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Happy Friday! Lord, it sounds good to say it and think it! What a week and boy I am ready for the weekend! I was out running errands the other day and decided to stop quickly at Belk and see if anything new was in and I found quite a bit. Now that they have moved most of the older stuff out, shopping is SO much better. Most of these items are on sale and make sure you use code LOVESAVING!! Be sure to check out Kilo below also!

This Crown and Ivy chambray buttondown comes in 3 shades (this is the darkest) and I certainly liked it a lot better than mine from ON! It does fit a little snug, so I would size up. I am wearing a medium but would prefer it to be a tad bigger for me. It felt snug in the shoulders although that could be those 8 lbs I gained during the holidays too (just kidding – size up lol). Check it out with the sherpa vest below! See the shirt here.

Out of all the outfits, this was my favorite! I rarely wear denim on denim but after putting this one together – I think I will start! I love this Crown and Ivy Sherpa Vest and it goes perfect with my boots! This sherpa vest is on sale for under $28 – with code: LOVESAVING. This vest comes in 8 different color combos and is super soft. Who doesn’t like sherpa? Plus, this is a great color to wear with other sweaters and shirts. I really like it with the chambray though! See the vest here. Fits TTS and I’m wearing a medium.

I’m a lover of green if you haven’t noticed (lol), and this pullover called my name from across the store! This is another Crown and Ivy top and it’s on sale for under $29 with code LOVESAVING. This comes in baby blue and white also. It’s a terrycloth pullover and very soft. Fits TTS and I’m wearing a medium. See it here.

I wanted to try on some thinner spring sweaters (yep, they are already out!) and I am thinking pastels are going to be popular this Spring. This baby blue New Directions sweater has a hi-lo hemline with a v-neck. It is really soft and will be something I could wear now and later – even through the Summer to wear on the beach later at night with shorts. This comes in a darker blue, beige, and black and it’s under $14 with code LOVESAVING! See it here. This fits a little big, but it’s supposed to have the slouchy look. Size down if you don’t like that look. I am wearing a medium.

Another thin sweater is this tie-dyed cutie! This is also under $14 with code: LOVESAVING and comes in a gorgeous azure blue. This fits more fitted than the blue sweater above. I am wearing a medium and it fits TTS. See it here.

This cute Cupio Knit shirt is sooo cute! The pictures really do not do it justice, it is so comfortable and can be used if you like to layer. Layer it under a buttondown shirt, vest or jacket. This is another great top that can be worn straight through until the summer. Gosh, I cannot believe I am even mentioning summer! I wear a lot of long sleeve tops with shorts in the Spring and Summer, so this is a perfect buy for me. It fits TTS, it’s not fitted, so if you like it tighter then I would size down. It’s under $28 with code LOVESAVING! See it here.

This is a super cute sweater, but warning – the sleeves are long! They are bell sleeves so they kind of drape on your hands. Nonetheless, there was something I liked about the sweater. Maybe the different patterns and the gorgeous color! It does fit TTS and I am wearing a medium. You can stretch this material out, but looking at it hanging on the rack it looks super snug and skinny. It does not fit that way when you try it on, it fits normal. This comes in a gorgeous moss color and white, see the sweater here. This is on sale for under $38 with the same code LOVESAVING.

I loved this Crown and Ivy striped sweater, the neck on this is so cute! I like the stripes, the colors, the sleeves – this is a great sweater for work or play. It fits TTS, I am wearing a medium and it goes perfect with my earrings! This also comes in white with navy stripes which is a great classic look. Use the same code to get this under $32! See it here.

This last sweater was the first item I picked up. It was new in the store and obviously going to be popular since it was upfront at the door. It’s a chenille turtleneck and is super cozy! This comes in an oatmeal combo that is super cute also, it does fit TTS and I am wearing a medium. Use the same code to get this under $38. The code is good through the 14th BTW! See it here.

These are the earrings that I was wearing in these photos. These are a lightweight leather – I mean SUPER lightweight! These come in a pack of 8 and they are only $7.99 and if you click the coupon below the price online – you can save $2! See them here ( and I wear these ALL the time and I’m wearing the medium gray today)

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Ok girls, I hope you have a great day today! It’s the weekend…technically lol! Anyone have any big plans? Or are you like me and having nothing on the calendar? I did want to share a picture of Kilo today. He’s my son’s dog but I really think he has a “thing” for older women because he is all about Grandma!

