Styling Bermuda Shorts Over 40

Hello Tuesday and hello ladies! I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed time at home or time with family and friends. I spent the majority of the day with Chase, my oldest, while Barry worked and Raegan was off on a “day date” with her boyfriend. I read where a lot of you were out having fun with family and friends, some were lounging around and some were doing laundry like me LOL!

Since Barry was working, my mother stepped in and helped take some pictures really quick yesterday afternoon. Mom’s sure do help when you are in a pinch. I loved it! I got to spend time with her and we had some laughs. She’s 78 and gets so excited when she figures out something that is technical, and she picked up the photography side very quick. She has a craft room and is VERY artistic and crafty. She paints, draws, makes things that amazes me – so she took to this outing like a fish to water!

A lot of you love the longer shorts and I happened to have a new pair of khaki Bermuda shorts I wanted to be the focus of today’s blog. I am loving the longer length in the shorts and they are so cute when you dress them up a bit. These can be worn with sandals, wedges, flip flops, or tennis shoes. A very versatile piece, but I chose to wear them with wedges and take on a casual but dressy summer look.

I chose neutrals colors today since I have been wearing more vibrant colors in the past few weeks. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores and I can always find something for everyone there. Croft and Barrow are one of my favorite brands and these are so stinking cute! I love a pull on pant or shorts, so these were a must-have. These have an 11-inch inseam and will go to your knee. It has a wide elastic waistband to help give you support, but enough stretch to make wearing them comfortable. They come in Sizes 0-20 and fit TTS. See the Croft and Barrow PullOn Bermuda Short HERE.

I opted for a sleeveless black V-neck bubble hem top to go with it, this is from the Loft years ago (maybe 10 – the clothes hold up very well). I have linked similar ones below and some options with sleeves since some women do not like sleeveless a lot.

I have also found different khaki shorts that you may like better, most of these options are from Kohls. they have the best variety of clothes for women over 40. Wearing shorts after 40 can be challenging at times. In our minds, we still feel young and vibrant, but we have also reached the age of a totally different outlook on clothes. I am looking for clothes that are more comfortable, less revealing and I think these shorts have everything I am looking for. Are you ladies feeling that way as you get older? I still wear regular shorts around the house, to the gym, but when we go out to eat, I rarely wear anything shorter any more. I think these shorts make my legs look longer also – they are long enough standing at 5’7 1/2 inches!! I’m embracing that and loving what God blessed me with LOL! Shop Kohls HERE.

I grabbed up my Steve Madden wedges again, a lot of you liked them and they sold out very fast on the last post. I found them in stock HERE and are priced only $59.99 and you can use AfterPay!! I think your payments will be around $15 every 2 weeks!! I have been wearing these cute wedges since we went to the beach and ladies – if you are looking style and comfort please grab these before they get gone again. Not only are the “bad to the bone” shoes (I mean they just look COOL!), you cannot beat the comfort of these shoes. See the Wedges HERE.

I have been looking my straw handbags everywhere and I have come to the realization Brooklyn has been playing with them and hid them somewhere in our home. LOL! I can laugh when she does these things, but I don’t think I never laughed when my kids did these type of things. Grandkids get away with everything and I don’t mind! LOL!!!

I opted to accent my outfit with a blush handbag I got from Burkes Outlet back in the winter. Since I was keeping the majority of my outfit neutral this would work well. I have linked blush handbags that are super cute and straw handbags (since these are SUPER trendy right now) for you to browse. How many of you have purchased a straw bag this year? Curious minds want to know LOL!

These earrings are from Bauble Bar and these are some of my favorites. If you love a statement earring, this could be the one you will LOVE! These are sold out right now but will be coming back in stock. We all love leopard print, so these are available now, but HURRY! They are selling out quick!

Today I am going to tackle cleaning out all my cabinets and rearranging them. I am finally going to find the lids to my Tupperware products and move things out that I am not using. I am trying to streamline my entire house into an organized (this is my spot) home. Once upon a time, my house was organized from one end to the other, but kids grow up and boy do they get messier! HA!!! What are you girls doing today?

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a great Tuesday!

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Special Mentions

Coral Items below are in my May party, the earrings are some of my favorite items. I have worn them many times on the blog – if interested the links are below. Thanks for helping me out with this party!

Jewelry Details // Earrings // Tassel Necklace // Coral Day Stone Stretch Bracelet // Agate Stone Stretch Bracelet

I purchased this skirt from Cato Fashions last week and thought I would show it real quick. This is a really cute and comfortable skirt that flows and it’s knee length! See the skirt HERE. This skirt has a rating of 5 stars and is only $13.99 right now!!


