How to Style a Camo Jacket

Good Sunday morning ladies!

I have talked before how BIG camo is going to be this Fall and boy, I wasn’t lying! Have you looked around and saw women of all ages sporting it? I have! I was coming out of a store the other day and I was behind this cute little elderly lady and what was she wearing? A pair of camo pants and she looked so stinking cute! Of course, I had to tell her how great she looked, and that little comment brought the biggest smile to her little face. At that moment all I saw was one elderly lady smiling like she had just won the lottery. Well, maybe not the lottery, but you get the picture. She was happy, happy that I noticed her, much less her fashion! And at that moment, I felt pretty darn good too!

So, how do we ladies take a piece of camo and not look like we are about to sit in a deer stand with our husbands? First, we have to find a piece that we can actually style. Let’s back up a minute. If you buy some tennis shoes that are camo print, a top to wear around the house or on the weekend, then that’s more of a comfort thing. Although the sneakers could be a really cute asset to a perfect fall outfit. But, if you are looking an actual outfit, then I’m going to share what I did. I recently got a Camo Jacket from Old Navy and decided to pair it with a pair of white Rockstar Distressed Mid-Rise Jeans from Old Navy, a navy shirt and a pair of tan booties.

This Jacket is awesome! It has a drawstring around the waist and you can pull it tighter to give you a cinched in waist. (A smaller waist is always a great thing for me haha). It has utility pockets, it has a flat collar and it has elastic around the wrist area. It’s not too heavy and not “too” much, it’s a good color of camo that you can wear with different pieces. This would look great with jeans and boots or jeans and tennis shoes, just to say a few.

The booties that I have on are my all time favorite in boots and were purchased from a local Boutique. But, I did find some that were similar I thought you would like.


These actually are almost identical to mine, other than the color is just a tad darker. These are from Old Navy as well, and one of their Best Sellers! Grab them up while they are fully stocked!!

I wanted to make this short and sweet since it’s Sunday and I’m sure a lot of you are getting ready for church. I am headed out myself to worship the Lord. How can we not be humbled by how God moves in our lives and blesses us, even when we are not worthy? I recently was on the brink of finalizing a decision, when God moved in and basically shouted out, Nah- not just yet! He moved in my life, so quick in a matter of two weeks, there was no doubt in my mind that God was telling me something. I still sit down and ponder about it and shake my head in awe. So, today I thank the Lord for all He has done for me and that He will do. I am most thankful for what He did at the Cross, that I might sit here and write these things!

You girls have a great Sunday and stay safe!

Be strong and of good courage….



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