Update: Getting Fit at 50 – What I’m Doing & New Results!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to post about something that is one of the most important things in our lives as we age, keeping our bodies fit and being healthy. As we get older we tend to start evaluating our health and lifestyle a little more than we did in our younger days! I certainly did!

When I was younger I was more active, I was running around keeping up with kids, my schedule was jammed packed, and my metabolism seemed to be pumping harder and burning much better than it was at 45. So if you are 50 or older you can relate to this and if you are younger, this is something you may want to start addressing now.

When I was 40, I was still very active, I was running at least 3 times a week and I felt like I was 20. At that time I was working 8-5 and working the gym into my schedule or some time at the park for a jog was no problem at all. What changed for me was at the age of 45. I took a job where I was traveling 80% of the time and I was sedentary most of the day. I took up bad eating habits and it wasn’t long before it started showing. I gained about 30 lbs. in a year and slowly I was losing muscle mass from sitting so much during the day.

I quickly jumped from a size 4/6 to a size 12 and it seemed almost impossible to lose those extra pounds. I had lost my routine of working out and I had lost the want or desire to exercise. By age 48 I was back home and decided I needed to think about me, my health and getting fit had to be a priority. Putting me first…had to be a priority!

I lost a few pounds by cutting my food intake and walking or going to the gym a few times a week, but nothing actually helped me get the added pounds and fat off until I started FASTer Way To Fat Loss. I’ve told this story before, I was hesitant…very hesitant!! I did NOT want to spend any money on something that may not work. I did not want to waste money on something I may not follow through on. I just didn’t want to spend any money LOL! My thoughts were I could cut back on what I ate and I could drop some pounds on the scale and I would be happy. The problem was, I was almost 50 and skipping a few meals was not working for me like it did in my 20’s and 30’s!

After seeing more and more blogger friends have success on this new “plan”, I decided to take the plunge and join. Putting in my credit card number as I was paying for this program was not easy for me ladies…I don’t like spending unless it’s something tangible that I can see or hold. After signing up, my thoughts were, would I follow through? Could I work this program and learn it? Did I have enough determination to actually do it?

My first week was learning the program, I watched their live videos, I read all the materials and I was committing myself 100%! The following Monday we started as a group, we have accountability groups on Facebook and I had my own personal coach to help me along the way. The first few days I thought I was a total failure! I kept on though, I read the posts, the comments in my group and by my second week I was catching a good groove. By the 3rd week, I had this baby nailed! I could do it!

Around this time is when I noticed my stomach was MUCH flatter and I was losing inches! I was eating more food than I ever have in my life each day and I was losing fat! How does that work? This program taught me that I was eating the wrong foods and I was consuming too much of foods that were hurting my body. I eat foods that I like, I eat all the fruits that I like, meats that I like and vegetables that I like. I don’t eat sprouts of green, or “healthy” yucky food…I eat things I liked and because of this, it was easier for me to maintain and work the program.

Size 12 in Dress and Size 8 in pants

I needed more protein and fewer fats, I needed more carbs and fewer fats…yes, you heard me right…I eat CARBS! And a lot of them!! This program teaches you how to cycle your carb intake and you fast during certain hours of the day. This was the easiest thing for me! Have I stuck to it 100% of the time…Ummm, NO! I have messed up, I have gotten off course, but that was ok! I started back up the next day and shook off my failures and kept going.

My husband saw the progress I was making and decided to give it a go. When he started this program and I was telling him how many carbs he needed to eat daily, he was convinced I was trying to get him fat HA! He, like me, could not conceive the thought that eating food could make you lose weight. This was totally against everything we had heard and learned throughout our lives. But guess what…he dropped from a size 38 waist to a size 34 and he is 60 years old! Yes, any age and any gender can do this!

My mother, who is 78, was struggling with her weight and had been for a long time. She decided to give it a try, only for nutritional purposes. She is not very active but needed to lose weight and she was having a very hard time. She has now dropped 30 lbs and about 38 inches in fat! With no exercise ladies! It doesn’t matter what your activity level is and it doesn’t matter your age or gender…this works! I thought I could get her to do a video, but she has come down with a cold and not feeling well. I did snap this picture of her this week when she was over at our house talking with Barry. This was a photo I screenshot from my Instastories.

