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Happy Sunday! I love the weekends and I know I am not alone! It seems I am always cleaning and organizing, I’m kind of thinking that’s because I live with messy people. (Barry, if you’re reading this-this is not about you dear lol). I try to take Sundays and really rest and appreciate the day, how many of you do that? Sorry you girls recieved a “Take 2” email, I put the wrong link in which leads to nothing! If that ever happens again, click the homepage button underneath and it will take you to the post on the homepage. Sorry girls!!

If you follow the blog, you know that we get Brooklyn almost every weekend and we love it! She is fun to have around, she says the funniest things, and honestly, she brightens our weekends. But – there are times she is in full-blown “toddler- typical 4-year old” mode. Saturday was one of those days.

I was in and out of the living area while I was cleaning, she was watching her movies and playing with her toys. I had given her a popsicle and asked her to sit on a little stool while she ate it. I came back down through the living area and she is sitting on the floor at Barry’s recliner and says, “I wrote my name, Grandma!”. I stopped in my tracks because she has been known to draw on my furniture with markers. As I’m looking around to see what in the world she is talking about I notice melted popsicle all over the hardwood floors. I look at her and said, “Brooklyn, did you write your name on Paw Paw’s chair with the popsicle?”. She excitedly yelled, “Yes and I did a good job!” We got that cleaned up and had a little talking about what NOT to do and we moved on with our day.

Later, we were sitting on my bed and I was getting an order together for a customer with JBloom. I had a necklace of mine on the bed next to me so I could reference exactly what she wanted. Brooklyn was sitting beside me with her little puppy toy. We will call her Sally. You can feed Sally a pellet and if you move her tail up and down, Sally will poop the toy pellet. Sally has no batteries because Brooklyn abuses this feature HA!

As I was finishing up the order I reached down to get my necklace and my necklace is gone. I asked Brooklyn if she sees my necklace anywhere and she looks up at me with her big blue eyes and says, “Sally hasn’t pooped it out yet”. In a stunned and dazed state, I say…”What?”

Brooklyn has broken the necklace into a strand and fed it to Sally. One end is sticking out of her mouth and the other end is sticking out of the other end of Sally. Needless to say, I am speechless for the first time in a long time. How can this be? I was only on the laptop for a few minutes, how could she have done that sitting 5 inches from me? I was really upset, so I asked Brooklyn to play with her toys in the other room. After I took a few deep breaths, I walked into the room Brooklyn was in and stooped down to talk with her.

“Brooklyn, did you break Grandma’s necklace and feed it to Sally?”. Brooklyn nods her head looking down. “Brooklyn, did you push the necklace down Sally’s mouth”? Brooklyn is still looking down and says, “Yes, Grandma, but she can poop it out and you can have your necklace back in just a few minutes. She doesn’t have to go right now”. At this point, I am holding back a smile and I tell Brooklyn from now on she is NOT to play with Grandma’s jewelry. She can only play with her play jewelry. Then I held her little face in my hands and tell her it’s ok, we all make mistakes and this was a mistake. She looks up at me and says, “But I need to play with only your jewelry”. Sighhhhhhh…

I got to thinking about her as I was starting to write my Sunday post and it made me think of patience. They say patience is a virtue and boy how true that is. When I was younger with my own children someone may have gotten into some deep trouble doing these things. But as I have gotten older, it still bothers me, but I do not react hastily anymore. I have learned the hard way, how to think before speaking and how to react to things after I have pondered them for a while. Lord Jesus, that is still so hard to do at times!

It made me think about God and just how big he really is. To sit upon a Throne and watch all of us, year after year, do the things we do – and the patience and love He must have. WOW! To be a forgiving and loving God that welcomes us back into his arms just like the father accepting the prodigal son in the Bible. I want to make sure that I practice patience and love daily. In my life at home and out in public. How often do we lose our patience when someone is holding up the line at the grocery store? Or someone pulls out in front of you when you are driving only to speed up to 20 MPH? These are a few things that can really push our buttons sometimes and I am trying to just breathe and realize there is a purpose in everything.

So, in those times you feel like your stress level has passed the point of medical safety – breathe, say a little prayer and remember – God has already given you the tools you need to succeed. He has given you a spirit of power!

Learning to push things out of mind and have patience takes time. It’s smoething we can all keep practiicing daily!

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I hope you girls have a great day and enjoy your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by the blog!!

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  • Johnna

    I so enjoyed this post today. I’ve been thinking how powerful our words and thoughts are and I finally really understand that. It took me a long time but it’s made a huge difference in my life. I’ve had a very hard 3 years (the hardest of my life) but I’m seeing that God has been working on me and changing me for the better. I now understand how to be free in His grace and mercy. I’ve known it in my head for most of my life but when you finally get it in your heart it’s amazing. Years of being afraid to try something new or get out of my comfort zone has kept me from realizing joy and happiness in so many ways. Being released from that is a kind of freedom I can’t explain. But trust me it’s good. Thanks for the post today. God Bless.

    • Beverly

      Awesome comment!! I met you in February and I have seen you blossom in so many ways!! You are a special lady and I’m so glad I met you!! Thank you for the comment, yes-he’s working on me too!! I look at it like this, he’s making me better❤️

  • sandy

    It’s still Sunday so I’m still reading your post after just getting home from being at our kids yesterday and today and helping with the grandkids at our DIL’s sisters wedding and then watching them overnight and til after lunch today so our son and DIL could have some time to themselves to enjoy the wedding and festivities. And goodness…Patience…something that I continually work on and what a GREAT reminder Beverly how God is patient with us and how easy it is for us to loose our patience. We got caught in an hour and 15 min. traffic jam in the city last night as we were taking the kids home to bed at 10:30 at night. Needless to say…patience was hard in bumper to bumper traffic as what should have taken us an hour to drive home took us 2 hours. And…I KNOW I have more patience with my two grandkids then I did with my own kids. Why is that because I loved my kids as much as I love my grandkids? I have to share that I know what a surprise it can be when you turn around and Brooklyn had done those things not thinking a thing about it. We had Caylee (4 yr old) in church with us a couple months ago and Terry and I were standing up and she was sitting on the pew and I thought she was writing in a notebook and we both looked down and here she had just finished writing DOG in the front of our new hymnal and I know we both had a look of shock on our faces. But..seeing how bad she felt when we told her she couldn’t write in the hymnals, I felt so bad and told her that didn’t matter because the next person that looked at that hymnal would know there at least was a child in church and I also praised her for how smart she was knowing how to spell dog! What she did didn’t hurt anybody and I’m trying to be better about having patience and thinking about things before reacting. Hope you’ve had a great Sunday. See you at coffee in the morning. Time for this grandma to go to bed as I’m pooped!

    • Beverly

      I hate traffic jams, I’ve seen my fair share of them when I traveled. Sorry you guys had to go through all that. You are right about patience and being patient! When I read what Caylee did at church I busted out laughing 😆. Kids sure can get into something in a heart beat! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who had their grandchild get into something sitting right there beside them! LOL!! I loved that story!! Good night!!

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