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Hello friends and hello Friday! What a busy week Barry and I have had! I have spent the entire week either organizing the house a little, at the doctor’s office or working from home. We did get out and was able to stop at a few stores, and you probably read that in the blog yesterday. This afternoon we finally settled down and was going out to get some pictures for the blog and run get something to eat. You can’t tell it in the pictures, but it started raining while we were taking them. You never have seen a 50 and a 60-year-old move so fast. HA HA!!

I found this adorable and I mean ADORABLE top at the Loft Outlet Wednesday afternoon and I loved it so much, I had to give it special attention on the blog. This is called the Floral Mosaic Knot Waist Tank and I loved it because it gives you the hourglass shape and it falls perfect.

You can tie the top as loose or as tight as you want it. Years ago I owned a 2-piece pant suit set (in the ’90s) that had a jacket that tied like this and boy I wish I still had it. This top is 40% off this week, so it’s on sale for ONLY $26.99. It comes in Sizes XS-XL and this blouse was designed specifically for Loft Outlet and it is worthy of 5-star reviews. See the blouse HERE.

I wanted to style it with a pair of white jeans, but the heat here is pretty intense so I opted for the 6-inch Madie Short from NY&Company. I love this outfit, it is a perfect outfit for dinner with friends or even a night out with your main squeeze.

Whenever we go out to dinner with another couple, I always have issues with what I am going to wear. I want to look nice, but I also want to look modest. I thought this outfit was perfect, it has a long short and the top is cute, but not revealing. I want to look trendy, but not overdressed for Ruby Tuesday LOL! What are your thoughts ladies?

My purse is a long time staple piece and I refuse to get rid of it! I have had many friends ask me to sell it, but it is a NO GO! I have found some similar ones for you below. I think the cognac purse and sandals were the perfect blend for my accessories.

These have become some of my “go to” sandals, I have fallen in love with everything Steve Madden. I bet Barry is wishing he never walked in the Steve Madden store at the beach now LOL! I found quite a few pairs that I really enjoy wearing and the Kemmy is one of them. I needed a new pair of cognac sandals and these were perfect. The heel is low enough, the fit is great and the look is awesome. These are great with shorts, skirts, jeans or dresses – the perfect sandal for Summer-time! Plus they are only $59.99 and you can use the AfterPay payment method and have your payments split up (4 payments of $15). See the Kemmy’s HERE. These come in 6 different colors including snake print.

I chose not to wear a lot of jewelry today, but I absolutely had to wear the Phoenix Rose Gold Adjustable bracelet. The colors are perfect for the outfit, the picture does not do it justice. It really has a 3D effect when looking at it. The Phoenix is $39.00. I am placing a bulk order and offering everything at JBloom at 20% OFF – if you want in on this deal email me at [email protected]. Orders will be placed at 11 PM tonight 5/31. See the Phoenix HERE. Shop the party HERE.

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Ok ladies, I am out the door headed to the gym, running to the grocery store then I am going to be making lasagna tonight. I am trying gluten free pasta, has anyone tried that and will me kids be able to tell a difference? I hope you have a great day!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I wanted to remind you girls one more thing – below.

I have found that since I have been on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss – gluten has been my enemy! I have had so many issues over the years in the “gastro” section of my body and I now hardly have any issues.

If you have been following along on my weight loss journey, you know I have been doing really good on this lifestyle. My husband saw such a difference in me, he decided to give it a go also. He started 4/29 and wanted to get that stubborn layer of fat off and he is doing GREAT! He started at 203 lbs and is now at 188 lbs, I have no idea about his inches because he refused to measure…sighhhh! A new round is starting on Monday on 6/3!! YAY!!

If you have been looking for a plan that actually works, one where you can eat any food you like, no pills – pure regular food – then this may be something for you. Check out my before and after pics HERE and more of some people that have done FWTFL. Honestly, I have done WW, Nutrisystem, any fad diet you can think of, but this one actually works! We EAT on this plan, in fact, you will probably have a hard time hitting your carb recommendation on some days. It is carb cycling and intermittent fasting, it did not take me long to catch on. This round you get SO much more, it’s now a 8-week plan with meal planning and you get the coaches right there to strategize to help you. I promise you will LOVE it and you WILL see results!! Join NOW!!

