Khaki Shorts Styled 2 Ways

Good morning girls! It is Monday again and to tell you the truth, I am SO excited to begin a new week! Before we get started I do need to divulge that our house is a total wreck right now. We have moved pieces out of our bedroom, the area I will be using for my office area was a sitting nook. So please overlook the home pictures this week and the mess that may or may not pop up in the background HA!

I was looking forward to the “Shop My Closet” Series last week, but due to over exerting myself in the heat and family coming in for the holiday, I got lost! But now I am found and ready to shop different looks with minimal items!

You will see items that have been on the blog before, but hopefully, on these posts, I can show you multiple ways you can wear items. Today we are starting out with khaki shorts and a black top. If you have khaki shorts or any black blouse, then we can make this work for you! Or at least give you some inspiration for your own items in your closet!

I showed this orange cardigan in 3 Looks With a Striped Tee, so this cardigan can be very versatile! This cardigan can take you well into Fall also as a transition piece. I paired these khaki shorts and a black sleeveless blouse with my orange cardigan, but to give it a little twist, I added snake-print Rampage sandals. These Rampage sandals are my everyday sandals, you girls know I have 2 pair and would have bought a third if they were in my size! Super comfy and casual, yet looks great with skirts and maxi dresses!!

Outfit Details: // Lee Rider Shorts // Black Blouse // Cardigan // Snake-print Sandals // Rattan Drop Earrings

If you are like me, sometimes during the day I will get chilly inside the house and I am forever grabbing a cardigan or this chambray shirt. I think it gives the outfit a little “something extra”, especially with the sandals! You will see below in the collage that I also will wrap it around my waist for a sportier look. This will also be very cute with a pair of sneakers. My favorite pair are either Converse (an oldie but a goldie!), or I wear Keds Double Deckers. The good thing about Keds, they really will last a long time and they are very comfortable for my day to day routine. When I was at the Boutique, I wore these a lot and my feet never hurt!

Outfit Details: // Chambray Shirt // Black Blouse // Khaki Shorts // Snakeprint Sandals // Rattan Drop Earrings

I keep showing these Rattan earrings for a reason!! They are stinking awesome ladies! 4 pair for only $12.99 and you are going to love them, where else can you get a decent pair of earrings for only $12 and some change and FREE shipping! Shop Amazon for these earrings HERE.

These cute thong Rampage sandals are on sale right now for $16.99, use code: SAVEMORENOW, plus if you sign up for emails you get $10 off a $20 purchase!! Shop that sale HERE. The SALE is HUGE and it lasts till July 9th!

Meanwhile, I have been looking for decor to put own shelves and things for the new office area and I found this gorgeous Hydrangea and Rose flower arrangement. I found it at Joss & Main. This is only $25.99 and is on sale through June 11th! You can see it HERE.

I needed a smaller loveseat or a couple of cute chairs for the area and I decided on this one, so I started looking at Wayfair. I really liked the style and detail of this cute Birch Lane Loveseat. If you are looking something where you can slowly transition into more modern decor, this is a perfect accent piece. I liked this one because it is not a huge piece, it is only a little over 4 1/2 feet long and 28 inches wide. It’s a perfect piece for a bedroom also! It’s on sale for $399.99 (33% off) and you can see more of it HERE. Wayfair has the best furniture and remember…it ships for FREE!

To give me a little privacy, since we have a very open floor plan in our house, I chose this super cute Screen Room Divider in a Neutral (White Washed Color) to accent the brick wall. I like this because I can close my section off or not! I also have seen where these types of Room Dividers can be split up and used for wooden shades in longer windows! I found this one at Amazon and you can see it HERE.

What are your thoughts on the post today girls? I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Have a great day!!

** Tomorrow I will be styling a black knot dress under $20, multiple ways!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    I am back to work 8-3 today but wanted to stop in and say good morning! You know that I have more to say so I will comment more later 😉 Have a wonderful day!!

  • sandy

    I am looking forward to this series and also the fact that you will be styling some of the clothes that you already have to show how they work paired with other things. I almost picked up the short sleeve cardigan but then opted for a long sleeve so then I can just push the sleeves up if I get warm but still have the long sleeves for Fall and Winter. I need to do better about dressing up a little more during the day because when I get chilly in the house, I throw on an oversized sweatshirt and a blue jean shirt would be so much dressier. I’m thinking if I lived in town(city) I would maybe be better about dressing up and putting on make up but on the farm…I’m usually going in and out and then don’t like having on my nice clothes for working outside. It’s going to be fun seeing your house transitioning behind your style photos and getting glimpses of changes!! What cute things you have already found so I love how you have a vision of how you want to decorate. It’s bookwork, laundry and maybe mowing for me today. Have a great day and yes…it’s hard to get back on track but I’m ready to routine again.

    • Beverly

      It’s so easy to throw on a sweatshirt isn’t it lol!! I’m excited about this series too!! I hope it goes well with everyone. I hope you enjoy that cardigan, I have a lot of them , shirt sleeve and long sleeve. They work well with everything!! Have a great day !!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Phew, what a day! Today was my first day back at work since my hospital stay last week. Our store manager and one of the shift supervisors are both out of town and we have two co-workers that keep calling out so I ended up staying later than my shift today and may have to go in earlier tomorrow. Anyway, I am looking forward to the Shop My Closet series and definitely am excited to see the decorating that you do. I love the items that you already have picked out for your office area! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, all those people out certainly puts a strain on the ones left there to run the store. I remember those days well!! I’m excited about this series too!! And thanks for the compliment on the items I have picked out. I sure hope everything fits right lol

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