Target Try-On Haul

I have ventured into one of my favorite stores and found so many items that I am loving! Time did not allow me to try on all of them, so I am sure I will be going back in the very near future. I am also showing some boots that I am truly loving that are inexpensive – which is always good! Also, make sure you scroll all the way down to see the video I made for all of you.

I am starting to really like the rust color that has been so dominant since the Fall. This v-neck blouse is perfect for every day, workwear, church, brunch with the girls – just a great piece that can be utilized in so many ways. This is a piece that can be worn all the way through Spring also, we need to start thinking about transitioning pieces – Spring will be here before we know it! See it here.

This Turtleneck Pullover is SUPER SOFT! It’s a great piece when it starts getting bitter cold in late January and February. I have the pink color on, but you can pick from 5 different cool colors to wear with jeans or leisure pants or joggers. This is probably one of the softest pullovers that I have tried on, and you ladies I know I have tried a lot of pullovers in the past few months. It fits TTS, it’s only $15 and you can see it here.

I LOVED this fuzzy cardigan and it was so warm! It has a little weight to it, but not too bad. The fringe on it just screamed DIVA! This comes in black and a cute rust color, right now the sizes come in XS – XXL and look to be fully stocked online. In the store there were limited sizes, see it here.

The olive jacket is not online yet, in fact, they were just putting these out on the floor. I love a tie-waisted jacket, it’s so versatile and add a leopard print cami and I am a happy girl. I did gather up quite a few new camis because I love wearing them with cardigans and jackets in the summer. And if you wait too long, you will miss out. See the leopard cami here. Fits TTS.

Boots You Will Love!

I picked these Microsuede Sherpa Boots up instantly. I’ve been wearing these all day and love them. Not only are they cute and fashionable, but they are also just such cool looking boots! You will be seeing these more on the blog, I’m sure! See them here. These do not come in half sizes, I normally buy a size 8 1/2 and I purchased the 8 and they wear fine. Not too snug, plenty of room in the toe area also. All around a great boot.

You have seen me wear my Sorel boots right much on the blog, to be honest – my feet stay cold and I am all about warm and cozy boots. I noticed these boots that are much more affordable than the Sorel boots. Thought I would show how similar these are, it certainly caught my eye! See the dupes here.

Some items are so new they are NOT online right now but I thought I would show them anyway. As soon as they are available online I will be sure to add them to a current post. This is by A New Day!

This cute cap sleeve top is not online yet, but as soon as it becomes available, I will post the links for you girls asap. Until then, if you stop by Target – check it out! So cute for the Spring and Summer!

What’s In Store For 2020! I Need Your Help!!

Here’s a short video on things I need a little feedback from you girls. It’s some of my ideas of what’ in store for 2020! Plus, you get to see me as a person, instead of just pictures and comments. FYI: I’m a little ADHD and a may or may not talk with my hands at times LOL!!!!

Follow along on YouTube here and Pinterest here.

Whew, that felt like a lot and there were quite a few dresses I didn’t show because they do not have them online yet. So maybe we will have a Target Try-On #2 very soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and I hope you get a chance to watch the video to get to know me a little better and to hear all my ideas. Please feel free to comment below – I am looking forward to hearing what you girls think! Have a wonderful day and as always – what are you up to today??? LOL!!!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…

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  • Lisa

    Oh My Word Beverly!!!! I loved your video. You remind me of myself LOL!!!….From one North Carolina girl to another, your accent, your ADHD, hyperness….Girl, that is so me. You know, we are who we are. Oh yeah I will throw in that our faith in God is a huge similarity too. I am interested in all of the ideas for your videos. The try on session was great and you had some really cute pieces as usual. I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but I hope you are feeling better and that chocolate cake looked scrumptious so I saved the recipe. Have a wonderful day. xoxo ~🦋Lisa🦋~

    • Beverly

      Thanks Lisa!! It’s so nice to hear someone is out there like me lol!! I rarely have a bad day and I never have a bad at work. Now these kids here get on my nerves a tad bit lol. Just kidding —no I’m not 🤣 Anyway, I’m feeling better, those allergies hit me hard sometimes but I’m better today. And that cake is awesome! Back to the grind stone today. Hopefully I will start working on a video for next week. Get ready to giggle lol!!

  • Tracey

    Hi Beverly, your ideas about the skincare & different makeup looks sound wonderful!! I’m looking forward to seeing them. Thank you for all that you do with fashion and devotions❣️
    I do feel like you are a friend. Have a great Thursday☺️

    • Beverly

      Awe! Thanks Tracey!!! Such a sweet comment!! I can’t wait and making the videos will help you girls get to know me better!! Girls helping girls!! ❤️❤️ Have a great day!!

  • Rhonda

    I would love to watch your videos. I subscribe to your blog on email (only subscribe to 2) so I read it each morning and hope you will link the videos when you do them to the blog so I will not miss. I am much older than you but appreciate that your style works for me also. Hugs and Blessings to you.

    • Beverly

      Great idea Rhonda!! I will link videos on the emails!! Awesome idea🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Hugs and have a great day!!❤️

  • Anne

    Hi Beverly! Thanks for the video I love your southern accent!!! Really looking forward to all the ideas you mentioned especially product and how to use them.

