A $10 Eyeshadow Palette You Need

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing, we had a great time with Brooklyn. If you read the blog yesterday you read where I had an interesting Saturday LOL! That child never ceases to amaze me! When I told her dad about the necklace and what was said, all he could do was laugh! I didn’t laugh with him…well, after a minute or two I did LOL!

I was talking with Kelly, most of you ladies know her from the blog, about Elf products this weekend. I was telling her how I didn’t care for the Elf brushes, but that’s what Raegan buys when she runs to Walmart or Target. Let me step back, I did like them a lot until I bought professional makeup brushes – then I changed my mind on what type brushes I wanted. As for the makeup – let’s take a look!

All eye makeup is Elf products // Brows – Limelife Strike Rich Brow Gel // Lips – LL Enduring Lip Color in Wedding Cake // Perfect Bronzer Shade 1 // Foundation – LL Shade- Olive 3 //

It’s not often that a drugstore product will stop me dead in my tracks, but I was walking past the ELF cosmetics section in Target and saw a palette that looked very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It was a bit bigger, but the color selection looked perfect. Perfect folks…almost exact!

And the thing about eyeshadow palettes is that it can be hard to find the right tone or range of colors to make the entire palette worth the cost. So Im looking all the time for a good deal. Especially if I have a coupon or I can get some type of reward for my purchase.

Most recently, I’ve been loving the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette (it’s absolutely beautiful with great shade options), but if you are looking for something on a budget, don’t pass up on this ELF cosmetics one!

I bought the Smoky palette and Need It Nude. I used my all-time favorite eyeshadow primer, MAC’s Paintpot in Soft Ochre, but I plan to try it with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion soon too. The shadows aren’t quite as buttery and soft as the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette shadows, but they are pigmented and go on really nicely. I was curious if they were going to blend well and they did!

I normally only use 1-3 colors and blend them in for my every day look. I like to keep things normal and subtle. I did use the darker brown as my eyeliner on my lower eyelid to make my eye pop. Is it too much?? See pic above.

The Need It Nude palette is all matte, while the Smoky palette has a few shimmer options. I wish there were some shimmer options in the nude palette, but they are really pretty similar in shade range, with the Need It Nude being a bit warmer.

What are your thoughts on Elf Cosmetics? I have a love/hate relationship with the line. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!!

You girls have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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    • Beverly

      I’m sorry, Kelly is a follower that comments regularly. A lot of the girls know her on the blog. I should have said that. I’m so sorry for the confusion. ❤️

  • sandy

    How ironic that I just received an Elf lipstick in the mail on Saturday. A friend had gotten hers from Ulta but she found me a link from Amazon so I just ordered it from there. It is called Gotta Glow Lip Tint ‘Perfect Berry’. I know if a lip shade looks good on one person it doesn’t mean it looks good on another person but we have both had our “colours” done and we are the same season so thought I’d take a chance. Since I just opened it this morning, I don’t know how I will like it on me yet but I was looking for something more casual and not so bold just to run to town to run an errand so we will see if this is it or not. Otherwise, I guess I don’t have Elf makeup but I do like that smokey pallet as smokey colors are the shade I’m suppose to wear for my eyes. Have fun with Reagan today. It is laundry and bookwork for me.

    • Beverly

      Let me know about that lipstick!! I had a few readers asking me to do a post on drugstore makeup and I’d like to try it. Isn’t it crazy that the pigment in our skin is what determines what shade the lip color will be? I made a boo boo, Raegan is working so it will be me and Brooklyn today lol. It will still be fun. You know she’s a hoot!! A hate laundry!! Well, I dint mind washing and drying-I dislike folding and putting it up lol!! Have s great day Sandy!!! I know you have to be tired after your weekend!!

  • sandy

    Oh goodness…then I meant to ask you…what is your opinion of women over 60 wearing eye liner? I guess I feel like if I don’t put it on, my eyes don’t pop as much and I just use the brown in my eye shadow as eye liner. Is it aging me more and I should not be wearing it over age 60?

  • sandy

    Just got back from an outdoor walk so going to have another cup of coffee with you. Thank you for the link to makeup as we age as that was before I started following you 😉 I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up a couple hints in it that will be helpful. And yes…I didn’t realize how big of a difference made with peoples skin tones until I splurged and had my color analysis done in February. I knew I never liked yellow or olive on me and now it makes since as I could see a difference when she held up those warm colors next to my cool skin color tone. Black isn’t in my color pallet either but…I like it on me and still wear it once in awhile since I’m trying not to let my color wallet define me too much if I like a color that’s not in it. I will let you know how I like the berry lipstick and have a fun time with Brooklyn 🙂

      • Johnna

        I keep thinking of comments to add. I had my colors done once many years ago. It was based on the seasons. Certain colors represented each season and you held the colors up to your face and could see how it looked with your skin tone. I’m technically a Fall – warmer tones likes, orange, olive, yellows browns and some reds. They do look best against my skin but I have to have me some pink and blue in there too. It’s not set in stone but does help guide you to color palettes that look best on you. Sandy’s comments reminded me of this.

