Cargo Joggers + Steve Madden…Yes, Please!

Good morning ladies! This week I am going to be “Shopping From My Closet” showing different outfits. I will be showing different ways to wear an item throughout the ENTIRE week! Today on the blog, I wanted to show the BEST and a popular item on the blog, the cargo jogger. I normally style a pair of camo green joggers on the blog, see it HERE, but today I am showing them in Petrol Gray.

These cargo joggers are from The Loft Outlet and come in 3 colors, the darker gray, olive green, and a lighter gray. Right now Loft Outlet has a Sale going on for the 4th of July, check it out HERE. Or Click Below.

I have worn my joggers on the blog many different times, showing many outfits you can create. These are great with a heel, flat sandal or even tennis shoes. See the cargo joggers HERE. They come in sizes 0-16 and they also come in Petite!

These joggers have the cutest tie belt and pockets on the side, the back, and front. You have plenty of pockets! They have a slight gathering at the back of the hem to give it a cute gathered look at the ankle hem. I am 5’7″ and the length is perfect, although if they were a tad longer for my height that would be great too!

The Crochet Tan Sleeveless Top is from Cato Fashions and is a favorite to wear with white shorts or pants. It has a scalloped hem, with a shell sewn inside the front so it covers your frontside. This top can be tucked in or left untucked – that is totally up to your preference. This top comes in Red and Sizes are XS-XL and is only $21.99. See the Crochet Top HERE.

I added the Panama Straw Hat from Amazon just for a fun vibe. I love that hat and try to wear it as much as possible. This fedora comes in straw yellow, white, beige, and a deep brown. I am wearing the regular brown color. These are $15.98 and are available for Prime Shipping!! See the Straw Fedoras HERE.

It was over 100 degrees outside and I am water wet…and the humidity took it’s toll on the curls, but that’s ok!

These sandals probably have been the best wearing sandal I have had all Summer. I had one pair and wore them out, so when I saw the Kemmy Sandal by Steve Madden was on sale and I had VIP rewards, I had to get them. Right now they are on sale at DSW, they are also having a great Sale. or click the image below to get your shop on!!!

These Kemmy’s come in 6 different colors and patterns They have about a 1 3/4 inch heel – it feels like a 1 1/2 inch heel and perfect for running errands around town. See the Kemmy’s HERE.

I am wearing one of my “go to” long beaded necklaces, because honestly – it goes with everything! It’s called the Blu Skye and is about 35-38 inches. See the Blu Skye HERE and find a charm for it HERE. I added a small tassel charm to give a little something extra! We are also having a Blowout Sale with JBloom Designs and you can get 5 charms (reg. $10 each) now only $10 for the entire bag! See that HERE. Or shop and get $12 charms in a Bag that has 8 charms that are on sale for only $12 for all of them!!! Shop the sale HERE.

I am headed to the gym today, I am getting back on my regular workout schedule…fingers crossed! After that, I will be working in the office for most of the day. Thanks for stopping by the blog and you girl have a great day! Don’t miss out on our ice cream outing yesterday and we also took her to take these pics. Girls…it was hot outside and I mean hot that dogs were walking as they were chasing cats. That is such a lame joke…my husband says it all the time HA HA!!!

Outfit Details: // Top // Cargo Joggers // Steve Madden Sandals // Heart Necklace // Blue Sky Beaded Necklace // Beaded Bracelets

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Our Sunday night with Brooklyn…

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning!!! You are looking cute as usual in this outfit 🙂 I have today and tomorrow off and quite a lengthy to-do list. I have things to do inside and out plus some errands that I need to run. Not sure just where to start. I probably should do some things outside before it gets too hot then shower and run the errands. I was thinking that while I am out and about that I should stop in Cato’s to see what they have to offer. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      Cato has a lot of cute things in -it surprised me!! I too, am doing some yard work today. Sighhh!! It’s going to be a hot one, but these things have to be done. Thanks for the compliment❤️ I really liked these joggers to buy 2 pair lol!! Have a great couple days off!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I forgot to mention that the joke about the cats and dogs sounds exactly like something that Troy would say 😉

  • Brenda Summersgill

    I think you would look cute in anything. You pull off so many different styles and they all look good on you.

  • sandy

    Again…adorable on you and I agree with Brenda…you look good in everything. You know Beverly…wouldn’t it be “fun” to put on one of those outfits that you talked about sending back and telling us why you didn’t like the fit or how it looked on you just so we know what you look for in styling or fit????? Just a thought 😉 It’s funny how the color of that top looks so much better on you then the color shows on the web sight?? I don’t notice the white under-lay on yours like I do the model. Brooklyn is adorable and yes…sometimes mommy’s are better not knowing what treats grandma’s give. I figure it’s not something we do everyday and everyone deserves a treat. I am thinking I am going to head out and mow today as they have rain in our forecast for the next four days so might be best to get it done just in case and it is super hot here too. Yesterday was horrible and you are right…doesn’t do much good to fix the hair if you are going to be outside…LOL Have a great day.

    • Beverly

      That’s s great idea Sandy!! I sometimes put short videos on Instagram like that. I will definitely start so you girls can see!! Brooklyn ended up spending the night with us last night so Chase has to play with her outside to get some of that out lol Have a great Monday!!

      Sometimes you can’t really tell when looking online depending on your screen, this has no white in it. Total beige and so cute!!

      • sandy

        Yeah…I don’t see white under yours but in the Cato photo it looks like a white under-lay…hmm. And…I’m not on instagram 🙁

          • sandy

            Oh noooo….don’t make more work for yourself Beverly…. I just thought it would be interesting to see one or two outfits and point out why they didn’t work for you so we can get an idea of how we could look at an outfit and what to look for. And…like a lot of us have said, we can’t imagine that there is anything that you “don’t” look good in 😉 That comment was NOT suppose to make more work for you. I’m in for a coffee break from mowing. Funny how I still like a hot cup of coffee when it’s so hot outside.

          • Beverly

            Lol!! Sandy I’m giggling!! I should share more stuff I don’t like. I ordered some stuff from Nordstrom and hated it!! The stripes didn’t match up, I never looked at that till someone pointed it out on a video one time. Now I look!! There aren’t many things I get that I don’t like, but when there is something I will let you guys know. Most of the time it was too small or too big. Sizes are different everywhere!

  • sandy

    LOL…that’s who I am Beverly…something I need to work on I guess because I started to feel guilty when I realized now it’s more work for you. Love you girl!!!

    • Beverly

      Girl please!! I’ve got plenty of time. Barry reminds me all the time 😂😂. Ha!!! Some days are better than others lol. I love hearing what you girls want. You know someone else was probably thinking it too. Love you more!!!!

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