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We all bring something different to the table that makes us unique in God’s eyes. He made us alike, but different in ways that we all could make a difference in this world. Whether you move huge mountains or small ant hills, you have a purpose.

Candace Cameron Bure sums it up perfectly. Own your gifts from God and use them for good.

“There will never be another woman who owns the look, the personality, and the experience that you do. Those ingredients make up the recipe that defines who you are, and it’s your gift from the Lord – own it.” Candace Cameron Bure

Top 10 Most Popular

Coming in at #1 is this Multi-Media Blouse has been a big favorite with you girls and me too! I loved this blouse so much I got the emerald green, I love these gem colors! So festive and looks great with jeans or slacks.

In the #2 spot is the High-Waisted Button Fly Sateen Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans. I paired these with black booties and this zebra print sweater this weekend and loved it!

In the #3 spot was the ever so popular Teddy Bear Jacket, also known as the Faux Shearling Jacket. If you want comfort and warmth this sherpa jacket is one you want. These are super popular from teens to older women, younger women wear them a bit oversized, but I prefer mine to fit more classic. Ultimately, there is no wrong way to wear this cute and cozy jacket.

Coming in at #4 is the Madewell Transport Medium Tote. I have this tote in the English Saddle (comes in black also) and absolutely love it. It’s a leather bag that literally holds all your stuff, including laptops and it’s comfortable on your shoulders – even wearing it as a crossbody! These are on sale for 25% right now! Grab yours!

The #5 spot goes to this Faux Leather Moto Jacket and when I say popular…this item has been mega-popular! I must admit that this is a go-to jacket for me, as I wear it with jeans, dresses, skirts, and more. Isn’t it cute with this black blanket scarf? (The blanket scarf came in at #11)

At #6 these Crown and Ivy Cognac Riding Boots are quickly becoming a weekly favorite. Why wouldn’t they? These have a low heel (around an inch to 1-1/2 inches), they are super comfortable to wear all day, even if you are on your feet. The perfect weekend boot! Have you girls noticed how trendy taller boots are becoming? They seem to be a bit more popular than in the past few years.

At #7, this super comfortable striped turtleneck by Crown and Ivy really surprised me. This was only on the blog a couple of days and everyone seemed to really love it! These would look super cute with the red Rockstar jeans in the #2 spot! After wearing this for an entire day, I can say this is a very comfortable sweater, holds its shape and looks amazing on. I got a lot of compliments the day I wore it.

These cute booties stole the #8 spot with ease! These taupe booties have a block heel, super comfortable and the detail on these boots is what really makes them stand out. I like the shaft of this boot, it makes it so easy to wear a cropped jean or ankle jean and look chic and put together with ease.

From the Gift Guides, we had 2 items making there way to the Top 10 this week. In the #9 spot are these gorgeous Set of 4 Mason Jar Mugs WITH Initials!! How cute is this for a cute gift for a friend – you know she will be using it! That in itself is a WIN! See more at Gift Guide For Her, Gift Guide For Him.

In the #10 spot is something I would love to get, in fact, when in doubt – a comfy and soft throw is a perfect gift for me. All my friends are like me also, they have all kinds of soft throws in their homes, but can you really have too many? This one is SUPER cuddly – if you have kids or grandkids…it will be stolen – JS LOL! See the Diamond Plush Throw.

Was your favorite item on the list this week?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Mom wanted me to tell you girls that she is feeling better, she can move her arm a lot more, she can’t lift it up though. We will know more this week when we go to the Orthopedics. Brooklyn will be leaving sometime today and I have about 6 loads of laundry to do, so you know what I will be doing…Sighhhh!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”


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  • Lisa

    Beverly, I would be fumigating my house too if someone was getting a cold, etc…this chic does not have to be sick. Hopefully y’all will get to see the lights another time. I am happy to hear your Mother is doing better. My favorite is the Cognac boots or the red jeans. Thank you for sharing Candace Cameron Bure’s quote as there is so much truth in it. Have a great Sunday in between your laundry and wiping down germs. ~Lisa~

    • Beverly

      You are so right Lisa! I hate it went someone wakes up sick!! Uggg! I am still wiping things down, I told Barry to get some masks and he said I was raking it too far lol! Everyone loves the boots, they are some of my faves too!! Thanks for asking about mom, I know she will read the comments and it makes her day 🥰 Have a great Sunday!!

  • Gina

    Love the cognac boots and the faux leather moto jacket as I sit here under one of my throws, lol. Happy Sunday, chicken.

  • Gina

    OMG BEVERLY, I MEANT FOR THAT TO SAY HAPPY SUNDAY, CHICKIE!,,,,Stupid auto correct. I am so sorry. Lord,I am glad we have known each other for years, lol

    • Beverly

      They are super skinny, so if you don’t want them skin tight go up a size. They stretch out as you wear them, I git my regular size but I did a few squats to get them stretched out because they were REALLY tight. I would have went up a size Red would look good on you girl❤️😂❤️ So pretty with buffalo check!

  • Kelly Palmer

    So glad to hear that your Mom is doing better,yay! Thanks Gina for the laugh lol! I read chicken and thought that maybe it was a pet name she has for Beverly? LOL My favorites are #1 in the eggplant sort of color that you are wearing, #7 but I want to get it in the gray color and #8 the cute booties. I am once again feeling nasty and I think that it is time to get some answers. A few years ago I went to a Functional Medicine Doctor and she was wonderful but it was quite a distance from where we were living at the time. I now only live 40 minutes from her and I am going to call tomorrow about an appointment. I hope that you get all of your laundry and the disinfecting of the house done and that you don’t get sick. Have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh no Kelley!! I hate that you are feeling bad again. Bless your heart ❤️ I will be praying!! I love #1 I wear that top a lot with jeans and booties!! Mom washed her dishes the other day, and she was really excited she accomplished that. She can move her right hand but she can’t pick her arm up at all except for a couple of inches. Or pick anything up that’s not really light, but she is on the mend. It will take months, so I’m planning on helping her a lot till she’s better. Hope you get answers really soon on what’s wrong!! Hugs!!!

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