I was putting clothes up last night and walked into the “chic corner” (for those of you that don’t know – that’s my designated area and Barry has the Man Cave to watch PBS and sports – yes…PBS!) He’s a cushion lover and he’s hiding his face cause he knows he is not supposed to do this! HAHA!!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Happy Friday Beverly!!!! Excellent choices today my dear. My fave is the denim with the Sherpa vest. However there are a few other ones that I like too. Your doggy pic is adorable. He looks like he got caught…bless him. I have no major plans for the weekend just running some errands and doing some things around the house and of course church on Sunday. My baby girl goes back to college today☹️. I’m going to miss her but thank goodness for FaceTime because I get to FaceTime her every night before I go to bed. Have a fabulous weekend. ~Lisa~

    • Beverly

      Thanks Lisa!! My heart breaks for you and your daughter. Chase moved to Texas when he was 23 and it nearly killed me!! I was so glad when got transferred back here and he moved back in. Well, he was only supposed to move in until he could find somewhere to live—3 years later he’s still here ha!! I know he’s leaving soon and I’m glad I get my office and extra bathroom back, but I’m going to miss him so much!! Prayers girl!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Sandy

    It’s been a long week of Dr. appointments with my dad so I’m looking forward to driving to watch the grand kids tonight and play and laugh with them. Everyone of these tops is so cute and of course they are from Belk! I may have to take the leap of faith and order one thing hoping that I won’t have to pay postage to send it back. I like that you said you are seeing pastels as I wear a lot of those and they are harder to find in the winter. Kilo should feel pretty special that you are sharing your little corner with him 😉 Have a great weekend Beverly. So glad you are feeling better.

    • Tanya Sizemore

      Happy Friday! I love the green and baby blue sweaters! When you wear chambray shirts do the jeans need to be close to the same shade?

      • Beverly

        It does not have to be, but I like it better when they are close to the same color. Unless the denim shirt ya really light, then you can wear that with nearly every shade of denim!! That baby blue sweater was ❤️🙌🏼‼️ have a great day!

    • Beverly

      You have to try Belk, they are really huge in the South!! And I mean HUGE!! Also, I forgot to tell you that sweater I am wearing in the video is from Walmart a few years ago. Super soft and one of my regulars!! It’s on the daily rotation list ha!! Seriously, try Belk!! They are a wonderful chain and they do sell high end clothing. The Crown and Ivy line is very popular here! Have a great day!

  • Rebecca

    I love that you frequently feature Belk…it’s one of the few “bigger” stores I have nearby! I don’t have a lot of the stores that bloggers love and sometimes, I want to be able to try on and touch something rather than order online. So I really appreciate your store choice! 🙂 And I love the items you choose, too!

    • Sandy

      Rebecca and Beverly…..I am like you and in the fact that you both like to go in and “try-on” and “feel” so that’s why I’m sad when the Belk clothes come across and I can’t go to the store to try them on and feel them…LOL I get that you enjoy the Belk posts since you have a store to actually go into and try on where I don’t. But…what Beverly shows still gives me ideas of what I can put together and look for a similar top in another store. Do I want to stop seeing the Belk try-on….goodness NO. I love just seeing Beverly in these and again it gives me ideas and colors to shop for so I didn’t mean to sound like I wanted you to quit doing the Belk posts so I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. 🙂

      • Jalisa

        I like them all! I think you could put on about anything and look cute! We don’t have a Belk in this part of the country! In fact, I never heard of it until I started following you!

        • Beverly

          Belk is mostly in the southern states, but they gave awesome clothes. And thank you for that compliment-you made my day❤️❤️❤️ Glad you are liking them!!

  • Lisa Richardson

    You find so many cute things at Belk. Of course we don’t have that out here. We actually don’t have a lot of stores that are in the the southeast. It’s actually crazy. Everyone thinks CA would have everything, but we are lacking in retail and restaurants. I think it’s the cost of land/living out here. I can’t wait to get back to that side of the country. LOL You can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl. Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Friday afternoon! I loved all of the clothes that you showed but I think my favorite is the chambray with the sherpa vest and the boots look so awesome with them. I am so glad to hear that your sweet Mom is doing well and making good progress 🙂 This morning I brought one of our cats to the vet for his annual checkup. I came home to eat lunch and then whipped up a cute winter wreath that I hung on the mirror in our foyer. This weekend I will be working Saturday night, church Sunday morning and then work again Sunday night. I am in the first of the year, cleaning, organizing and creative mode around here 😉 Have a great weekend!

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