Cardigan Outfits With Target, Old Navy, & Walmart

Most women love a great cardigan and especially one that is versatile where it can be worn through multiple seasons. During a recent Target run, I found a cardigan that is a must-have in my opinion. It’s a thinner cardi and is a perfect addition for many everyday outfits that can give you an entirely different look. Today I amnestying sharing two outfits with my new fave to give you a little outfit inspiration for the upcoming months.

This cardigan is a perfect option with a below-hip length for effortless layering with any top in your closet with its open-front design. This cardigan can easily be a transition piece through the spring and summer with camis and sleeveless blouses. This fits tts and comes in multiple color options, for reference, I am wearing a medium in this cream Universal Thread cardi. See the cardigan here.

This oversized Swiss dot tunic top in the copper moon is super darling with the white boyfriend jeans and loafers. This top can be tucked in, untucked, or a half-tuck if that’s your preference. I prefer a half-tuck most days because I’m a casual girl. Dress this outfit up with a great pair of wedges this spring and great accessories for a casual chic look.

The blouse fits oversized, so it gives you plenty of room to play with the tucking. It did come a tad wrinkled when I was trying these on, so forgive me for not steaming. See the blouse here, it fits tts and comes in two other color options. I paired it with the mid-rise ecru boyfriend straight jeans, I love the copper color with the white! See the jeans here.

Girls, looser jeans are going to be big this year. You will see the cropped flare jean, boyfriend, wide-leg, and straight jeans everywhere. If you want to try the style, but feel they do not flatter your shape – add a cardigan or a long tunic with mules, loafers, or cute booties.

If you want an edgy look with your cardigan, try a pair of black camo ankle pants and a cute pair of strappy sandals. These ankle pants are limited in sizes right now, but I have added more options below. The chiffon camisole comes in multiple colors from Amazon, they fit tts, see it here. See a similar black pendant necklace from Target here.

For all of you that got my favorite sweater from Walmart, I told you it was a perfect match with the black camo ankle pants. Check out the sweater here.

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Did anyone notice Ziva made a return as a prop in the pictures? She has been right up along Kilo this past week and is now finally following me on my heels. I miss that ole furry ball of love being in the backdrop, lol! Today is my day for blog errands and I am going to try to get to Old Navy this weekend to see what’s new. I’m excited to get out of the house for a bit. What are you girls up to this weekend?

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly….the Swiss Dot Tunic top is my favorite. It looks great on you but of course everything looks great on you girl. 💕You may not know that my favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Pamela M

      Hello and good morning! I have several cardigans and enjoy seeing how you style them. One fun fact about me is that I am a fairly new Grammy of an almost 8 month old granddaughter. Have a blessed day.

  • Chris

    Love all these looks! You always look great and so comfy in your clothes! I look forward to reading my two or three blogs a day! I am fairly new to yours but really like how you include fashion, family and faith ! I am a nana to five wonderful grandkids, that’s my fun fact about me!!!

  • Gina

    You’ve turned me on to another top I may have to get. I like the tunic top and love the color! Did you know Clarence and I had an outdoor wedding the day after hurricane Isabelle? We cleaned the yard all day, literally until about 5:15 for a 6:00 wedding!

  • Deb

    I appreciate the clothing you share that is affordable. I also enjoy your personal family stories and faith. I am a grandmother of SIX and love the Lord with all my heart. Something about me right now is that I am working through a devotional with a 30 day journey of “taming my tongue” and becoming a better follower of Jesus. I know I can never win this battle but I can become stronger in Him as I try every day. Blessings.

    • Beverly

      Happy Friday!! Thank you for sharing because that is a great devotional for study. I think Chase may need to read this lol!! Just kidding!! I will look into this one, great idea!!

  • Maribeth

    Yesterday we had a snow ice event so I was off. I spent a bit of time recreating one of the outfits from yesterday. I also spent some time trying to practice taking selfies… I just don’t have the knack. Can’t get a decent full body shot.
    I am not A grandmother yet…..thats why I work at a daycare part time. I love kids..I love your blog… I ALSO love that you are trendy and shop at all my favorite stores that don’t break the bank.

    • Mary

      Good Afternoon Bev, You’ve really inspired me to step up my game with all your posts. Sometimes I just don’t know how to style something and then I see your wearing something similar and it’s an answer to my question. I’m a two time breast cancer survivor. I give all thanks and glory to my Lord and savior who is the same today as yesterday. Miracles still do happen!! I had aggressive cancer and the Lord healed me. Only because of his mercy am I still here.

      • Beverly

        Oh my goodness!! All these praise reports. I love it!! Congrats to you lovely one!! Yes, miracles do happen. Thank you for sharing this!! Love it❤️❤️

    • Beverly

      What’s up Maribeth!! Girl, this weather is ugggg!!! I have a fun fact: I have other bloggers reaching out to me on how to take selfies. I’m thinking about doing a video!! Happy Friday lovely!!❤️

  • Annette

    Good Fri-Yay. Cold temperatures here in Michigan. Praying for Texas and other states who are without power and dealing with weather er they have never experienced before. The outfits always look great on you. I try on some of them and feel like a slug. I am not a big shopper so maybe that is my problem? Have a great weekend.

