2 Casual Athleisure Outfits + Target Boots Sale & More

We are in the last stretch of Christmas week, and I don’t know about you girls, but I am on top of the moon! I thrive on these last days with cooking, baking, making sure there are enough presents, and of course…picking up a few extra presents for the kids. It has been getting much colder here and I have been dressing much warmer, and I am looking for more athleisure wear for the first of the year. Don’t we all start the new year out on some type of diet or exercise program? HA! Today, I am showing 2 super cute winter outfits that are casual and comfy and very affordable. So TREAT YO SELF! Plus, I am sharing the Target Boot sale. Most of their boots are 50% off, so I am showing my faves and some faves you girls liked that are under $20 right now.

This outfit was and is still the most popular winter outfit on Pinterest. It’s simple, casual, stands out, and I’m wearing leggings, so it’s a perfect after Christmas outfit. It seems like I have walked around with some type of food in my hand for the past month, so the legging is definitely a go-to item for me right now. I want to point out the black boots, these are from Walmart, and I absolutely love them. I bought red shoelaces to make the boot stand out. These are only $19 and selling quick, see them here. **Full outfit details under the picture, with sale prices and savings codes you may need.

Outfit Details: // Vest (fits TTS, under $25 – multiple colors) // Sweater (on sale for $10) // Plaid Shirt (on sale for $14) // Multi-Strand Pearl & Gold Necklace // Leggings (on sale 50% off for only $15) // Cuddl Duds Boot Socks (on sale for $8: use code YOUR20) // Black Boots // Beanie (from Nordstrom on sale for $10)

You may be like me and getting your mindset ready to get the holiday 10 lbs off. Yes, I have gained 10 lbs since November and I am in a steady size 10 right now. So, since I do not want to buy a lot of new clothes, I have decided to hop back on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program so I can hurry up and drop that extra weight. The next round starts in January if you want to join me. Read about it here. This is the only program that I can actually be consistent with and see outstanding results. I messed up, so I need to rally!

In my dedication to workout more, I decided to find a few new athleisure outfits to inspire me. I found this gorgeous Lilac Plush Hoodie from Walmart for only $18. It is a super nice item to add to your loungewear or workout gear. This comes in 5 more color options and Fits TTS. See the hoodie here. I styled it with Athletic Works Space Dye Leggings with pockets! I need pockets when I am working out and the Athletic Works brand is a great fit for me. These are only $16, which won’t break the bank as you get back into shape. See them here.

Outfit Details : // Pullover // Leggings With Pockets // Long Tank (pack of 4) // Beanie // Sneakers (similar – Dr. Scholl’s)

Quick Gift Ideas

A quick gift you can get before Christmas is this Best Seller from Amazon. Raegan is always complaining about how cold she is, so we got her this sweatshirt and I personally think she will LOVE it. This Fits TTS, see the sweatshirt here.

If you need a quick inexpensive gift, this Sugarfix By BaubleBar Mixed Media 3 piece Set is only $10! Is this on the way to my house? Why, yes it is…Merry Christmas to me! HAHA!! See the bracelet set here.

Target 50% Off Boot Sale

Who remembers these Amalia Wedge booties I style from time to time? These have been very popular with a lot of you and they are now only $19.99! These come in black and taupe, see them here.

The hiking boot is trendy this year and these cute Aubrie Heeled Hiking Boots are only $19.99. These come in black and a gorgeous cognac, see them here.

I love my Sorel Boots and these Cathleen Waterproof Winter Boots are the best dupes I have found. These are on sale for only $22 and also comes in black! See them here.

I have been eyeing these Cici faux Fur Lined Boots for a while now, and since they are only $19, I have just put them in my cart to purchase. Girls, all these boots will get gone quickly, so make sure you get yours while your size is in stock. See the CICI boot here.

Who’s loving these Betsy Faux Fur boots? I love these boots! No matter what your age, ladies…you CAN wear hiking boots with jeans and a sweater if you want to keep it casual. These are only $19, check them out here.

The Marissa Lace-Up taupe boots are so cute! I just had to show them! These are also only $19, see them here.

More Boots On SALE At Target

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope everyone has a fantastic week, just a few more days before Christmas! Brooklyn has asked me every day if this is the day Santa comes, HA! There are some gifts under the tree and she is HIGHLY upset that she does not have any. We explained to her that these gifts are given to the people we love in honor of Jesus’s birthday. Her response, ” Well, I love Jesus, but I still don’t see a gift for me!” That little mind was thinking so hard, it was a funny moment for us. Pictured below is one of the pics we got with Kilo. He’s bending his head down, trying to get me to pet him. He’s as bad as Ziva when the phone or camera is pulled out. We tried, lol! Happy Tuesday, girls!! Stay safe and blessings to all! XOXO

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  • Eve

    Bet I’m first to comment. Cat gets me up to feed him st 5am every morning. I love all these boots but it just get cold enuff where I love to enjoy these very much. Love the beanies, the jewelry, the plaid shirt and the way you styled everything, I clicked on the beanie and ended up on Pinterest. Going to try again. That’s a great price. Have a wonderful Christmas. 🙏🏻🎄🎄

    • Beverly

      You are the first 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Aren’t those boots a great buy?! I will check that link to make sure it’s correct, thank you!! Merry Christmas 🎄

  • Nancy

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time of the year. My mother in law passed away on Christmas Eve 5 years ago and it is hard for all of us at Christmas. I do hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a H

  • Deb

    Love all the boots, but I broke my ankle 3 months ago and I still can’t wear wear a regular boot or shoe. Very frustrating for this shoe girl 🤣. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas Beverly.

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