Style a White Denim Jacket & Brighten Up Your Look

Happy Monday ladies! I hope your day has started off to be a great one and it continues through the week. It’s nice to be back home and back in the saddle again. If you are away from home any amount of time then you know, there is nothing like getting back in your own bed. Pure heaven!

And it made it all the better coming home when I walked in the door and Brooklyn yells out, Grandma! Then proceeds to hug on me for a lengthy amount of time – I ate up every bit of it HAHA!! She managed to squeeze in the bed and watch TV with me and her Pa-Pa and she ate every bit of that up!

Last week I did a post called A Week In Review and mentioned getting a Lee Riders White Denim Jacket. While I was in Atlanta it came in and I loved it so much I had to put it in the blog today. This is truly one of th best items a girl can have in her closet for Spring! It has stretch to it, which is wonderful! You can wear it and move around without feeling constricted. I got mine from Amazon, it was $27.96 and I got a Large in it. I fluctuate between a Medium and a Large, but mainly get all my jackets and cardigans in a Large so I have room if I wear a shirt underneath. I cannot stand feeling like I can’t stretch my arms out. Get the jacket HERE.

I like that I can wear this with nearly anything and I’m a casual dresser most of the time, so this is perfect for me when I want to look “put together”. I still want to be casual, but look like I took time out to put an outfit together. You will see me wearing jackets and summer blazers a lot. These are the best accessory items, in my opinion, to take an outfit from “just an outfit” to “WOW- that’s a cute outfit”.

I chose to pair it with a chiffon black double layered camisole made by Sunaelia, this one is $19.87 from Amazon. It is a longer camisole which is great- you can tuck it on the front of you can leave it hanging out with your jacket. Both looks are super cute and popular right now. These come in sizes S-XXL and come in black, navy blue, or white. Get the camisole HERE.

I found some jeans while I was cleaning out my drawers (don’t you love finding clothes you forgot you had!) that I picked up from American Eagle. They are the AE 360 Ne(x)t Level Curvy High-Waisted Jegging, I do not know why they are called curvy, other than they give me a better shape than I normally have HA! These are $48.96, these are ONLINE ONLY and come in a range of sizes and also from Petite to Tall. I like these jeans because the rips and distressed look are all covered underneath so no skin shows. Perfect when you want to be stylish, but not show off skin! Plus these are great for your kids that are in school and can’t wear ripped jeans. Get the jeans HERE. ANd don’t forget – join the Rewards Club and start earning towards your FREE pair!

I chose brown leather strappy sandals, I have styled these before in the blog – they are some of my favorite for Spring and Summer. These are the Nellee Sandal by Rock Candy from DSW, only $34.98. If you want a comfortable leather sandal that can be worn with jeans, cropped pants, shorts, and dresses – this is one for you! It’s a 2-inch blocked heel, it’s not too high of a heel and it comes in black also! Get the sandal HERE.

I chose a blush Nautica handbag that I purchased from Burkes Outlet last year. I have found some alternative handbags below. I am featuring a really cute handbag with a metal round handle that is very popular right now. It’s called the Zsa Zsa Ring Satchel and it’s from Burkes Outlet. More options below.

I wanted to wear a new necklace I just received from JBloom, I couldn’t wait to show you girls!! It’s called the Justine, it’s 15- 18′ and I had the Signature Design personalized on mine. Blessed with an arrow through the words. To get the necklace click HERE.

I also wanted to show the outfit in the Olive Utility Jacket from Cato that was styled in the Must Have Spring Jacket, read it HERE.

These are cute alternatives that can be played around with to make different outfits, with totally different looks. I’m off to work ladies!! Have a blessed and safe day and thanks for stopping by! I will talk to you girls tomorrow and Sandy – I was drinking my coffee while writing this LOL!!

I also wanted to tell you that I have a few Give It A Glow samples by Rodan + Fields I am giving away. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will get up with you and send a sample. It has a sample of Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask, Lip Renewing Serum (one of my faves), and the Intensive Renewing Serum (you’re going to LOVE this one). I have limited quantities so make sure you let me know quickly. For more information, you can check out the website HERE.

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  • sandy

    LOL…I am still sipping and enjoying my coffee Beverly! You are so right, two different looks with just changing one piece of clothing! I liked hearing that you can move in the white jacket. I too do not like feeling restrained when I put on a sweater or jacket and like buying one size up just for that reason. Even though we are at a -5 this morning, sandal weather is hopefully getting closer!!! And…how did you like your new phone while you were in Atlanta? (thank you for the prayers also…sometimes I get to worrying about things and like your post yesterday said..stand still and let God take the wheel…I would be a lot better off). Have a great day girl!

