8 of My Favorite Fall Transition Looks

Happy Taco Tuesday ladies! Who’s actually going to eat tacos today? We are, but they will be chicken tacos on Carb Counter wraps – and they are good ladies! LOL! WooooHooooo…that’s me hollering because I am completely well! I woke up yesterday and felt normal, I cooked, I cleaned, I baked a dessert and I was able to sit down at my desk and actually work on the computer. Thank you all for your messages, comments and prayers! Wow! You ladies are awesome!

Today it will be back in the saddle getting Fall fashion trends together for all of you and this is my favorite season! I don’t know who loves Fall more – Raegan or me. We already have pumpkin candles burning in the house, I have not decorated yet…but it’s a coming soon!

I thought while I am trying to get outfits together, I would share with you some of my favorite transition outfits. These have been on the blog throughout the past year, but they ar great ideas for transtioning from Summer to Fall.

Cropped jeans/pants are going to be a go-to this Fall, even in the winter you will see cropped pants paired with cute booties. I work from home so I wear a lot of jeans, but I love some cute dress cropped pants with pumps or booties with a higher shaft.

Gingham is a classic button-down shirt that looks good with anything. Whether you decide to wear it alone, under a colorful cardigan, denim jacket or the very popular leather jacket – you can rock this baby from now through the winter easily! As far as these white YMI raw hem jeans, don’t shy away from wearing them in the Fall. Switch out the thong sandals and add a cute pair of open-toed booties or a great neutral or taupe bootie for a trendy look. If it gets a little chilly at night, throw a cardigan over your shoulders or grab a long cardigan (longer ones will be trending), add a statement necklace and handbag and you will be all set for Fall nights!

Those denim jackets are not going anywhere, if you haven’t gotten you one yet…put it on the list! Dark denim, lighter denim, white denim…take your pick – it’s the perfect jacket for any occasion! In fact, I was watching Hallmark movie while was sick and I noticed the denim jacket was popping up in every movie I watched. And trust me, I watched a lot of them over the past 2 weeks! Read the post here for this outfit. See jacket here (similar).

A waterfall lightweight jacket or cardigan will be a perfect staple piece. These little babies can really take a regular outfit and make it a WOW outfit! Whether it’s a short waisted waterfall or a longer length, it’s very appealing to the eye. A longer waterfall cardigan can even give you the illusion of being thinner and taller! Don’t be afraid to drag out your loafers either! Animal print is HUGE! Snakeskin is in every store and it’s available from blouse, jackets, accessories, pants, to shoes! Step out of your comfort zone and get a little wild this Fall! You will thank me later!

Want a casual look? I’m an all denim girl and I love my slip-on Keds! Pair your jeans with a simple basic tee or graphic tee and you will be cute even in our comfort clothes! Read 6 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket HERE.

Crossbodies are still going strong! Wedge booties and heels and still trending and they aren’t going anywhere! I am in love with my Toms, they may be a little costly, but they are worth it. I don’t mind spending a little more money on my shoes…my feet are important to me and at my age, I need a few pair of shoes that are feet friendly!

Did you buy a jumper this Spring or Summer? You can still wear it in the Fall! Add a blazer (I have a white blazer I were with this outfit) and a pair of pumps or cute dress shoes and you have a transition outfit! Save your money ladies! Use what you have in your closet and make NEW outfits that can get you through while you are shopping the new trends and looks! See the jumper here at 75% off!

Even though it has not gotten chilly here yet, the lightweight cardigan will be in HIGH use! If you remember from last Winter, these booties were some of my favorite. They wore like bedroom shoes and honestly, I never took them out of my closet this Summer. I wore them with shorts and a cardigan around the house when the boys had it cold enough to hang hogs in here! And they did that A LOT!

Take a look at your closet and if you cannot pair something with a layering piece, then you may need to move that out of your transition section. Layering is going to be vital while we are moving from one season to another. You will be cool in the morning, then hot in the afternoon and then cool again. If you work in an office where they keep you freezing then I am sure you are accustomed to layering. It stayed so cold at the bank I worked at years ago, I kept a throw blanket in my filing cabinet! Always be prepared!! LOL!!

