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Good Friday morning! Sorry this post is going out so late, I’m not going to lie…I slept in! Yesterday was a very busy day and we ended up putting the furniture together which was a huge undertaking for us. Within five minutes of unboxing and screwing legs in, I was sweating like I had just ran a marathon HA! Instead of the company delivering it and putting it together, Barry opted to go pick it up and save him that huge fee. Well, let me just say…it was a JOB putting together chairs, tables and benches. Lordy!

I wanted to share a few outfits that I am wearing now and will be great for transitioning into the Fall. I have worn these on cooler days, but here lately it has gotten back up into the 90’s and the shorts and tee’s have been my daily wardrobe.

I wore this outfit this week while running a few errands and one of my stops was Lowe’s to pick out a sink, since I picked out the wrong size the other day. I walked past two men that were on the faucet aisle and never even noticed them. When I was walking out of the store I saw my brother at the checkout. Low and behold it was HIM that I passed right by LOL! I didn’t feel so bad when he said he was looking at me from behind and wasn’t sure if I was his sister. I think him and I need to spend a little more time together LOL! He lives a bit further from me than my oldest brother, but he was my “go to” bro growing up since there is only 2 years difference in our age. I still cannot believe we both were on the same aisle and I totally missed him. I was on a mission for sure ! LOL!!

Cardigan (similar) // Camisole // Striped Pants (similar) // Kitten Heels // Necklace // Cross

I have gotten so much wear out of these pull-on black and white striped pants from Cato this Summer and they are thick enough to be worn all year round. They will be perfect with booties in the cooler seasons! I also got the red cardigan from Cato and love that it has some spandex in it for comfort. This is a great workwear outfit or when you need to “wear something other than jeans” occasion. Here are similar pants that I love also!

Boho Blouse // YMI Jeans // Booties //

This boho top has been one of the most popular blouses on the blog this year. It can be worn off the shoulder or you can wear it on the shoulders – the cut is perfect for both! I paired this with a pair of YMI Jeans with ragged hem and the MVE Open Toe Booties in gray from Amazon.

Crown and Ivy Blouse // YMI Jeans // Booties

I want to make sure you girls notice this huge open space behind me, because it is no longer open! Our new table is there now and my “office” got moved to a corner of the room. We decided it was better to get the table than to section off the room for my office. Since we don’t have our kitchen table anymore we had to have somewhere to sit down as a family. That was HUGE on my list, I wanted to make sure we are having family meals together, especially since Brooklyn is here half the time now. She needs to have these memories with grandma and paw paw!

This is a Crown and Ivy peasant top in a gorgeous green and I LOVE it! It is very good material and washes and dries perfectly. I have worn this with jeans, short, and even tucked it in with a skirt and it always looks fresh and crisp. I am wearing YMI ragged hem white jeans with a pair of brown MVE Open Toe booties. I bought my booties about a year and a half ago and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of them. I wear them all year round and they are perfect with dress pants, jeans, and even skirts).

Which outfit do you like best? Are you girls ready for Fall as much as I am? Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Hello and Happy Friyay!!! I have today off and finally was able to take the time to catch up on reading my emails. Even though I have not had much time to comment like I usually do I still have been following along. I pinned yesterday’s recipe and will try it out on the grands the next time that we are together 🙂 My favorite of today’s outfits is the one with the Crown and Ivy Peasant Top. I love the color of the top! Today my oldest grandchild, Hannah is 13 years old! I can’t believe that I am Memaw to a teenager!! I have another grand daughter turning 13 later this month on the 29th. It feels as though the grands are growing faster than my children did. Tonight is a downtown outdoor concert that I informed Troy that he is taking me to as a date night. I love music and I absolutely love to dance! He is not a dancer so I am sure that he is thrilled 😉 I hope that you are enjoying your new furniture and I can’t wait to see pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! These grandkids do grow faster than our own!! Brooklyn is shooting right up! Congrats on your date night!! I love dancing too but Barry is very shy. Well, he rocks back and forth pretty good lol!! It’s been a busy Summer for all of us!! I’m still catching up ha!! Let me know how your date night went!! ❤️

  • Amy Christensen

    Cute outfits. I know what you mean about the heat. We are supposed to be back in the high 80’s and 90’s this weekend and into next week, just when my grandson has to go back to school! I love that turquoise top…so pretty! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you can relax from all that furniture building! Ha. – Amy

    • Beverly

      Hey Amy!! Gosh I’ve missed seeing you in IG!! I’ve hardly been on there lately! Yeah, the heat is horrible and I’m soooo ready for cooler days and nights!! Happy weekend!!

  • sandy

    Well I’m finally getting here a day late. Our sweet corn was ready in the field yesterday so I had to freeze corn yesterday and got 18 bags put away. I love having that in the winter and I usually always ad a package anytime I make a soup because it ads so much flavor. So..we will be eating corn on the cob for a couple of days. By the time I got that mess cleaned up I did get a couple Fall decorations put up outside but now need to get my inside ones up. This is the only season I really enjoy decorating for. I again don’t have a favorite outfit as they all look cute on you. Does it show my age that I wonder why they don’t make blouses with collars anymore…LOL I like collared blouses on “me” better and everything is so open so maybe that’s another reason I’m ready to transition to Fall clothes…new necklines! Cant wait to see your new furniture and it is a lot of work when you have to put it together. I remember our kitchen stools coming in pieces and then I had to stain them all, sand and stain again and then still put them together. Never again!!!

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