        • Beverly

          I need to do this!! I can see where those colors look good on you. You have a great skin tone. Reminds me of my husband. He’s got great color!

      • sandy

        Beverly I went to a gal an hour from me who is with House of Colour! Johnna you are so right in the fact that it does help guide you in what to wear BUT…I am finding too that I “think” I have to stick with those colors…which for me I am a “cool summer” so my colors are smokey and soft and more pastel. However, I love the “Autumn” colors but now I think IF I wear them, I know they won’t look as good against my skin tones but really…who would really know that unless they know I’ve had my colors done and that I’m wearing a color not as flattering on me…LOL So Beverly…I’m not sure this is something that you would want to do since you blog about fashions, I wouldn’t want you to feel limited in the colors that you wear because you have gals of “every season” that follow you so it gives all of us ideas on styles and colors and we can always follow your links to see the other colors that are available. Or…maybe you wouldn’t feel as pressured to wear “your colours”. I think I put that pressure on myself only because my friend who suggested I do it is following it to a tee and I need to know that it’s ok if I don’t.

        • Beverly

          That is true!! I typically like all colors, but I find myself leaning towards certain brighter colors, then neutrals, then pastels-I seem to pick a shade depending on my mood lol.

  • Susan Stancliff

    I too have a love hate relationship with Elf. I love their makeup brush cleaner and I also use the highlighter and bronzer. Eyeshade is kind of ehhh. It tends to dry out in the case and make it harder to use. I will definitely try out the nude shades. And no your eyeliner looks fine. You are still young enough to wear anything. Use old ladies are the ones who have the problems.

    • Beverly

      Awe! Thanks Susan!! I am winging towards less eye makeup as I get older, especially with an every day look. I have not tried the makeup and brush cleaner so I’m going to pick some of that up. You girls seem to like that a lot. Thanks for the comment!!

  • Johnna

    Your makeup posts have been a big help to me. I don’t have a very good hand when applying eyeshadow or liner so I usually just stick to very basic colors and uses. You, on the other hand, are skilled at applying makeup much more than I am. I suppose it takes practice and I haven’t really done that. I think I’ll start trying it more. I discovered Tarte at Ulta and bought a nice neutral palette they offered with 10 different colors. I won’t need another for a long time. Thanks for the tips. Have a good Monday.

    • Beverly

      I love Tarte products!! It does take some practice. Raegan is much better at it than I dm lol. I keep telling her she should do it professionally. Have a great day!!

  • Johnna

    One more thought. I like It Cosmetics and their brushes. I bought their brush cleaner and it is so easy to use and gets the job done! Spray on your brush, let it sit for few minutes then wipe off with a soft towel or I use a Kleenex. I gently rub brush around the tissue until the products are gone then air dry. Just a little tip from me.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good afternoon! I am still not able to access the blog through my email 😕 I don’t mind reading it on my phone but it is so much easier to write a comment on my computer versus my computer and you know how much I like to comment! Anyway, I loved your post about Brooklyn and her latest antics. It made me laugh out loud about her feeding your necklace to the pup and making you wait until it pooped it out! 😂 I thought you handled it so well though. I too have found myself using more patience with my grandchildren than I did with my kids. Maybe it is age or maybe it is like one of my daughters said, that I just like them more lol! I also got a laugh from Rhonda’s comment today asking about a link to me. I thought, am I the missing link lol! When Troy and I went to Ulta on Saturday I picked up an Ulta brush for my powder foundation and I am not so sure that I like it. I may like the Elf brush better. I have never been one to wear makeup at all and started wearing it about 2 years ago when I began working in retail. I am still getting used to wearing the basics and haven’t ventured into wearing anything on my eyes but mascara. It seems like every time that I try eye shadow or liner I feel like I look like a raccoon. I would absolutely love to see you demonstrate how to apply those things for mature women. I have not tried any Elf product aside from the brush but we get quite a few CVS customers that love it and the lower price point. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon! P.S. I am finally feeling some relief from the breathing issues so thanks so much for your prayers!!

    • Beverly

      I’m so glad you are feeling better!! I was wondering how you were. Yeah, Brooklyn is a mess that’s for sure!! Have you tried clicking the picture in the email? I put the long link on that picture, I was going to ask you to try both today but it’s been so busy with Brooklyn I completely forgot. If I could go without makeup I would!! My mom told me when I was young, if I started wearing it every day I would never go without it. (She didn’t like me wearing it lol) and she was right. When I don’t wear makeup I feel like I look sick. It’s getting better though, since I’m home I wear very little unless we are taking pictures. It’s so hard to find brushes!!! I think I’m going to dig in Raegan’s things and check out what tools she has lol. Let me know about that link!! Happy Monday!!🤗

  • Kelly Palmer

    I tried clicking on the picture and read the post and I am getting the same message for both 😕

    • Beverly

      Dear Lord. When I called my host they said to clear out your caches. Don’t ask me how to do that. I’d have to google it. They said that should work.

  • Kelly Palmer

    I will Google it and try it. You know how challenged I am with electronics etc so say a prayer!

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