Finding Peace During Our Problems

Happy Sunday everyone! I am off to church then spending a little one on one time with the hubs, then family time! Thanks for all the comments and emails this week on the blog – it has been great getting back to my normal routine after having unwanted time off with vertigo. Even though that was a rough 3 weeks, I did learn a few things about me.

When things are going great, it is all too easy to coast right through on auto-pilot and roll with the good times. I have a tendency to do that, things are great and I will lack in my relationship with the Lord. When there is a bump in the road I tend to hit my knees and get realigned spiritually. I think we all may do that at times, it has to be part of human nature.

When I first got sick, I was unable to eat or drink anything for about 3 days. I lost 7 pounds in those 3 days and it scared Barry enough that he forced me to see a doctor. They gave me medicine to help with the nausea and I hoped it would kick in ASAP. The following day is when the spinning and dizziness hit me and it hit like a freight train. Each day seemed worse than the last and all I knew to do was to pray! I was in a desperate state, so I had to call on the big guns and ask Mom to pray… and I only do that when things are really bad. It was really bad!!

We soon found out that I had a certain type of vertigo and none of the doctors would or could say how long it would last. It could be minutes, days, months, or years. I was a bundle of nerves each and every day, wondering…is this the day it goes away? Will this last months? Will it last years? Will I have to live like this forever? Funny how our minds get carried away at times!

I found peace in prayer, in the presence of God. I knew I was going through this for a reason and I had faith I would be ok no matter what the outcome. I stopped all my work, I could not look at a computer screen for more than a few minutes and social media was almost nonexistent. I literally laid or sat looking at a ceiling or a wall. And I was fine with that…I knew God had me in His hands!

Every time I had problems (and I mean the REALLY BAD KIND) I made it through only by being in the Presence of God. I made it through an abusive marriage and divorce, which was only by the grace of God. Chase made it through the teen years and totally turned his life around to be a young adult that I admire in so many ways. God is there and He will send out a legion of angels if needed. And I needed a legion it felt like!

He hears our faintest cry…

We cannot see all the things God does for us daily, but He is there, He hears you, and He loves you. You will find peace in the midst of the raging “war”, you will find that the war can rage all around you, but you are in a bubble of peace and serenity. Plant your feet, and set your mind on Him and you will find peace during the storm.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. XOXO!!

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  • Brenda Foxy Lady

    You’re message spoke to me. I had vertigo for 3 weeks also. Starting July 8th for 3 and I had the exact same experience. I couldn’t do social media either. It caused me to pray and read the Bible more. (And contact my praying family) haven’t known anyone that described such similarities. I am afraid to bend my head over to blown dry me hair. I recently began taking walks again. My ENT said sometimes doing the things that cause the dizziness can help so I recently started social media again. What type of vertigo is it? I’m afraid now. Did they say what triggers it? Thank you for sharing!! I hope you stay well. You’re a beautiful Christian women with a powerful story. You encourage others!

    • Beverly

      Good morning Brenda! I had BPPV I believe, I nearly forgot! They told me that I may never get it again and I’m banking on that!! They said to continue to live normally without fear-so I have been. Don’t stress over it, it is very bad and easy to worry. I was like that for the first week after it went away. I was scared it was coming back. I’m back exercising and doing my normal things. Trust in the Lord!! I’m here if you need to talk, not many people have had it for a long time and they don’t understand how it feels. But I do!!! Sending prayers your way lovely one!!!💕💕

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I am so glad that you came through that difficult time and that you are feeling better again. It is so true that we tend to let our relationship slide when things are going well and smoothly. I often times wonder if that is why God allows rough times to come into our lives so that we will draw close to him and not get too far astray. I have had health issues for many years now and some days it seems like things will never improve. It is hard to not let our minds worry and fret that maybe things won’t improve when we are in the midst of the storm. I know that it is His strength that has gotten me through in the past and will continue to get me through for the rest of my days. I pray that you have a wonderful day and continue to feel healthy and happy 🙂

    • Beverly

      Amen sister!! Without the storms we’d have no faith!! Because we couldn’t see what he brought us through!! Praying for you my friend!!! Hugs and love!!! 💕

  • Sandy

    I feel like I just had my Sunday morning devotions and coffee with you…thank you for sharing. Your little photo of “never let the presence of a storm cause you to doubt the presence of God” is one that I need to remind myself usually when I am worrying about my kids and situations they go through and not knowing how to help. I turn to prayer and know I have to put in in God’s hands. I don’t know why it’s easier for me to accept the storms that hubby and I go through then it is for me to accept my kids storms. I’m so glad that your vertigo went away and that you are back on schedule and enjoying your days…work included. Have a great Sunday as it sounds like you have a relaxing day planned.

    • Beverly

      Good morning Sandy!! I am the same way with my kids!! I have worried myself sick over those kids at times. Thank you for the comment-you know I always worry about Sundays posts lol!! I am going to enjoy it-you enjoy yours too my friend!! 💕💕

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