, and plumbers lol. Happy Tuesday lovely!! Missed you all so very much!!

  • Melanie S

    Good Morning! I ALMOST reached out to you in your last post to see how you were doing because I haven’t seen a post in awhile. Lol.. Glad all is well and they found where your leak is and will be getting it fixed. I use to go to Catos all the time. I haven’t been in years and now that you have posted some cute outfits from there I’m going to make a trip to my Catos. I love all the outfits you styled. I don’t shop Express BUT they had a great clearance sale last week or so and I got me some cropped flared jeans, snake skin mules and a cute Camisole ALL for only 54 bucks. Yeah I though I scored awesome on that deal lol.. those kitten heels you are styling? Yes I need those. This morning I’m taking my mother-in-law to have a procedure done and then my Father-in-law to therapy. Spending the day caring for my in-laws♥️ Hope you have a wonderful day. Sorry for my book comment. Lol

    • Beverly

      Hello my beautiful Melanie!! Awe, this touched my heart!! I do think we bit off a big chunk here, but at least we are getting it fixed now. Whoa! What a grueling few months!! I had Brooklyn last week unexpectedly, so I made sure I kept her busy. Then Chase had to move back ( the house he was getting was from a coworker that moved to Nashville and she decided to transfer back. Ugg) Chase did find a house in our subdivision that will be open for rent in a month, so that’s much better. And then taking care of Mom…wow, I feel the age creeping up on me lol!! I kept thinking about sending out a quick email because I don’t normally go a week without posting, but I totally got slack!! Totally!! There are a few more things I will share later this week but for now, things look like they are all back on track. Thank the Lord! Lol!! Enjoy your time with your in-laws and what deals you got!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Missed you lovely girl!! ❤️

    • Beverly

      That top came from The Loft, I don’t think it’s available but I can look to see if something similar is available for you. It is a cutie!!❤️

  • Kim Colvin

    I was wondering where you were. My mother has been visiting for a month and the grandchildren were here for spring break. The little ones are easier. Lol
    Poor Chase! But it all worked out. Praise God

    • Beverly

      Hey Kim!! Yeah, it was a tough week, mom had a few dr appointments, Raegan started a new job, I had a few dr appointments, Brooklyn was here, we moved Chase back but put his stuff in our garage, and then all the plumbing and the painters were out here too. Holy Moses!! When I woke up today, I told Barry he was on duty…I would be sitting on the patio with Ziva drinking coffee till everyone was gone🤣🤣🤣🤣. To my surprise, he said you definitely need a break lol!! And the little ones are soooo much easier. My mom is a very humble, soft spoken person and I can tell she’s not feeling well cause she’s snapping at me. Bless her heart!! She actually got Thrush after her surgery and is still going through that. Boy…that devil is at work, but I know one who is stronger!! Happy Tuesday lovely!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Patty Conklin

    Good morning! I just got back from NC yesterday, thought of you often while I was there. Renovations offer a unique opportunity for growth – I don’t think I would handle everything you have had to deal with nearly as graciously as you have. I love the lace top, put in an order for it. Thank you for offering less expensive fashion options:-) You shared the books you were reading a while back. I thoroughly enjoyed the WW2 book and the Nicholas Sparks book which you recommended. Do you have any additional recommendations?

    • Nancy

      So good to see your email this morning! I actually went to your website yesterday to see if I had missed something. Glad you’re back!

      • Beverly

        Oh my goodness!! It’s been so chaotic, I had to take a few days. Plus, there was no way to work with all the banging. Missed you!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Eve

    The blue shirt with the red shorts is a great look. Love all the shoes but I have summer shoes I’ve barely taken out of the box. I just keep buying shoes. Is it just me? Sorry about all your problems. We had a horrible lashing rain here and I discovered three leaks in the house. Not good. Your Mom is blessed to have you, I’m struggling with finding transportation to Dr, right now. But,,,..the sun is shining today and God is in control.🌞🌻

  • Sharon York

    Hey!! I’m new here. So happy I found you! I’m … over 50..but under 55. LOL!! So it does my heart Good! to see someone post clothes that are beautiful and age appropriate. I live in Monroe, NC and have two grown kids, my daughter is married, my son is heading that way and I have been married 25 years this October. Whew!! It’s been a Roller Coaster ride but I love it. I love Jesus and I am very active in Women’s Ministry in my Church.
    I can’t wait to get to know the other ladies here and kick my style up a notch or two :))

    • Beverly

      Well hello Sharon!! My sister in law is in Monroe ❤️❤️How awesome!! Thank you for the sweet comment snd thanks for following!! We are loving all our new girls!! And we both are right in the middle of 50-55!! And we love some Jesus on this blog lol🙌🏼❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good afternoon! It seems like forever since I have commented. I am really happy for you that you found the root of your leak issue. Hopefully the renovations will be done soon and you can take a breath. I haven’t been online much lately due to some health issues. I had a thermography scan done today and I am having issues with Lyme disease and my endocrine system. The next step for me is to finish getting my amalgam fillings safely removed and I am hoping for improved health after that. Getting older sure does stink, but it is better than the alternative, lol. Anyway, I received an email from Cato just the other day and they had a really cute smocked mint floral tank that I fell in love with. However, I waited too long to order it and now the only available size in it is an XL. It is great to have you back and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Laurie Nichols Orlando

    Ugh1 Sorry you have been having so any plumbing issues! Glad you got to get out and check out some cute outfits though – thanks for sharing! We missed you!!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly!!!….I have missed you. What an interesting last week you had. Hopefully all the renovations will be done soon and y’all can take a good much-needed vacation. I have been praying for your precious Mother. Great Cato choices. My fave is the v neck double layer tank. You look gorgeous in that color. Love you sweet friend.

  • Cindy G

    Whew Beverly, I got tired just hearing about all that is going on in your household. 😂 Hang in there, you will soon be able to enjoy it!!😉 God’s timing is always perfect ❤️

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