5 Different Looks With a Striped Tee

Happy Monday!! Sorry this post is going out so late, it’s been a little busy with funeral homes and visits and things. I hope your weekend was fantastic and your Monday is off to a great start! Our house search is narrowing down, but we still haven’t made our minds up on what we are going to do. This is such a huge decision moving from the home my kids grew up in…sighhh. I will keep you girls in the loop as we move forward!

I am asked from time to time about styling one product multiple ways, so I thought I would share the easiest looks for anyone. I recently found this Scoop Neck Striped Tee from Target and decided this would be a perfect tee for this post. I usually wear the Amazon Essentials Striped Tee, but they are low in stock in the black and white stripes. If you would like to see the other options at Amazon for the 2 pack for $19.50 click HERE. There are MANY options to chose from and colors.

First up is a casual look with jeans and I know not everyone wears distressed jeans, but this can work with regular jeans or skinny jeans too! I am wearing a Large in the tee, I wasn’t sure if it would shrink when I washed it, so I went a size bigger. I could have easily worn my regular size in a Medium though. I will put the outfit details below each picture for you girls if you want to browse.

The jeans I am wearing are the KanCan Distressed Jeans from Amazon and fit TTS, although I do go up a size in my jeans if they are made to fit snug. I am wearing a 29, they will stretch out when wearing them, but that makes them so much more comfortable to me. I just ordered this pair and sometimes the material may feel a tad funny when they arrive, throw them in the dryer for about 10 minutes and they are fine.

Outfit Details: //Tee // Jeans // Sandals // Belt // Rattan Earrings

Stripes goes with olive great! I have The Loft Olive Cargo Joggers that I normally wear with a striped tee, but the Camo Skinny Pants from The Loft are super cute with the striped tee too! Pair this with a denim jacket and booties and it’s a great Fall outfit also. The Loft has this on sale for 40% off online only, so grab these up! They are normally $69.50 and you can get them around $40. See the camo pants HERE.

Outfit Details: // Tee // Camo Pants // Sandals // Rattan Earrings

If you like a cute denim skirt, then I highly recommend the High Rise Denim Frayed Skirt from Old Navy. In the picture online, it looks much shorter on the model than it really is. This hits right above my knee (I’m 5’7″ and wearing an 8), it’s 25% off of $29.99 click HERE for the Skirt. If Dark Wash is not your thing, ON also has a distressed denim skirt in Medium Wash HERE.

The lilac cardigan is from Palmetto Moon, this is my all-time favorite cardigan! I wear this all the time, especially when the house gets a little cold – it’s my “go to”! These come in 4 different colors and are $24.99, I am wearing a Medium and have PLENTY of room. I wanted one that was bigger and this was perfect, so keep that in mind when shopping (they run big). These are low in stock, so check the Open Front Textured Cardigan out HERE.

Outfit Details: Tee // Skirt // Cardigan // BOC Sandals // Rattan Earrings

You girls know I love a cardigan to dress up an outfit and Amazon has some cute ones that are inexpensive. This is an orange Button Down Cardigan, these run TTS and come in 10 more different colors. See the cardigan HERE. This would look really cute with a pair of jeans or jean shorts also! I am wearing Hampton 4-inch shorts from NY&CO (these come in 10 different colors – and are on sale for $16.99 – Woohoo!!). The Khaki Structured Short would look great also! Shop the Hampton Shorts HERE.

Outfit Details: // Tee / Cardigan // Shorts // Sandals // Rattan Earrings

I love this last outfit! It screams Summer and Beach to me!! The Mid-Rise Linen Blend Drawstring Short is so comfortable and it’s cute! These are from Old Navy and are on sale for only $12.50 right now, these also come in 5 different colors if Khaki is not your color. See the shorts HERE. I paired it with Old Navy‘s Chambray Button Down Shirt in Dark Wash, it also comes in a Light Wash. These are on sale for $20 right now, see them HERE.

