2 Dresses From Amazon You Need Under $50

Happy Friday! It is November girls, can you believe it? Time stand still just for a little while! I recently got my Amazon Prime Wardrobe box and boy this one was 100%! These 2 dresses that I am styling today are affordable, super comfortable, great for Fall & Winter, and CUTE! I know you girls are going to love them! Before I start…is anyone putting your Christmas tree up this weekend? If you are, I need back up because my kids are dying to get ours up and Barry is “iffy” about it – drop a comment below if it’s a Yes! 🙂

This midi-dress by The Drop is a ribbed body dress, and let me say – it fits, but it is flattering! This is brick red, long-sleeve with a mock neck. There is a split on the side that goes up almost mid-thigh on me, you can see it in the second picture below. I am almost 5’8″, so the dress would be longer on most women, and the split not as high. This dress would be cute with a denim jacket and sneakers or knee-high boots or you could add a long cardigan. It’s a great dress for a night out, plus it’s super comfortable. I am wearing a Medium for reference, see it here. It also comes in black.

The clutch is from JustFab and is on sale for 75% off, under $8 – normally $45. This comes in black also, you can see it here. This is a clutch I grab almost every time, it’s very versatile! I like a neutral color for my purses or clutches, I seem to get more wear out of them. A leopard clutch would also look great with either of these dresses.

The faux leather jacket is from Belk and these are BOGO FREE when I checked online. This comes in multiple colors and has been one of the most popular jackets on the blog since it made its debut! See it here. Check out the Red Clay color – it’s gorgeous! (Also, if you shop Belk online, be sure to check out all the coupons available and add them to your cart)

This was my favorite dress out of the two. This is the cutest and most flattering dress I think I have ever put on. It’s made by Lark & Ro and the bell sleeve detail is gorgeous, the material is almost like a sweatshirt, but sturdy. It’s soft, great for cooler weather, and it will look so cute with a jacket and boots later on when it does get colder. This comes in burgundy, green, and navy. See the dress here.

I am wearing a medium for reference. It has room in the hips, although I am not very big in my hips (I think my hips are around 36 or somewhere close to that). The neck is a round neck, but the description says mock neck. To me, it’s not a real mock neck, so I’m saying it’s a round crew-like neck.

The booties I am wearing with both dresses are older ones, but I am linking similar ones below. I decided to only wear earrings with both these outfits, I think the focal point is these dresses! If you like a great pendant would look awesome or layered chains would look cute also. The earrings are in the Shop The Post below.


I’m going to share some of the blooper pics today. Eyes shut, arms up…it may take 5 pictures before you get a halfway decent one. I thought you girls might get a kick out of these!

It was a VERY windy day when I took these pictures, so excuse the mulch and anything else you see that may be scattered LOL! In the picture with the red dress below, you can see where my hair was starting to blow straight up in the back- and it did! LOL In both pics, I obviously can’t open my eyes…why do we shut our eyes???? I always get a giggle looking at the messed up pics ha!

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Brooklyn is here today (pumped up on Halloween candy) and I have several places I need to go today, so it is going to be a busy day for me. What are you girls up to? How did you like the dresses? Don’t you love affordable fashion!!??

Thanks for stopping by the blog an have a great Friday girls!! XOXO


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  • Sandy

    I LOVE affordable dresses and both of these are cute. I have to admit that I love dresses that have the higher neck or a mock neck especially for winter instead of boat necks. They just fit my shoulders and neck better and are warmer in the winter. I’m glad you said they would look good with boots as it’s much too cold here for open toe shoes anymore. I really need to read up on Amazon Prime Wardrobe to figure out what I have to do to use it. I just need to take the time to do that. I bet Brooklyn loves going on errands with you.

    • Sandy

      I forgot to say….I figure if you go to ALL the work of getting the Christmas decorations out and putting up the tree and all that goes with it, you might as well put it up sooner so that you can enjoy ALL that work longer. I’m getting to be a scrooge about decorating…the more I bring up and put out…the more I have to put away…LOL I’d say go for it so that you can enjoy it longer. You can still celebrate Thanksgiving with a tree up ! That doesn’t take away from celebrating Thanksgiving and all that you are Thankful for !

  • Kelly Palmer

    Both of these dresses look great on you! I am still not feeling the desire to wear dresses right now. Maybe I will try a couple that I already have and wear them with boots and tights or something and see how that goes before spending any money on a new dress. I absolutely loved the “blooper” photos so thanks for keeping it real! I would love to start decorating for Christmas now because it takes so much effort to get everything out of the attic and get it set up and all so I like to be able to have it up for a while before having to dismantle everything after just a short time. This year we are going to Florida for Thanksgiving. Since we don’t yet know what to expect from our cats and my mother in law with be here by herself while we are gone we don’t want to take the chance that the cats would tip it over or something and then she wouldn’t be able to get it back up. I will probably put out the other decorations soon and we plan on putting the tree up the day after we get back from our trip. Have fun with Brooklyn doing errands today! As for me I love everything that you show but I especially like to see things from Cato, Target, J.C. Penney, Belk, Walmart and Old Navy just to mention a few lol!!

    • Beverly

      Oh yes!! I need to hit JCP!! Those are some of my favorites too. I like affordable stuff ha!! I’m about to do a post for Cato that will be posting next week. We are headed to Belk today also for some returns and Barry needs new jeans- I donated his jeans lol by accident. I will run to Walmart also this weekend. Maybe Barry’s schedule will calm down and he can start back taking pics. 🤞🏼. I’m tired of our yard, plus we need new mulch or at least spruce it up some. I don’t like taking pictures in the house because the lighting is not that good and my pictures always come out grainy. Anyway, I’ve got a lot planned the next few days. Thanks for the feedback and be sure to post your Christmas decor on FB. I love looking at everyone’s creations!! ❤️❤️ Are you still on the mend?

  • Linda Babbitt

    I love the black dress with the bell sleeve. Very flattering. No I will not ever put my Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and don’t want to cut that holiday short by rushing into Christmas before it. Just my way.

    Also, I love your hair. I know you said you are growing it out, but I wondered if you can describe how it is cut? Is it in medium layers? Long layers? A great length right now and you can do so many different things with it which I love to do with my hair as well. Trying to grow my bangs out now to do a long side sweep.

    Love your style.

    • Beverly

      Thanks for the comment Linda!! Barry feels the same way about Christmas Decor but our granddaughter will probably win this debate lol!!

      I was a cosmetologist in my younger years, so I cut and color my own hair mostly. I have medium layers cut throughout. I cut my bangs back in the summer, so now they are growing back out and I sweep them over to the side. I love doing things with my hair, I do put up videos on YouTube but have not since I cut my hair. Since it’s starting to grow back out I’m going to start back with that. I’m the queen of updos 😂😂😂

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