Honestly, I can’t NOT share with you girls the best thing I have ever done for myself. You will see – it’s totally worth it and you are going to feel so much better in your own skin! I lost down almost 2 sizes now, so I am a believer and NO – I did not do hard workouts. I walk 20 minutes a few days a week and do a tiny bit of strength training with very light weights.


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  • sandy

    That top is absolutely adorable!!!! I love the color and pattern of it also and white jeans or blue jeans would both look so cute with it. I struggle with what to wear when going out with friends and my biggest issue is how “dressed up” or “very casual” they will be and then I will have on the total opposite. I don’t know why I think we both have to be dressed the same but it does bother me a bit if I have on the total opposite look of the gal we go out with. Can’t tell it is raining at all in your photos so your photographer did a great job! Congrats on doing so well to both you and Barry on the FWTFL. I just know how I start out strong with a program and then by week two I’m back to my old ways again so I admire you for sticking with it and getting such great results. Oh…I have not tried gluten free pasta but boy, they sure do have a lot in the gluten free food isle in the grocery stores now.

    • Beverly

      You would look fabulous in this!! There was another print also-I can’t remember what it was though. The FWTFL has actually been very easy to maintain. The hardest problem has been eating enough lol. We were so used to eating like a bird, the concept of eating more food to fuel your body was mind boggling to us. Both of us still sit back and say—I can’t believe we eat like this and we are losing fat! Ha!! We will see how the gluten free is—I’m scared lol

  • sandy

    Well…I can’t believe it posted so did I get lucky or DID I change something that made this happen. Ugh..technology is a struggle for me. HI TO ALL in the days I have missed.

  • Johnna

    I really like this look. However, since I’m not that tall it seems like shorts with high waist and a tie never look very good on me. I’d opt for a different style for my body type. You rock it though, girl. Perfect outfit for a dinner date with hubby and/or friends. Happy Friday. I’m off to work on my “assignment”. (Wink) and shop at Ulta. I have my list from yesterday’s post ready to go.

    • Beverly

      Oh my!! Let me know how that goes!! I’m heading out to browse and shop tomorrow!! Good luck!! Oh-I took the belt off so I wouldn’t have a bulge at my belly 😂😂 I first had this on with shorter shorts and it looked great too. I had it on last night in our Zoom call. I was so tired and rained on though 😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    Yay it posted!!! As you know there have been some technical issues trying to read the blog and to post a comment. I have a question from the blog about makeup. What makeup brush would you recommend to use with a compact powder foundation? I have an elf brush right now and I am not happy with it. I am using the IT Celebration Foundation. Thanks for your input!

    • Beverly

      Ok, I haves used Elf products and they are not my favorite at all. So funny you asked this, I’m doing a post in brushes and how to clean them soon. I use professional brushes from Limelife, they cost a little more but they will last you 15-20 years! I have 2 brushes that would be very good for that. Let me get the names and I will post it in the comment thread

  • Kelly Palmer

    I was just able to comment on yesterday’s post too and I am so excited! I have not tried gluten free pasta yet but I have had to eat gluten free for years now. What brand of pasta and where did you find it? I know that you ladies are praying women so I would like to ask if you would please pray for me? This week has been super challenging health wise. I went to my doctor Tuesday and I am dealing with some fungal and viral respiratory crud. I have asthma and it has been very difficult. I can really only take homeopathic and naturopathic remedies which work but at first it stirs things up and I feel worse initially. I got someone to cover my shift at work last night but need to work 3-10 Saturday and Sunday. I really appreciate the prayers, thanks!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! I will pray for you!! I have asthma too and getting sick is no joke!! I’m so happy everyone is back on and can comment!! I missed my girls!!!

    • Beverly

      I am wearing a a Large in this top but a medium would have fit better. I’m 5’7 and a little broad in the chest area. I’m in the process of losing a few pounds so I’m guessing at sizes for me. I would say it fits TTS because I’ve been wearing mediums here lately. This top has been a very popular item in the blog. It’s very pretty on.

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