Outfit Details: // Tee // Denim Shirt // Linen Shorts // Sandals // Rattan Earrings

Last on the list, I wanted to share some Rattan earrings I got last week from Amazon. These come in a plastic box to keep these in also. I was surprised how nice these are since I got all 4 of these for only $12.99! See the Rattan Earrings HERE.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you girls have a wonderful day!! Stay safe and don’t work too hard! XOXO

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  • sandy

    No apologies necessary for posting later then usual. You had important things going on this morning for sure. I’m love you showing the different ways to style a piece of clothing. I need to look for those tee’s at Target as it’s really cute. Love both the cardigans and that’s such a pretty lilac color with a great length. I think I’m going to have to get a couple fo the short sleeve ones as all of mine are long sleeve and sometimes that’s too much. Those are really cute too and wow…so many different colors. Might have to order a couple different sizes as I don’t like them to fit too tight but don’t want them too big under the arms! I had to run after a part for my mower today and got caught up on bookwork also so slow but sure I’m making progress after not getting my work done last week while the grandkids were here. It’s suppose to get HOT here the rest of the week. Yes, let us know when you decide what to do with your house situation. BIG decision for sure.

    • Beverly

      I thought I would show things like that till I get caught up and can get my pictures back. I’m glad it’s warmed up, I remember when you were still in snow and all of us were in shorts! I think I like showing different outfits like this, I’m going to keep it up a few times a month. Chase told us last night he wanted to buy our house. There goes any profit lol!! We will see, I’m still praying. We haven’t put any offers in but we may put one in this week. I really like one house that is near us. A lot! It has a lot of perks already too!! You girls will know everything cause Lord knows I share haha!!

      • sandy

        LOL….well look at the bright side… if Chase buys your house, you said the one you are looking at is close by, just think how close Brooklyn will be to you !!!!!! That also means he likes your house too. Oh I can’t wait to hear what the “perks” are should you decide to put an offer in and are able to buy it. And yes…do keep up showing one item, numerous ways. 🙂

        • Beverly

          Oh, I have to be close to “Brooky Looky” lol. She’s my best buddy!! She was sooo hyper this weekend, I wondered how you were doing with 2. Getting caught up after a week of being sick or with kids takes a lot of time!! I figured that out real quick, so if I’m behind I know you are!! Chase likes thus house, it’s been a good one and I hate to leave it. But, it’s time to upgrade ( more space lol) before we get too old. Both kids will probably have more kids so we will definitely need it.

          • sandy

            Oh it does not help when the little are hyper…makes it hard on us grandmas 🙂 Makes it worse when one starts and the other joins in and then it’s hard for grandma and grandpa to get them to calm down. I was so happy that they didn’t get homesick even when grandma had to put them in timeout for a couple of minutes…LOL We took them back Saturday and they were happy to see mommy and daddy but yet wanted me stay and play even after being here for eight days. Love those two just as I know you love your one !!!

          • Beverly

            Awe!! I bet they had a great time with you and Terry!! I don’t know how you do it!! Kudos grandma ( I don’t know what they call you) but BRAVO!!!!!

          • SandyW

            Beverly we do go by Grandpa and Grandma…guess I’m old-fashioned but I was hoping that’s how we would be referred to ! And I think the kiddos did have fun here. Nine days is a long time but they didn’t get homesick but yet were happy to see Mommy and Daddy and get back to their house and their toys. I know I told Terry when it was just the two of us again that the next time they come…it should just keep getting easier with them being able to do more on their own. I love they are getting to the age where they can start to play games/cards too! That way this Grandma can have some “rest” time even though we are still playing….LOL

          • Beverly

            I was just thinking of Brooklyn had a brother or sister she would have someone to play with it. We play with her, but I can only do so much lol!! I love being called grandma!! I’m glad you had a good visit!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I am so sorry for the losses that you have experienced lately 🙁 I have a couple of striped shirts like this that I got from Old Navy. I wear them quite a lot because they do go with quite a few things. I like all of these choices but I think that my favorites may be worn with the camo pants, the distressed jeans and the white shorts. I am praying for you guys that you will find the perfect house for you and that things will go smoothly. That would be great if your son were to buy your house because then it would still be in the family and it wouldn’t be so much like you were losing their childhood home altogether. Keep us posted! I used to make a 26 hour drive with my 4 children and my mother every summer. I was the only driver cause my mother never had her license. We would go from Vero Beach, Florida where we lived at that time, to Newport N.H. where I grew up. I didn’t mind but I was young and foolish then 😉

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! That is a long drive!!! With 4 kids-it doesn’t seem so bad when you’re young, but boy it changes as you get older lol!! I hope we can keep the house in the family, that would be nice. Now, to decide if I want to move all this “junk” or not lol!! It’s amazing what we can accumulate over the years. I liked the white shorts outfit too!! The distressed jeans wear so good!!!! lol. Happy Tuesday ❤️❤️

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