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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! These shorts look so cute and comfortable. I too like to wear longer shorts even though I am 5’10” and have very long legs already. Your mom did a great job at taking the pictures and good to know that you have a backup photographer 🙂 Troy and I both have today and tomorrow off together which is nice. We both have a doctor appointment this morning and then will go to JC Penney so that I can spend a gift card that I got for Mother’s Day and a coupon for $10 off of a $25 or more purchase. I got so excited when I clicked on the link for the sandals and it was DSW! I have reward money that I need to use by June 1st for DSW and didn’t know what I should get and now I know! 🙂 I need your help and expertise though. Should I get the sandals in the cognac color or the black? I am leaning toward cognac but still unsure which I would get more wear out of. I hope you have a great day of organizing. I absolutely love the to clean and organize so I wish that I were close enough to be of help 🙂

    • Beverly

      You guys are going to have fun!! I love my black ones, but I was really wanting the cognac color but they were out of my size. I love these shoes!! I felt a little tall in them at first but after I wore them for a little while I felt fine. I wear a lot of flip flops around the house lol! I’m wearing these babies now 😂😂

  • Tammy GRavis

    Love those shorts and saw them Sunday. Out of the blue my husband wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse in Fayetteville on a 100 degree day. He was buying so what the heck? OMG that placed was packed to the gills. Oh well I got a free meal. Lol On the link up how does that work? Add you to my blog and post my site? I could use some summer traffic. haha.

    • Beverly

      I love that restaurant!! I’m like you- it’s a free meal lol!! Ok, the linkup-at the bottoms there should be a section click here to link up. Click on it and it takes you to a page where you can add the webpage you want to, then you pick your picture and fill out your name and that’s it. After you submit it should take you back and you can see where your picture is in the link up party. I just signed up for this last night for my website, although I have linked up with others in the past. A lot of bloggers follow me on IG, so I thought this would be a way of helping each other. Summers are brutal lol

      • Tammy GRavis

        Yeah, I don’t see any near future in quitting my day job. Lol Sure have done my best to try. Lol I was gonna add Avon to my site and they said no can do. You need a new site for that. I said thanks and thought forget it. Lol Back to writing and staying cool in the house. Not sure I did it right but I’ll know I did when I have 1k in traffic a day for eternity. lol

        • Beverly

          Lol!! That 1k will turn into 3k and more!! It’s a long process but it’s worth it in the long run. Too bad it takes a few years!! Lol

  • Johnna

    Black and khaki is a favorite combo of mine so this look gets a thumbs up from me. I’ve been looking for some khaki shorts and I think these are ones I need. I’m only 5’3” so I have to watch the Bermuda shorts don’t come below my knees. As you said, when we get to stage in life you don’t want to go out in public with short shorts on. At least I don’t. The skirt is so pretty. Can’t believe the price. Looks way more expensive. I just got some Lucky brand shoes that look very similar to those you’re wearing. I got them in navy because I had no navy shoes at all. They are very comfy too. I’m spending the day getting an office set up at home so I can get some work done. I’ve had stuff spread out everywhere and that drives me nuts. I hope to have it done by end of day. Have a great week.

    • Beverly

      Ahhhh!! You have come over to our side with the home office lol!! I love a home office and it’s tax deductible btw! I know you girls may not know this, but my degree is in Finance Accounting. I was an accountant for a bank for years! I had a love/hate relationship with that field. I like being out and about talking to people. I’m good at numbers but my inner “talker” cannot stand it!! 😂😂 you definitely have to watch the length on shorts, I think I linked for petite also and there are some shorter versions. Have a great day!!

  • Johnna

    Forgot to add that your Mom is a photographer too. She did great job. I can’t even take a selfie. I wish someone would tell me the secret of taking one of those. I see everyone doing it and looking great. I try it and look about 80. What’s the secret?

    • Beverly

      Most people take their selfies through Snapchat, or Instagram because they have “beauty” filters. Oh, and lighting is everything! On the Zoom settings there is a place where it asks you if you want to be “touched up” click yes!! Lol

  • Sandy

    I’m having computer issues so going to see if this will post from my phone since it won’t from my computer

  • Sandy

    Hmm.. I must have something screwed up on computer and I am a terrible typer from my phone so let me just say YES… love me some Bermuda shorts and will hopefully get to a Kohl’s this weekend. I hope Barry isn’t worried about loosing his photography job since your mom did a wonderful job on these photos! Well one thing… my posts will be shorter from my phone!

    • Beverly

      Hey!! You’re on again!! I will tell my mom what you said!! She had a ball taking them. It was an impromptu moment because I had already taken pictures at home that morning. It was a fun little outing for us!! Glad you’re back on here-we missed you!!

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