Casual Outfit For Memorial Day

My outfit choices on summer holidays are almost always something that is comfortable. Today I am styling a super cute and comfortable outfit and the best thing about it is the price of the shorts! I wanted to make sure you ladies take advantage of this huge sale going on and grab up these 5-inch twill shorts for only $12.50. These shorts can be worn with a tank, a tee-shirt, or dress it up like I did with a blouse and a super cute pair of sandals!

I styled a pair of khaki twill shorts not too long ago and told you girls how much I am loving them, so today I am styling a navy pair that is super cute with these sandals. the shorts are on sale for 50% off this weekend so I am sharing them so you can grab the deal. These are 5-inches long and perfect for women over 40, or those who might want to style a wedge or heel with your shorts through the summer months. These fit TTS, I am wearing a size 10 in these since I have packed on some quarantine weight…ughhh! Who else feels me on the added lbs though this “stay at home” time?? These shorts come in different colors and for $12.50, you just can’t beat the price! See them here.

The cute v-neck sweater is one that I have had for a few years now and no longer available, so I will link alternative choices below. I tend to wear bralettes a lot more in the summer months than I do in the winter. It’s a cute alternative to a bra, especially if you like wearing looser tops that may fall off your shoulders. I have been buying these bralettes for years and love the racerback style the best. They seem to hold everything in place a little better than a normal tank strap design. These come in different color options and fit TTS. See the bralettes here.

The sandal that I am wearing is VERY comfortable and the neutral color is perfect to wear with almost anything you have…especially a pair of cute cropped jeans! The block heel is about 2 inches, which is perfect for walking around in all day. In my opinion, the block heel is the most comfortable heel when standing on your feet a lot or running around trying to get your errands done for the day. I stood on my feet for years in retail and as a corporate trainer, so comfort is at the top of my list when it comes to shoes. You can check out the cute Saintah sandal here, which comes in 3 different color options.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you girls have a great Memorial Day with lots of fun and food. Speaking of food….what do you prefer on holidays like this? Hamburgers or hotdogs? We are a hamburger crew and the bigger the better HA! Stay safe ladies and enjoy the rest of the holiday!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Laura Harmon

    I totally understand your weight comment! I have been keeping up with my exercise, but I have been eating way more too. Having time to cook more and I am leaning towards baking! But you look just as trim as ever! I would guess by looking at you that you are no bigger than a size 6 at most.

    • Beverly

      I’m eating more too lol!! I think my height helps hide those extra lbs!! Most people can’t tell it when I gain weight, but I feel like I’m stuffed or it’s uncomfortable to move. So I’m getting back on track ASAP LOL!! As far as exercise…geez!! I’ve really dropped the ball🤣 Happy Memorial Day!!

  • Maryanne Sivers

    Super cute outfit! And, YES, I am feeling the quarantine 15! (Not really 15 though, that would be a nightmare! HA!) I have been baking (and eating) all the cookies. Eek!

    • Beverly

      Girl, I’m right with ya!! I’m going to share how I lost weight last year on the blog this week and how I’m hopping back on it ASAP LOL 😂 Happy Memorial Day and thanks for the compliment ❤️❤️

  • Amy Christensen

    Beverly, you don’t look at all like you gained any weight. I think it is something we can all relate too. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to get back on track so I have been counting calories and trying to only eat between 9AM and 8PM. I’ve also been exercising a little. I haven’t lost anything yet, but I do feel better, although yesterday with the fam here I indulged and today, I am keeping track but I am not going to obsess if I go over my calories. Tuesday will be a good day to get back to work. Ha, ha. Hope you are having a lovely Memorial Day! – Amy

    • Beverly

      I’m getting back on track too!! I’m really twisting and turning and sucking in-in the pics 🤣🤣. This not being able to get to a gym and keeping the house full of snacks has done me in. I’m so ready to start back. Give it time, it usually takes a few weeks to see a difference. Happy Memorial Day!!

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