    • Beverly

      Good morning!! Ok the phone—oh my gosh I LOVE this phone!! I got the iPhone XR and the battery life is awesome!! Pictures are clearer and not grainy -I love it!!! The battery life really impressed me because the last time I went to Atlanta my battery kept dying quickly when I was off WiFi. The look was a lot different huh? That white really pops!! You’re welcome about the prayers. I know you would do the same for me. Have a great day!!! 🤗

  • Sharon

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found your blog. I’ve already bought a few things from Catos that you have shown. Love that your suggestions are so cute and affordable. I would love to try your samples from R and F. Thanks.

  • Cheryl

    I too love a white denim jacket! I just wore mine last week and you are right, it really does brighten up your whole look. Thanks for all your great style ideas. Also I would love to try the samples you have.

  • Gloria

    Thank you for styling the white jean jacket as I bought one last spring but didn’t seem to wear it much and wondered if it was still in style. So I will putt it out for this spring. I love the JBloom necklace and may have to get one for my college daughter. She works very hard at school and I’m very proud to say this is her last year. I have ever tried Rodan+fields and desperately need something for under eye bags. I think I get them from a medication I take a night. But I get so overwhelmed when I go to buy eye creams. They are pricey and so many brands to choose from. Id love to sample the products some day but Im in San Antonio and don’t know a rep here?

    • Beverly

      Congrats on your daughter!!!! I know you are so proud of her!! Yes girl-style that jacket lol. I get under eye bags from my allergies and the Bright Eye Complex has helped me a lot. I put that on twice a day and I use the Multi Function Eye Cream twice a day also, but I only apply a small amount on the cheek bone part below my eye and outward to my temple. Send me your address to [email protected] and I will send you this sample pack. It can be overwhelming to choose, but we are the #1 skincare company in North America!! Woot woot lol. Be consistent and you will see results. It takes time to undo aging and those bags. Trust me-I know!! LOL Have a great day Gloria!!!

  • Bonnie

    I so glad that Tania shared your blog, I really enjoy reading it. I would love the intensive serum, or lip serum to try. Been wanting to try a sample. Wish they offered them on the website. So glad your eye is healing. Always hate when something like that happens on the road.

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much!! You’re in luck Bonnie, cause this little packet has all 3 products!! It’s only a one application, but you will definitely tell the products are awesome. I have just a few left so email me your address at [email protected]. Thanks for following the blog!!! Happy Monday 😍

  • Johnna

    Just changing a jacket makes the same clothes look so different. Who’d a thought?! Thanks for that tip. So simple but it never crossed my mind. I’m a slow learner. lol! I’m a shoe freak and I’m lovin that pair. Saw your reply from yesterday and we do have few things in common. I feel like I have a new friend. And I got the Bright Eye cream because I saw pictures of your results and I love it. Highly recommend.

    • Beverly

      Yes, I feel the same way -new friends are always great!!! Plus, when you come on over to R+F we will see each other then!! lol 😆 I thought that would be a great way to show the difference in the outfits!! I’m so glad you girls liked it. The Bright Eye Complex is awesome! I’m out and waiting for mine to get here and I can tell a HUGE difference without it. I have allergies and my eyes swell very easily, this has been a lifesaver!!! Have a great day Johnna!!!

  • Mitzi

    Hi- Beverly I would love samples of R&F. I have heard so much good about it. If I am not to late.. I always read your post on my lunch break at work .
    Love the white jacket and the shoes!
    Happy Monday!

    • Beverly

      Hey Mitzi!! I have one left I think!! You will love the products-it literally is #1 for a reason. Email me at [email protected] and send me your mailing address. I’m sending these out this week so you girls can get them. I am loving the white jacket too! And the shoes are so comfortable!! Have a great day!! See you at lunch tomorrow lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    I love the outfit today and all of the accesories! I got excited when I saw that you were styling a white denim jacket. I have one, or at least I think I do. We moved this past summer and I can’t remember if I donated it because it felt a little too snug or if it is still packed up somewhere. Maybe it is time for me to buy a new and more roomier one? And guess what??? It is the first of the month and we both know what that means…. A new budget and therefore personal money again, yay!! Today I went to DSW to scout out a new pair of shoes since I just recently received a coupon for $20 off a purchase of $49 plus I have $10 credit for donating some shoes there. They are also giving away two free gifts of a backpack and an umbrella and wristlet with the purchase. The coupon is good starting this Thursday so I may have to hunt for these shoes that you wore today 🙂

    • Beverly

      Wow!! I think you will be getting you some new shoes lol. I love my jacket and YES!! New month new budget lol. I’m the same way. Happy Monday!!! Thanks for the compliments on the outfit and accessories-I’m loving it too lol

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