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Good morning ladies! I’m on my way out the door for my annual doctor’s visit so I’ve got a quick post about beauty hacks! Every girl should know these…just in case LOL! Hate to be so quick, but I’m running late. Hope you like these beauty hacks – I’ve used every single one of them! If you have any of your own, drop me a comment – I’d love to have some weapons in my arsenal!

So, if you are like me – there always comes a time when you are getting ready and the horrible, OMG – I’ve run out of a product- test of faith comes, how will you manage without your eyeliner? Or blush? Or lipstick??? I’m going to share with you a quick little blog on how to handle these situations that normally happen when we are late for work or the dreaded MONDAY!

  • My blush hack? Well, I did run out of my blush – well actually I think it was ripped off by my teenage daughter. If you have one of those, then I’m sure you know how they LOVE to rummage through mom’s stuff and never put it back…Sighhhh.  OK, so when I ran out I really had to think, Hmmm, should I try lipstick? I’ve seen that beauty hack before. Wasn’t quite sure about that, so I opted for using a pink/coral color eyeshadow, yes, I said eyeshadow LOL! I took my lip brush and ran it across the eyeshadow, tapped the brush to get off excess and Voila! I had blush and it wasn’t going to be sticky nor would it smear during the day. Try that one sometimes ladies….LOVE IT! It’s great even when you want to mix up your look!
  • Speaking of eyeshadows, have you ever considered putting it on your lips for a new lip color? I use a waterproof concealer, of course, I use Limelife by Alcone, (these products really are the best!) over my lips first, then I apply my eyeshadow color with a lip brush. Yes –  it’s a lifesaver and it’s easy…..and you can give it the ombre look by applying just a tad bit of concealer on your lips in the middle!! You can also use bronzer as blush, on your lips and eyes. I used the Bronzer on eyes, cheeks, and lips below.
  • My eyeliner hack is a pretty common thing now, use eyeshadow as your eyeliner! Yes, this is becoming quite common, but make sure you are dipping your brush into a setting spray so it locks it in and never smudges!
  • Mascara? Did you know if you heat it up it will go on much better? We are all girls here, so I will tell ya – yep, I’ve put it in my bra while I was getting to ready to warm it up with my body temperature. Does it work? Heck yeah! One more thing, if your mascara is drying up or clogging, add a few drops of saline solution or Visine. Shake it up a bit and it will make your mascara moist and just as fresh as the day you bought it!
  • Have you heard about Eye Primer? Yeah, it’s that expensive stuff you buy from big retailers. Don’t get caught in the saga of losing your money! We all have concealer – SO USE it! I put concealer on my eyelids every day and it always stays on and it NEVER smudges!! Heck yeah! I never started using this as an eye primer until last summer! I learned that when I went through Makeup Artistry School!

Ladies, I hope you girls have a great day today! Thanks for stopping by the blog – it makes my day to talk to you girls daily! OK, I’m really off to the doctor know – YUK! I know they are taking blood and I cannot stand needles! Sighhhh, see you tomorrow on the blog! xoxo

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  • sandy

    I’m running behind here to this morning as I’m getting ready to head to the city for a hair appointment and some shopping and to take my niece to lunch but had to have my coffee with you first plus we got snow last night so I want to make sure the highways are clear before heading out. These tips are very creative and I’m definitely going to try the mascara tip as it takes forever to go on as it’s so stiff so I can see where warming it up would make it go on so much faster. Have not tried the eye shadow for lipstick either! Who would have thought! Hope you have something fun planned for after your appointment. You need something to look forward to after an annual visit. 🙂

    • Beverly

      Snow?? Holy Smokes!!! You guys keep getting pounded!! Yeah, the yearly appointment is for the birds 🤣. Have fun today and be safe!!!!

  • Sharon

    Thanks for all your tips. I’m sure I will be using them. Could you tell us what kind of concealer you use ? I’m having trouble finding one that I like. Thanks.

    • Beverly

      I like Shape Tape by Tarte, but make sure you use eye cream because it dries out and shows lines. The other one is the Limelife by Alcone Waterproof Concealer. I use that one the most-a link to it is the the menu under Shop Products. Those 2 are my favorites!!! Thanks Sharon!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Thanks for the tips! I especially like the tip about warming up the mascara and adding saline solution to it. Everyone will be able to tell your followers from others now cause we will be the ones with the lumpy breasts since we will have our tubes of mascara in our bras 😉 Hope your checkup went well!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Ha ha ha!!! I forgot that I had written that and wondered that day why the comment didn’t show up! Lol

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