Beige & White – An All Time Favorite of Mine

Happy Halloween! I hope all you ladies are doing well and are ready for the little monsters and cuties that will be out tonight. It’s been so long since I had to take my kids trick or treating, it feels like forever. And at the same time, it seems like it was just yesterday my kids were getting excited about getting candy and dressing up as their favorite character. Wow, ladies time flies by! Now I’m excited to see our little Brooklyn all dressed up as Wonder Woman YIKES!! If you follow me on FB, then you know that she calls Wonder Woman – Watermelon. She can’t quite get her name down pat at 3, but she’s trying! it’s so sweet and precious to hear little ones talk and explore.l Ahhhhh…..I never thought I could be this mushy!! lol

Ok, so let’s talk about the outfit that I wore today. I picked out a beige sweater and decided to go casual but chic, so I paired it with a pair of white skinny jeans. I was going to wear my beige Toms wedges with this outfit but thought I better not wear the higher heel to work in, so I opted for a low wedge tan bootie instead.


The sweater is an off the shoulder knit sweater and I decided to wear JBloom Danae Corded Necklace with it, I thought it really gave the outfit a unique look. I love the beige on white, and I love pearls, rose gold, and gold tones with it too! One of my all time favorites! Those colors in an outfit will never go out of style. I’ve seen this combo being warn since I was just a little thing. Don’t be afraid to pair it with some nice skinny jeans – that would look great too! Nice outfit for date night or a girls night out on the town.

I decided to wear JBloom Vintage Gold Leather Wrap Bracelet (I love this one and it’s the bigger bracelet to the right of the pic below), the Tri-Blend Bracelet Set (I wore the Gold and Silver – a Rose Gold comes with it), and the Cachet Antique Silver Magdalene Bracelet. 

As I am sitting here typing this, it just hit me that this would look really cute with a denim jacket. There are so many possibilities with these colors its cra cra!! My inspiration for this look? Check it out below!

I picked out some similar looks for all of you if you want to Shop The Look just click on any of the pictures below.


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You ladies have a GREAT HALLOWEEN!!!!!! XOXO


Blessed By HIM



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