    • Beverly

      Hey Annette!! I feel ya!! I told Barry last night I felt like a slob and just yucky here lately about clothes. I thought his head would spin off ha!🤣 I have learned over the years that all of us gals feel like that at times. I’m praying for TX too!! Happy Fri-Yay gorgeous 😍

  • Tammy Gravis

    You look great. I’m a good online friend with a beautiful cat and no kids. Lol I have VERY dry hair and what do you use to make yours look like silk? Lol

    • Beverly

      What’s up Tammy!! Girl, go get you some Redken Diamond Oil. Squirt it in the palms of your hands and run it through the ends of your wet hair. If your hair gets untamed during the day, squirt a very small amount in your hands and start running your fingers through your hair. I’ve been using it since I was in cosmetology school!!

  • Cindy

    Following you on your blog has given me so many ideas & options for dressing each day. I used to do stitch fix, but hardly ever bought anything sent in my package. You take affordable everyday finds to new levels that are easily replicated with my closet contents. I usually end up buying a few pieces every month without breaking the bank. I have been home since last Sunday’s snow, followed by Wednesday/Thursday’s snow teaching virtually. Hope to see some clearing today! Happy Week-end!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Cindy!! I’m so glad you said that because that is my intent for the blog. Showing different outfits of items that were popular or are a staple piece. That way it gives us so many more options of outfits. I loved putting outfits together when I worked in the fashion industry- it was my THING!! Lol. Happy Friday and praying you guys dry out soon.

  • Pamela M

    Hello and good morning! I have a lot of cardigans and I enjoy seeing how you style them. One fun fact about me is that I am a fairly new Grammy of an almost 8-month-old granddaughter. Have a blessed day.

  • Vickie

    Hey there! Love your blog and the affordable styles..I’m a Mom to 6, Mammie to 9…..2020 was a year of complete redefining of ME! As one who has always cared for others – I took the year to care for myself – lost weight(FWTFL), new hairstyle and finally finding out what I like to wear…Your blog is such a big help to me – thanks for being a blessing

    • Nancy

      Good morning, Beverly! I’m a mom to two sons and a “GG” to four grands. I’ve been married to my hubby for 46 years, and we met in 9th grade Algebra class. He’s still the funniest person I know! ❤️

      • Beverly

        Oh that’s so sweet!! I’ve got a few friends that have been together like that. What a blessing!! I went through a lot of bumps in the road before I met Barry. He’s definitely a character and my “dude” lol!! Love this! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Missy

    Hi Beverly,

    Great post! You have such great style and like most everyone on this blog, I appreciate the economics of your purchases… so affordable and stylish. I have a very busy job.. but I make a point to grab my coffee and read your blog first… haha… #priorities… I found your blog on pinterest about 6 months ago and I’m loving it. I am in Arkansas and we are covered up with snow. Luckily we are not as bad as Texas.. but taking care of the horses, dogs and cats in the cold weather is brutal. LOL… we are also on a well so we’ve been battling frozen pipes.. I’m dreaming of 85 degrees and sunny weather… surely it’s on it’s way… yall stay safe & warm!
    Cheers- Missy

    • Beverly

      Oh Missy, prayers for all of you. I’ve had pipes freeze once and I thought I would die!! And thanks for the compliment on the blog!! I decided when I started this I would show clothes regular women would buy. Like me!! A lot of bloggers I followed were sharing things I could not afford with 2 kids. And I am known as the “affordable fashion blog” lol!! Thank you for following and commenting!! Happy Friday ❤️

  • Angie S

    The edgy is my favorite outfit although you look great in the others too! You always lift me up with your post. 🙂
    Fact: I live in Panama City, Florida (the city not the beach). We were hit by a catastrophe hurricane in October 2019. Hurricane Michael devastated Bay County with category 5 winds. We are still recovering. We covet the prayers for people still living in campers and unable to afford to repair their homes. And, now with Covid the recovery is even slower. I truly would appreciate your prayers for our community. (Sorry, more than you asked for but it is heavy on my heart.)

    • Rebecca

      Good morning from Dallas! I just recently started following you, after finding a hair tutorial on Pinterest. I have really enjoyed your Blog posts and fashion finds! It’s refreshing for me, at 52, to connect with someone who shares fashion and beauty ideas for women over 40, especially at reasonable prices. Your faith and kindness are so obvious in your positive posts. Have a great week end! Rebecca

      • Beverly

        Hey Rebecca!! My cousin lives in Dallas!! And I will be 52 in a couple of months, so we are kindred in many ways lol. I need to get my office back and start back up on the hair tutorials. Since Chase moved back from TX, I have lost my “space”. Hope you guys are weathering the weather well. Prayers ❤️❤️

    • Beverly

      Oh wow. Yes, most definitely we will be praying. Thank you for sharing because all the girls on here will see it and pray too. My heart goes out to everyone!!