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Thank for stopping by the blog today and I hope you ladies have an absolute wonderful day! Boy..I am feeling it today huh??!! LOL Stay safe!! XOXO

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  • Kelly Palmer

    So glad to see you are back! I have been so busy working the past 4 days and not sleeping from the worry and stress over the hurricane and my Florida family that I feel like I am in a sleep deprived fog. I got a call from my youngest daughter Katie who works at the Emergency Information Center in Vero Beach and she will be able to leave the facility and go home at 8:00 tonight. She has been on lock down for a couple of days now. Maybe I can sleep tonight. I enjoyed seeing the outfits that you posted today. I have a trip coming up and 1 month from today Troy and I will be traveling to N.H. for my 40th High School Reunion. I could really use some ideas or suggestions of what to wear please? We will be decorating a float on the first day, riding on the float and attending the homecoming football game the second day, then that night there will be a casual get together at one of our classmates homes. I know that I will need warmer clothing than what I typically wear here in GA right now. Is the lightweight long cardigan comfy and warm? Also, if I get one what color do you think I could get the most use out of? Thanks so much for any input and ideas! Have a wonderful week and continue to get better!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Kelly!! Yes the cardigan is warm, but it’s kind of lightweight. There is a green/blue/gray mixture that would look so cute on you!! I just ordered about 7 leather jackets that range in prices to show on the blog. I’m going to do casual and dressy -that would be something that I probably would wear to one of the outings. In fact, thinking about my last reunion-I wore a pair of cute light gray pants with short black boots and a black leather jacket. I can’t remember the top or camisole I wore, but I do remember wearing the other stuff. We were in a restaurant/club so no one was really really dressed up. I’m going to be posting that real soon. The hurricane is supposed to get us Thursday night. We went grocery shopping today. Girl-I have been hyper as everything and Barry cannot stand it. I told him it’s because I finally feel good. And this morning after I got out of the shower I decided to chop off 3 inches and layer my hair 😳. Barry was not happy lol!!

      Ok, how is it going in FL? I’ve got a few friends down there and they all seem to be ok, but I don’t think it’s hit them yet. I need to watch the news tonight. I hope your family and friends are ok. I bet that is soooo stressing!!!! I will be praying for you too!!!

  • sandy

    Whoot..whoot.!! Glad you are up and “running” ! Isn’t it great to feel like actually doing something again and not being dizzy! Love this post as a reminder of the outfits and transitioning them as it’s definitely that time of year. It is getting dark earlier which means it’s also cooling off earlier in the evenings and I will definitely be starting to layer outfits. All of these were such cute outfits. Sometimes us gals just have to do a trim and a little trim to change our hair up a little. I’m surprised 3″ shows on your hair as it always looks thick and being curled I wouldn’t think it would be that noticeable. Are “YOU” liking the trim and layers? Will you get rain and wind on Thursday? Glad you have a generator!

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! I am good with my hair any way. Short or long or medium length. You can tell it!!! Trust me lol! After I cut it, I had to get Barry to make sure I cut the back even and all I heard was a sigh 😂. My hair has a lot of body, but I needed layers to give me volume without product so I started cutting away. I can still pull it up, just nothing like I used to. I do have extensions I can put in to give me a nice bun or updo too. I rarely wear the extensions but they come in handy some times. I do curl my hair the day I wash it so I will have some texture and body-then I can go 2 days before I wash it again. I have found that 5000mg of Biotin has made a huge difference in my hair, plus it grows very quickly. It will be back the same length by November.

      I loved these outfits too and I can’t wait to get to the Fall outfits. I’m a few days lagging from the vertigo, but I’m getting posts typed up and edited tomorrow. So by Thursday I should be back on track YAY!! I’m so happy and excited!! Hopefully that hurricane coming won’t affect us too bad and things will continue to be normal. I will miss you girls tomorrow, but we have coffee dates the rest of the week!!! Lol!! Hope you are caught up and having a great week!!! Missed you!!!!❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Williams

    Great suggestions Beverly and what a lovely blog! Layering is absolutely essential in early winters, as the weather stays so unpredictable. Also, it’s a chance to wear those summer favourites for a few more weeks, before the weather stops allowing doing so. I especially love the lean light cardigan look, and especially those chic boots

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