Easy Holiday Updo

If you are like most of us, then you probably have a few parties (or more) to attend this season. One of the biggest things I get asked is about the different updos I do. I actually have a party coming up and I thought I would share a quick and easy updo that anyone can do! If you’re anything like me, picking out the “perfect” outfit can cause enough stress – so let’s look at an updo that is quick and simple, for shoulder length hair and longer!

Most of you know that I am a licensed cosmetologist, but I no longer work behind a chair, well…I work behind the chair in an office in my house now LOL! During the summer months, it gets hot and muggy here in NC and I am forever trying to come up with a unique updo other than a messy bun. One of my all time favorites is a Side “Messy” Bun that really takes about 5 minutes tops to complete. I am going to attach the video from my Youtube Channel so you can view it, but before you look at it, let me give some pointers!



First Steps to Consider

OK, What makes this work is to get some grit into your hair. Second-day hair works best for me, my hair is not flimsy- it will hold without a lot of product in it. I use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, spray at your roots and rub it in. Then I will apply a small amount of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo throughout my hair and LEAVE IT MESSY!!! Put your fingers in your hair and kind of rub it around to give it volume, you can slick it down in places later after you put your first elastic in.

Second Part

Pull all your hair over to the side and secure it with an elastic band (the best I have found that are clear and easy on the purse is Kitsch Clear No-Snag Elastics). These are NO SNAG- you seriously won’t get your hair all knotted up when taking it down…LOVE THEM!!!!  Pull your hair that is nearest to your scalp out just a little so your bun will look loose and not so tight. Tease the pony, then scrunch it up and put another little elastic over your messy pony scrunched up. Then secure with pins. You will need to fix your front the way you like it, I like a few pieces hanging down around my face to give it a soft look, not to mention I really like the “messy” look, so I roll with it! Make sure you use a good hairspray, I have used for years and always will use is Kenra Volume Spray 25. The best selling on the market…BTW!

This is not a perfect look, we are going for a sexy and messy look. You can take pieces that are sticking out and secure them in the bun with a pin, this gives it that pefect pulled together look you see above in the picture. I can wear my hair like this and I get so many compliments, no one would ever guess it took me no more than 5 minutes! Plus, strands of hair may fall around the edges of your face- that makes it even better!

Below is some of the best products I’ve used to get the Messy Bun “look”, along with tools I used to help secure it.

Easy Messy Side Bun


Remember, you need to practice this a time or two  efoer your big night. This was my second attempt in this video, in the video below, I introduced my Goldendoodle **** Princess Ziva!! In this video, notice my hair, this was the first attempt. To be sure things stay where they should spray your entire bun with a good firm hairspray, again, my favorite of all time is Kenra Volume Spray 25If you haven’t tried this, you got to get it! Don’t go crazy with it like we did in the 80’s lol !!! And remember when you get ready for bed and take all the  poins out, brush your hair to get that excess hairspray out. This will help your hair to redistribute oils and brushing that hairspray out will cause less breakage. Zive is BELOW!! LOL!!!


I love that dog!! She is the biggest cuddle bug EVER!!!! Be looking for her in the near future, she will be featured with me in some photos!! EEEKKKKKKKKKK….I’m really excited about the photo shoot, we will be featuring my hometown in the Downtown area. It’s so pretty and quaint, I just love it!! I hope you girls will enjoy!!

If you have any questions about the updo, just drop a comment below and I will be sure to answer!!

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