  • kristin sanders

    I think your southern accent is charming…I guess I’m a little biased since I am a Southern girl myself! I’m enjoying your content. I find video intimidating but I would like to start doing some for my blog as well. It really does help to connect with readers.

  • Donna

    Your so adorable and funny!!
    I think your videos are a great idea. What I like about your blog is that you are so down to earth and your ideas are within price range and thrifty. Most people don’t have $100.00 for a sweater!! Lol I loved the sweater you had on in the video!
    I’m a young 60 year old and love ideas in hair and make up. Also, can you give ideas on sizes when you do your try instead and fashion. I’m between a small and medium and always afraid things won’t fit when I order them in line. If you can share what size you purchased that would help. Just my thoughts.
    Thanks for all you do. Donna

    • Beverly

      Thanks Donna!! Yes I will start sharing how they fit and feel and what size I’m going to buy. After Christmas I found that I’ve gained about 8 lbs, so now I’m in between an 8 and a 10 until I drop this weight. So I will definitely share!! Thank you so much for your comment!! So sweet!!!! ❤️❤️ And girl, I don’t have $100 to splurge on a sweater either. A lot of bigger bloggers make huge amounts of money and can splurge, but I always wanted to keep this blog “real” and put things on that I will actually wear or really would buy. Those Madewell jeans nearly made my husband faint when I told him I was buying them 😂 He’s a penny pincher because he wants to retire soon. I can’t blame him. I splurge on occasion and that’s it!! Have a great day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I loved the video and it was so good to see and hear you 🙂 I love all of the ideas and look forward to the videos on makeup and hair. I love the accent and never thought of myself as having an accent from growing up in New England but there are some things that I will occasionally say and notice it in myself. I am so glad that you are feeling better and pray that you have a wonderful day. How is your Mom?

    • Beverly

      Hey Kelly!! I am feeling better -whew!! Mom is doing amazingly well. I’m so proud of her independence-she’s so inventive!! You know I’ve been talking about videos forever and I made my mind up that it’s time to stop talking and start doing!! Lol!! Hope you and Troy are feeling better! Have a great day!! ❤️❤️

  • Joy Rhodes

    Beverly, I, too am a fellow Eastern North Carolinian and just had my 55th birthday on Christmas Eve. And yes, I have a southern accent and grateful for it. I love your ideas and look forward to all your content. Your blog post is usually the first I read in the morning after my “First 5” bible study and devotion. You are a great inspiration and I look forward to your ideas in 2020. God Bless!

    • Beverly

      Well hello neighbor!!! I love meeting all you girls and thank you so very much!! I’m looking forward to stepping out this year!! I’m sure I will give you some giggles if nothing else lol!! Have a great day!!!❤️

  • Judy

    Yes, Yes, Yes…to all your ideas. I discovered your blog a few months ago and it’s one of my VERY favorite! I am an Alabama girl and I totally understand your southern drawl because I have one too. I lived in Pennsylvania for about a year and half, and EVERY time I opened my mouth, people wanted to know where I was from…most thought I was from Texas. LOL!! I am a down to earth girl and can identify with you so much. I love that the clothes you share are reasonable prices too. I am in my 60’s but I don’t want to dress like an old woman, but at the same time I don’t want to look like a teenager either. I love your style (you are gorgeous by the way) and pick and choose what I think will work for me. It was really nice seeing you on a video. We always wonder what people sound like when we just see pictures. Also, I like that you’re a Christian woman. You look fantastic and I could hardly believe you were 50 when I first saw your blog. Thanks for wanting to help us girls make the most of fashion; can’t wait to see your post on eyebrows/eyelashes. Mine have almost disappeared and I have thought about trying some in the future. You have a great personality and love your laugh too. Again, thanks for keeping us informed on the latest.

    • Beverly

      Oh Judy you made me laugh about people thinking you were from Texas!! 🤣 Thank you so much for all you said, it validates where God is leading me!! I’m like you, I’m getting older, but I surely don’t feel like it and I’m not ready to dress like my grandma lol!! Anyway!! Thank you!!!! Hugs!!!!❤️❤️ Oh and I am sooo down to earth and boy I like to laugh and I know you girls would get to me know me on a better level doing some videos!! Thanks again!!!

  • Sandy

    Trying to catch up once again since the week has not gone as planned. Beverly…the I loved the video and I certainly am looking forward to make up videos. Can’t wait to see how to do eyebrows. I am still struggling. I didn’t grow up as a “fashion or make-up” gal, had no daughters so I really still struggle in both these areas. One outfit styled different ways is still probably my favorite so we can make clothing stretch further. And I LOVE that blue sweater you have on. Did you post that on the blog and I missed it. Beautiful color and looks gorgeous on you. Making videos is putting yourself out there so thank you dear girl for doing that for the rest of us because this was great !

    • Beverly

      Thanks Sandy!! Girl, I was so worried about putting myself out there like that, but all of you girls were soooo nice!! Made me feel so much more at ease. So I’m going to share, share, share-just like work buddies ha!!! Chase says he’s moving out in February so that gives me back my office which will make everything so much easier. I will have an office and a bathroom to “work “ in. So fingers crossed -I’m going to miss him!!! Missed you beautiful!!!❤️

  • Katherine Yvonne Weimer

    I loved your video! I am really looking forward to seeing all the plans you have. I am particularly interested in your knowledge on thinning hair and how to use extensions to hide. I am going to go to UTube and Pinterest right now!

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