If you have a lot of weight to lose or that pesky last 10 lbs, this is a program that can and will work for you. This program has taught me simple and easy exercises that are helping me build my muscle back up and how to eat! At 50, it is so important to keep myself moving, flexible and healthy so I can enjoy these latter years of my life. I don’t want to ache and hurt each morning, I want to have more energy, I don’t want to be on a lot of medication and I want to be able to live and enjoy my life.

I am joining my sister-in-law Monday on this round, so I will be doing this with all of you that decide to sign up. It honestly is the best thing I ever did for myself. And my family…if it weren’t for me stepping out and making the decision to commit, my family would still be having weight issues.

If you are struggling, I urge you to give this program a try. It is not hard to learn and trust me, once you learn it…it is EASY! You are held accountable, you are helped one on one if needed, you are taught things that will change your life! I love sharing this program because I know it is going to work for you. I know you will see changes, I know your clothes will start getting baggy, I know your stomach will start feeling smaller. You will lose that little belly, the mommy pooch, and you will start seeing yourself as the image you have locked up inside your head!

Living this lifestyle has totally changed my life, I am now burning fat daily! I have more energy, I’m eating foods I like, I have a support group, I can envision a goal and I know I can reach it. I can crush those goals and I can do it easily!!

If I can do it, my 78-year-old mom can do it, and my husband can do it and so many others do it and be successful…YOU can too! Join us next Monday for our next round of FASTer Way To Fat Loss and start your healthy lifestyle and your slimmer life! Trust me, you won’t regret it…it’s by far the BEST thing I have ever done! I’m so glad I took the plunge and put my health first! I can’t wait to see where I end up now that I am working out more and building muscle. I know it is a work in progress, but you know what? I’m doing it one day at a time and I’m doing it for me! I’m doing it for my kids and my grandchild. I’m doing it because I want a great life 10-20 years from now! How about you?

Sign Up HERE to Join Me Monday, November 11th!!!

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  • sandy

    Beverly every doubt you mentioned above is where I am about not taking the plunge and signing up. The biggest one is paying for it and not following through as that’s what always happens when I try something new. I do worry that even though I am at a point of needing to “maintain” my weight and not loose weight, I want to loose my mid-section inches. So can you loose inches and not loose weight? And..can you please give an example of what you eat for your meals for a day. Do I understand it that since you don’t eat your first meal until 11:00 or after, do you only eat two meals a day? You are so right in how hard it is to say yes to commit to this program because for me it is the cost.

    • Beverly

      Ok, yes-you will lose that mid-section, in fact that’s where I lost first!! They teach you how to maintain also, it’s VERY easy. And trust me, if you pay for it, you will be like me…I was NOT giving my money away. I learned it in a few days and I was ready. In 2-3 weeks I had a really good rhythm. I’m going to list tomorrow an average day for me with high carbs and a recipe I use for low carb days tomorrow. Sandy, you will be glad you did it…plus, I’m here to help. I would not tell one of my besties wrong!!

      I will try and answer all the questions I got today. Snacks, drinks, eating out, etc. I think this needs 2 posts lol

      • sandy

        Well good to know I’m not the only one with questions and “on the fence” ….LOL. I think the counting the macros ect. is the part that scares me and how to learn the right carbs, proteins fats ect. I don’t comprehend as good as I did in my younger days ~~~ sigh

  • Kristy

    Thank you for the thorough review…very helpful and informative. I’d love to give this program a try but am hesitant because my husband and I are very social and eat out a lot with family and friends. How easy is this program to use and implement in that situation? I am willing to sacrifice some but don’t want my social life to come to a sudden hault.

    • Beverly

      Oh Kristy!! We eat out about 4 times a week and it’s no problem at all!! My husband picked his 8 hours to eat ( you fast 16 and it’s not hard) from 1-9. I picked mine from 2-10 because I’m up later and I like to snack at night lol. We dint stay out late, but we have never had an issue when eating out. You’re going to eat a lot of carbs. You will need to watch your fats. So you will make healthier choices when eating out. I eat steak and baked potato all the time. I eat good on this diet lol

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