Fall Transition: Now & Later Outfit Ideas

Happy Monday everyone! I am happy to report that my vertigo is completely gone and life is back to normal. If you follow me, then you know I live in North Carolina and we had the threat of Dorian hitting us last week. Preparing for that kept me a little busy, so I wasn’t able to post as usual. We made it through fine with only a few limbs and branches in the yard. Tornados were a huge threat and a lot of people in our surrounding area were without power for awhile, but overall our area and state was blessed.

Since I have been laid up in the house for about 3 weeks now, I decided to get out and shop till I dropped! I stopped in at Belk and decided to grab up a few items that I can use to transition my summer wardrobe over into the upcoming cooler months. We got so caught up in the Sale going on at the store, I had to share a few things I found.

I instantly fell in love with this mesh cardigan by New Directions. It is perfect to transition into Fall with! Pair it with shorts, skorts, skirts, jeans, or pants; you are sure to be on-trend! If you have been out shopping or browsing Pinterest, I’m sure you have seen that mustard will be a popular color this Fall. This would look great with a navy and white striped tee and jeans, add loafers or booties and you have a cute outfit!

I love colored jeans and these Crown and Ivy rust jeans had me at first glance. These are perfect to go with beige booties for Fall. I paired the jeans with a black v-neck lightweight sweater by New Directions and a white quilted vest. Vests are huge this year (once again) and are a perfect layering piece. Add a cute scarf and handbag or crossbody and your outfit is complete!

If you are like me, you may like “comfort clothes” at home. I work from home, so I want to have something that is comfortable, but doesn’t look like I’m in sweats or pjs. I have never tried Crown and Ivy leggings before, but I can tell by trying them on they are keepers! I am wearing a medium (I’m a normal size 8 and 5’7″ in height), these are the medallion print and they are super cute and feel great. These are non-compression leggings – you can breathe in these and lounge!

I styled it with a soft pink cocoon cardigan by New Directions, this is REALLY soft and has pockets! I am wearing a Medium and it fits, it is not oversized, so if you want it more relaxed – size up! I have a basic tee from Crown and Ivy on underneath in navy. I am a huge fan of slip on tennis shoes and I have a pair of biege Keds Double Deckers that would look cute with this.

I loved this gold/beige Crown and Ivy vest and had to bring it in the dressing room. I love to show versatile pieces and this would be a great addition to your Fall wardrobe. It will virtually go with everything and who wouldn’t love this with a leopard or cheetah print scarf? I styled it with the black v-neck sweater from above and used my white skort to show it with a white bottom. Jeans would look great with this also!

Even in the Fall, I still love a pop of color and I chose this gingham top in bright blue by Crown and Ivy. Remember ladies, you can still wear white jeans and pants after Labor Day – this would so cute! As it gets colder you could add a mustard scarf to really go bold! Or layer up with a moto jacket and jeans! Or if you are looking a workwear outfit – grab a pair of white dress pants with a burgundy leather moto jacket…so cute!

One last item that I loved was a watch and bracelet set. The set that I have on is on sale for $31.50 with CODE – FALLREADY for a 25% coupon off your order! See all sets HERE. I chose a rose gold watch that has colorful beads and gold bangles. I loved the tassel attached to one of the cuffs – if you have trouble putting a “stack” together, then this is a perfect solution! See my set below HERE.

Ok girls, I am off to run errands, then lunch with Barry. Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a wonderful Monday! what are you ladies up to?

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  • Amy Christensen

    Beverly, these are some wonderful pieces and will be great for fall. I love the yellow cardigan and the rust colored pants. Those are two of my favorite fall colors. I’m glad you were safe from Dorian and that you are feeling better. I have numerous friends who suffer with vertigo and it is no fun!! Glad you got to get out and do some shopping! Have a great day. – Amy

  • Rhonda

    Some great ideas. Thank you for featuring some things we can purchase at Belks in Tenn. I enjoy items where I can go browse and try on. I also enjoy Catos items as we have one locally and you can order online pick up in store with no shipping!

    • Beverly

      I love those 2 stores!! It is nice to see what they will look like on, because things look so different on the rack lol!! Thanks for your comment and hope you have a great day!!🤗

  • Kelly Palmer

    So glad to have you back feeling better and safe from the storm!! I like all of the outfits today but my favorite is probably the colored jeans with the v-neck sweater and white quilted vest. I really like New Directions brand clothing a lot. Today my mother-in-law has been dealing with vertigo and at least 4 other people that I know all from different states have had vertigo issues as well. I am wondering if it could be caused by some sort of virus going around? Anyway, so happy to see you are back and feeling much better. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      I loved that outfit too!! Thanks for the well wishes and it’s so funny you said the vertigo might be caused by a virus. I heard the same thing! My brother told me one of his coworkers had it for about a week. I have had coworkers call in for a day with it, but I have never heard of it lasting weeks. It was awful! And my house has seen better days. I’m going to be cleaning some tomorrow to get back on my weekly schedule. I have to stay on a schedule or I find myself wasting my day away. Lol!! Hope you have a great night. Boy I have missed you!!😘😘

  • sandy

    Welcome back! I bet it feels wonderful to be up and about with no dizziness. Hope it’s something that has run its course and behind you. Love this try on session. I think my favorite is the black T with rust pants and white vest. I’m really wanting to get a couple more vest for this Fall/Winter as I like the loos of them and they make a great layering piece. I’m also liking the pink cardigan. I don’t do leggings or I should say leggings don’t compliment me ! Such a pretty watch and bracelet combo too. I know exactly how you feel about needing our house in order and you will feel so much better when you get it looking like you want it. It will happen…you can only do so much in a day.

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!!! I only do leggings with a cardigan or a sweatshirt lol. My bootie doesn’t look like it used to 😂😂 Yes, it’s so good to feel good for more than a day, so now I know for sure things are back right. That outfit was one of my favorite ones!! I love vests and see myself buying quite a few this Fall. Also, leather Moto jackets are popular and bomber jackets. I told Barry today to get ready for me to blow up the credit card….Fall is my jam! 😂😂He said the only jam going on here is the grape kind. I bout died laughing!!! Have a great night and boy have I missed you!!!😘😘

  • sandy

    OMG….silly Barry! And…you need to remind him that you haven’t used the credit card while you were sick so you have some serious “charging” to do !!!!!! I’m sure he’s just teasing and loves everything you keep. I know this will show my age but I’m not even sure what a bomber jacket is…LOL. (I’ll google it) And…I forgot to tell you that if you hadn’t said you cut your hair, I wouldn’t have noticed. The curls you put in it help to hide the length of it I think. Either way…it looks cute and bouncy. Missed you too girl !!!

    • Beverly

      He was playing!! That man is Comedy Central!! I cut 3 inches off and it’s a slight angled bob. My hair grows so fast, it will be long again by November. I need a change up every now and then lol. I am showing a lightweight bomber jacket tomorrow ( I love it, but Raegan has said she wants it). I’m going to show it like a Now & Later post. It’s still warm here during the days but getting a little chilly at night. Oh, Barry did bring me all kinds of Fall creamers today-knowing that’s not FWTFL!! You know I’m going to cheat and use it lol! See you on the blog tomorrow and YES—I’m shopping like crazy. I just placed a few orders tonight. Woohoo 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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