  • Melanie S

    Good Morning. ☕️ definitely in hand. Well my daughter and her fiancé has decided to postpone their wedding for next Saturday which honestly? Is great because stores are not open because of the freezing weather we have had here in Texas and I been running around trying to get last min stuff. I can now take a breather and have little more time and hopefully everyone gets power and water back. We finally got water back yesterday. YAY!! Oh I love that cardigan and those camisoles you been styling? I need one in every color.. One thing about me is that I love to do my own nails using fake tips and dipping powder. My natural nails don’t grow and I hate the way my hands/fingers look not having pretty nails. Lol..

    • Beverly

      Hey Melanie!! I was wondering how the wedding planning was going. Glad your water is back on. The pics I’m seeing in the news are horrific! And…I must try the dip powder!! Thanks for the heads up because I do my own nails as well!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Christine Simpson

    Good afternoon Beverly 👋 I just love your style!!
    Great squirrel story today! I’m an animal lover too and would have let him be as well!
    My about me is: I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor going on 4 years now. Was a long road (Chemo, radiation and lots of surgeries) but I’m finally on the up swing back to normal!!
    It’s very cold here in Michigan and I can’t wait until I can say rain instead of snow!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Christine!! Woohoo!! Congrats on being cancer free!! I love these kind of stories!! We all go through so much and we are a group of girls that pray for each other. My late husband was from MI and hated all the snow!! I will switch our rain for your snow ❄️ I am dying to see some!!

  • Pamela Gibson

    It is a cold morning here in NW FL ( in the 30’s) not a fan of the cold but thankful for all we have.

    I am totally loving that cardigan and those camo pants! I always enjoy your posts. I am currently checking out the hair tutorials. Your squirrel story really tickled me this morning thanks for the giggle!

    Stay warm and safe! Blessings to you and yours!

  • Penny Jo

    This is a very cute outfit and one I could wear here in Texas. I had to laugh at the squirrel story – we had one in our over the stove fan box! It took 3 men and me (filming) and door holding to rescue the poor little thing. He lost part of his tail but survived. I am a mom of 5, step mom of 2, and grandmom of 11 and I still like to dress cute for my sweet wonderful hubby. Have a blessed day everyone..

    • Beverly

      Wow!! You def have a squirrel story!! And holy smokes, the kids!! I bet it’s awesome getting everyone together!! I love big families, there are times I wish I had a few more kids. Happy Friday 🐿🐿🤣

    • Laurie

      Love love all things cardigan!.. from lounging at home to staying cozy at work. Thanks for the trendy style inspiration. I have a new precious fur baby after losing my 11 yr old fur baby during stay at home orders. So thankful for the joy and companionship she gave me.

      • Beverly

        Oh no, prayers for you!! I had to put my Abbey down and that’s when I got Ziva. She is the most loving quirky dog I have ever seen. Pets are little blessings aren’t they? ❤️Blessings to you!!

  • Cindy G

    Hello Beverly, I’m loving the cardi-camo look best. I also think the cardi with the white pants is a pretty look. I’m an Ohio girl and my sister lives in Waxhaw. I’ve told her about your blog, how much I enjoy it and the wonderful sister-like bond you have created with all us ladies. God has truly blessed you with such an awesome ability to relate to others. Take care and God bless everyone! 😊

    • Beverly

      Awe Cindy! This touched my heart!! We are a sisterhood and it is so nice to have somewhere we can gather and forget the world and all our troubles. I am personable but this blog is all God!! Isn’t he awesome? ❤️❤️Thank you so much!!

  • Laura Harmon

    I’m a retired school teacher from NC. I have one son that is 26 years old. Love fashion and trying to dress modern and fresh. Thanks for helping me stay current in my choices even at 53 years old

  • Shelly Robinson

    Hey, Beverly! I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you’re styling.
    A little something about me is I love, love, love traveling. I have always loved exploring new places. My grandmother used to say I have a Gypsy soul. 🌍 😆

  • Laurie Orlando

    LOVVVEEEE the black camo pants – super cute! We once had two rats living in our grill in the back yard. We named it the Ratatouille House! I have two kids and they are grown and out of the house. We have three dogs and four cats. We recently lost our eldest pup and adopted a puppy this weekend (bringing us back to four dogs). He sleeps through the night but it’s like having a baby all over again – lol!

    • Beverly

      Oh, I love puppies!! They are so sweet and funny! When I brought Ziva home ( the Golden doodle) she was so awkward and loving. She still hugs like a human. Those squirrels around here are something else to watch. And boy they are fast!! lol. Enjoy your new puppy!!

  • Hope

    Hey Beverly! We are new to the Kansas City area (Moved just before Covid hit and took several months before we could get all of our belongings out of storage). We have a cute rabbit who lives under our deck and an albino squirrel who lives in our big oak tree. They both are so much fun to watch.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, when you said rabbit it reminds me of the ones around here. There are a lot of them!! In fact, one ran across the road yesterday afternoon in front of me when I was coming home. He was a bigger one though!! I guess he was the Pops of the bunch lol

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