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Hello Thursday and hello ladies! Hope your week has been a good one so far. It has been a busy week for us, it seems like since we went on vacation it has been nonstop with errands! I think after today things should slow down a bit. We still have appointments about the house that burned down today, but after today, I think we are in calmer waters. How has your week been going girls?

After our doctor appointment today, we ran by the outlets to see what was new at a few of our favorite stores and I found some cute new items from The Loft Outlet. They are having a 40% off Sale right now if you want to shop the sale or browse click HERE.

I saw a lot in the teal family (which I love) and a lot of pale coral, stripes, florals and denim. I can see how they are starting to showcase colors that can be transitioned into Fall. I get a “beachy” feel while I was in there – made me want to go back LOL! Right off the bat, I found this teal button-down Cap Sleeve Blouse, it comes in this color and a strawberry slush (light coral) – both are very cute! The come in Sizes XS-XL and are on sale for $29.99. It’s a relaxed fit, shirttail hem and 100% polyester and it hits right at the hips. See the Blouse HERE. See how versatile it is below.

My first picture shows the MOST comfortable Cargo Joggers I have ever worn. I have 2 pair of these already and these grey ones are coming home with me. (Not today, but they are coming to my house soon LOL). Why do I like these pants so much? They have a relaxed waist, they fit perfect and you can wear these with tennis shoes, chunky sandals, flip flops…these are some of the most versatile pants I own. I wear my olive cardo joggers ALL the time and they look so cute with my leopard sandals or the Steve Madden Espadrilles I am currently crushing on! And I’m still crushing on them ladies HAHA!!

The joggers are on sale for $34.99, they come in light grey, olive, and a blue (dark sea blue), I also found a pair of denim joggers while I was at the store, and they are super soft! Check the Denim/Chambray Joggers out HERE. These come in Regular and Petite, Sizes 0 – 16 and they have a 4.5-star rating out of 5. Yep, they are that good ladies! Check out the Cargo Joggers HERE.

I found these Twill 5-inch shorts and thought I would give them a try. They fit a little snug, they may stretch out when wearing them, but I would have bought a size up if I had purchased these. These are only $19.99, come in 8 different colors, in Sizes 0 – 16. Browse the twill shorts HERE.

This skirt!!! Oh my, I love cute skirts and boy this one caught my eye too! I could wear this skirt any day of the week with some flat sandals, or I could dress it up for church, a shower or a backyard get together. Let me say this again…I LOVED this skirt!!! if you have ben looking a very comfortable skirt that you can wear to work or to your kids ball game, this is one of them. Plus it has pockets! I learned to love pockets when my kids were smaller – I learned to love a bigger purse too LOL! The Skirt is only $21.99, Sizes XS-XL. See it HERE.

Special Mention

Loved this White V-Neck Bow T-shirt, it is so cute with the floral skirt. I tried it on with the grey Cargo Joggers, I love a casual outfit and right now all I want to wear is casual. See the white tee HERE.

This Dotted Media Tank is perfect alone or worn underneath a cardigan or blazer. It’s a perfect piece for work or play, not to mention this blouse is another piece that you can use to transition into Fall. I cannot believe I am talking about the Fall, but before we know it the new Fall clothes and trends will be screaming at us in every store we enter! Time really does fly by much faster when you are adulting! I never remember time going by fast when I was a child, it crept like a sloth (my favorite sloth is in Ice Age ha!!) with broken legs!

Here is a better image to show the cute dot detail. See the blouse HERE.

My “looking spree” did not last very long, but I did pick up a few pieces for the blog. Hopefully, I can get Barry to take some pictures tomorrow before he heads back off to work. Thanks for stopping by the blog girls, hope you have a safe and fun day! Who likes the skirt the best???

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  • sandy

    Good morning…I’m hoping I have my computer issue fixed now. Somewhere along the line I missed about your rental house burning so I need to go back and see where I missed that. I NEED to start getting up earlier so that I’m not rushing when I finally do get up. My favorite is that skirt with the teal blouse…LOVE it and it looks so comfy. Do Loft clothes fit to size or do you have to adjust what you usually wear. I am not by a Loft for try on so would have to order. Glad your business is slowing down…for me the next three weeks are going to be busy. I think we may finally get sunshine today but our fields have a long way to go to dry out before we can finish our soybean planting. We have had so much rain this week. Need to keep moving here since my coffee is gone. I hate when I have to rush drink it and not be able to enjoy it..thus the need to get up earlier. Never have been a morning person and not sure I can change at my age??? Have a great day.

  • sandy

    Well…I typed up a comment and it didn’t post so I will try this again. I thought I had my issue fixed but maybe not. I am LOVING that skirt. Does it fit TTS? I just never get to the city that has a Loft in it..should say when I do, I’m with our grandkids and not shopping…LOL I somewhere missed where your rental burned so I NEED to get up earlier to have more “me” time so I’m not rushing around when I’m having my coffee and on the computer. Glad things will slow down for you…my next three weeks are going to be busy so I’m already looking forward to the end of June! We may see sunshine today after four deary days and more rain. We have a long way to go for our field to dry to finish planing our soybeans but hopefully get a few dry days and see what happens. Have a great day

    • Beverly

      A bunch of comments from 5/29 and 5/30 went into the Spam folder for some reason. I found all of your comments and other ladies too! I never have spam for comments HAHA!! Whatever was wrong must have gotten fixed. I stayed on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday asking questions, because not everyone was having problems- just a few. I’m so thankful you girls let me know when something is off!

  • Phyllis McCall

    I really like all these outfits. The skirt might be my favorite. I need to pop over to Loft and check it out. Hope your day is great!

  • Johnna

    Like all the looks today. Not crazy about florals so if skirt came in a solid I’d get it. Like the cut & definitely the pockets. Camo pants are my fave. Have a great day!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Love love love the pretty polka dotted blouse and I just picked up white and khaki skorts at JC Penney this week!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I love the polka dot tank top! I just bought 2 skorts at J C Penney. One is white and one is khaki. I think this top would look especially cute with the white skort.

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