Camo Shorts Paired With a Long Cardigan

Happy Monday! I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend and today is off to a great start. Monday’s are for the birds! We had a great time this weekend other than car issues. Chase was first with some type of computer problems on his truck, then Sunday it was my turn. I barely have 30K miles on my Jeep Wrangler and my ABS and Traction lights came on when Raegan and I were coming back from Target. I guess both cars may be in the shops…Sighhhhh! Why do things like this happen all at once?

Raegan and I took a “Mom and Daughter Day” and made a Target run. We had such a good time together and found some cute outfits for the blog and our upcoming beach trip. Barry and I rushed last night to get some pictures even though it wasn’t the “golden hour” LOL!! I am NOT in full makeup nor hair HAHA!!

One item that I really liked was these Camo Shorts. Just so you know how awesome these shorts are, they have a 5 Star Rating online!

These are Mid-Rise with a drawstring and pockets!! The inseam says 2.5, but they feel like they are around 3-4 inches. That was the first thing I noticed when I tried these on. I am wearing a medium, but I think I could have worn a small, so there is room to be comfortable! They are only $19.99 and did I say they had pockets?? See the shorts HERE, they are selling quickly!!

I decided to style it with a Ribbed Knit Button Front Cardigan by Time and Tru from Walmart! These are super comfortable and it’s a good length for shorts, skirts or pants. The cardigan is only $16, you can see it HERE online. I did notice that they do not have the heather grey in stock online, but they have other colors available.

Can we take a moment and talk about these Steve Madden Jewel Sandals? I bought these when we were at the beach in May and I have worn these A LOT since then. They are the best sandals for running around or to dress a pair of jeans or cropped pants up. These come in a pretty cognac and a gold color also. These have been some of the most popular sandals on the blog this Spring and Summer also! See the Jewel sandals HERE.

In all the rush to get some pictures, I forgot to take the cardigan off! So I snapped this up really quick, I also threw on my Rampage Thong Sandals for around the house. It’s a cute, relaxed summer outfit! Check out those sandals HERE. I have added similar items to the STP below for the outfit.

Outfit Details: // Blouse // Cardigan // Shorts // Steve Madden // Rampage Thongs // Bracelet // Handbag

This bracelet caught my eye as soon as we were rounding the corner to the jewelry department. It’s a black simulated leather with gold accent bracelet. It has a magnetic closure and it looks so cute with the camo! I can see me wearing this for workwear also, wear it with a white button-down shirt with some cute ankle pants and booties…I can’t wait till Fall! Or you can wear it with jeans and a graphic tee with a blazer…so cute! See the bracelet HERE.

OK girls, Barry and I are off to find some new furniture for our family room. I hope we are able to agree on something HA! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope your Monday is fantastic!! Check out the deal from Rodan and Fields below, they went all out on this one!!

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  • sandy

    Good morning! First…I think your hair looks adorable in these photos. You really do look good in camo. Since I have worn shorts such few times this summer I haven’t tried the longer cardigan look with them but I really do like it. Fall is my favorite season so I do enjoy watching to see what the Fall fashions are. I have an hair appt. this morning so will stop by Walmart and check out the cardigan. Such a great price on it. I bet you are so happy with your decision to stay in the house you were in and spend that money on remodeling it to update and make the changes you wanted. Just curious…does Reagan like to model new outfits she finds or do you ever double up on buying the same thing because she likes what you put together?!! It has to be fun to have a daughter to shop with. With two sons, I never had that.

    • Beverly

      I love the cardigan and you’re right, it’s s great buy!!! Raegan has modeled some clothes for the Boutique I used to work at, she hasn’t shown interest in modeling with me. That’s a good idea though. She’s so cute and petite! She does get to be a “ princess” on Sundays for her job. On that day she pierces ears for little girls lol. She says that was her jam! She loves kids and now she may want to go to Disney and be a Bella lol!!

      • sandy

        I picked up that cardigan today at Walmart but I got the “teal” color as it gave me a little more color then the gray did! And it looked good with the shirt I had on…LOL I picked up a blouse there and a pair of capris that were on the clearance rack. Oh I hope Regan says yes to doing a photo shoot with you. That will be so cute! She just may go and work at Disney as it sounds like it would be a right fit for her. Bet her and Brooklyn have a lot of fun!

        • Beverly

          I’m so glad you got one!! That teal was gorgeous!!! Raegan moves in small baby steps so we will see how she feels in a few months lol. And yes, Brooklyn lives spending time with Rae Rae lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! You look adorable in the pictures as usual 🙂 I love a sweater and really love this cardigan. I too am already looking forward to Fall not only for the fashion but for the cooler weather and it is my favorite season. After reading Sandy’s comment I was wondering if Reagan would ever be up for a mother-daughter photo shoot? I hope things go well with the furniture shopping. I am still on a roller coaster of emotions as my aunt just called and said that they have taken my uncle off from everything so it is just a matter of time before he passes. The doctor said that it could happen sometime today or up to a week. I pray that the Lord would take him quickly so that he doesn’t continue to suffer. I will be working today 3-10 then up super early tomorrow to work 8-3 but then the girls and grand kids arrive tomorrow afternoon and I cannot wait for those hugs and they are so desperately needed right now!! Have a fantastic day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that about your uncle!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! I will ask Raegan to take some pics with me. I’d love to incorporate her in the blog. She applies makeup better than me, and I went to school for it lol. I would love to get her and Brooklyn in pictures when we go on vacation-that’s a new goal for me!! As far as furniture shopping, Barry’s taste and mine are very different!! This will be a struggle ha!!!! I’m excited though, I can’t wait to get the countertops put in. I think I have decided to keep my cabinets, but the flooring must have a mixture of grays and browns. I found some that I really liked so maybe all that will start soon. I was sitting here thinking how the devil had hit us lately, the tub leaking (uggg) 2 cars messing up with the electronics-we are down to 1 car and a golf cart 😂😂. Chase has to be at with at 6 am, Raegan’s schedule is crazy like yours. She has got to go get her license and we have GOT to get her a car. I’m a pure taxi company now😂😂 Could be worse though. At least they have jobs!! And thank God I don’t have to go to a regular job-I can always grab my mom for pictures. I told Barry about a month ago I was getting the urge to work again and he said I was crazy. Running this house was work enough-I think he’s right 😜. Prayers for you my beautiful friend and hugs!!🤗

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