Kitchen Refresh On A Budget

There are so many ways we can update our homes in small ways that are budget-friendly. Today I am sharing some of the updates I have done in my kitchen and I will continue to share as I move along in the process, so be sure to check back for those changes. My home was built in the 70s and it has been in our family since it was built. In 2008, I did a total remodel of the home except for one bathroom; needless to say, my kitchen was needing a little love by 2023.

Before I get into the updates, let me give you a little of the back story. I really had no intention of remodeling the house at the time in 2008. My plan was to save and do a little remodeling here and there. Then I bought a rug for my dining room and that was the catalyst that started the ball rolling. I put the rug down, then I had the bright idea of painting the dining room wall, then I thought I could paint the kitchen cabinets. And boy…was that a HUGE mistake. I had no idea what I was doing and I just slapped some paint on one of the cabinets…oh my…we had a problem!

I called my brother and explained my dilemma; he came over and assessed the situation. He looked me in the eye and said…”You’re going to have to replace all of your cabinets”. My stomach dropped to the ground and apparently, my face was screaming for help! He took over from there and before I knew it, we had a completely new kitchen. Walls were removed throughout the house to an open floorplan, new flooring was laid throughout the home, bedrooms were remodeled, new molding was put up, I extended bathrooms, the garage was updated, and we just kept going until the money ran out…literally! The last thing I did was put in a fireplace with gas logs, and I don’t regret any of it. For one year, we basically were under construction and it all started from one 5×7 rug, haha!

Fast forward…

Somehow I found myself on the DIY side of TikTok and before I knew it, I was convinced, I could do this small update to the kitchen myself and stay on budget. This would be a quick fix until I was ready to enlarge my kitchen later on. I wanted to lighten up the kitchen to make it look bigger, but also so I could see things better. So I headed over to Amazon and picked out 3DArt Premium Stick and Peel Backsplash Wall Tiles and Very Berry Waterproof Marble Countertop Contact Paper.

I have decided to paint my cabinets (the correct way) with the Nuvo All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Kit in Hearthstone. This kit is highly recommended with over 13.8K reviews averaging 4.6 stars! See the kit here and scroll all the way down to see the reviews and B&A pics!

The kit comes with 6 pieces and they offer multiple color options. You may need a degreaser to clean the cabinets, painter’s tape, and something to sand the wood down a bit, but many reviews said they only used a gloss remover before painting. I went ahead and bought the following items below so I will be ready to go. More than likely I will be tackling the cabinets once Chase gets completely moved in the next week.

My Before & After Pics of Countertops & Backsplash

After Countertops, Backsplash & New Accent Table

I purchased the 48″ Sideboard Table from Wayfair and put it together myself. It’s on sale 60% off right now; check it out here.

Here is a closer look at the countertops. I snapped this picture while I was working on it to show my mom. I’m going to be honest with you…when I started the countertops, I had no clue what I was doing other than watching those TikTok videos. When I put the first piece down, it was an agonizing effort. I started at the top of the countertops instead of the edge and oh my word, pulling that contact paper up is no joke! I kept sticking it, then pulling it up, over and over till I was water wet in sweat. I finally gave up and called my son to come over to help. While he was on the way, I gave it one more shot and started from the edge rolling towards the wall and it rolled on perfectly in less than 2 minutes. I now had the hang of it and I was on my way to completing the task! Once the countertops were covered, I put the backsplash on. The backsplash is uber easy to put on and I highly recommend it for an inexpensive facelift to your kitchen or bathroom. **The countertop contact paper is thick with a gloss finish. So far, it’s been easy to clean and I have had no issues.

What do you think? Should I paint the cabinets in Hearthstone or another color? All comments and recommendations and highly encouraged, lol! I really need a little input from you girls 🥺. Are you a DIY person, and have you tried any of these types of budget-friendly makeovers?

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  • Jami

    I can relate to this so much! Kudos to you for tackling this immense project on your own! I like your color choices, however, maybe because I have plain maple cabinets, I would love to see yours in that tidal haze (blue) color! My walls are a soft blue and everyone comments on how calming it is. I will be excited to see it all put together, whatever you choose. You always have a lovely home!

  • Jenny McClimans

    Hello! I painted our outdated oak cabinets about 11 years ago and outside of a few touch ups here and there, they have, for the most part, been durable. I used a product called Cabinet Coat- loved the finish as it was smooth, but did NOT like the wear. Repainted with basic latex (wall) paint.
    I did our cabinets in white but wish now that I would have done a light grey as it would be more forgiving- we cook and bake a lot!
    Love your covered counters and your table!

  • Teresa Byrd

    I LOVE IT!!! I’m stalling on a kitchen gut myself. 70’s house with kitchen redone in the late 90’s so it is long overdue! I love the hearthstone color… it’s light enough to brighten but not so white. I have white now and will likely go with a light putty/concrete color. Can’t wait to see it finished! And now I want to try to cover my countertops… LOL

  • Barb Sterk

    I think if I were you I’d leave the cabinets as they are. I have a similar finish and it looks really nice with the gray in the tile and counter. Wood cabinets are coming back. Yours look very nice.

  • Jill

    I’m Team Hearthstone!
    It will look great. I always think Gray & White look so clean together.
    You’ll be showing us ways to style a tool belt next! You got this!

    • Beverly

      Hahahaha!! Omg, I’m dying over here. It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have anyone to do it. And honestly, this past year has taught me so much about life. Loving it🥰

  • Maryanne Sivers

    Beverly, your kitchen looks so bright and refreshed already! Can’t wait to see it after you do the cabinets! Hearthstone is lovely but I am a white kitchen girl through and through. But you do what feels right to you! I’m sure it will look amazing whatever color you choose!

  • Conni

    Sherwin Williams “Amazing Gray” paint lives up to its name. It can look gray but also look tannish…depending on the light. It’s a great neutral color and is so versatile when decorating .

  • Rebecca Horvath

    It looks AMAZING and what a confidence booster to take care of business yourself! I personally love the Celadon Blue cabinet paint…but that’s my favorite color. You have me thinking of tackling my kitchen!

    • Beverly

      I’m telling ya…the TikTok got me 😂😂 I love that navy too. I’m going to think long and hard about this! And it did make me feel good, I felt even better when Chase walked in lol

  • Tonja R

    I would love an update on how the countertops hold up. I love the look of them and you are the first person that I know that has tried them so please post an update on them.

  • Sheryl

    Love what you have done so far.The colors in the backsplash truly brighten up your kitchen. I’d use hearthstone over the navy. I fear navy will look outdated in a couple years.
    Just my opinion!

    • Beverly

      Thanks Jamie! I want brighter, most definitely! My countertops before we’re supposed to be light beige with a little black in it. When they arrived it was black with a little tan. I accepted them because I needed countertops and couldn’t wait weeks for new ones. Omg, I couldn’t see nothing lol

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