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Sorry girls, that post got published a bit early, thanks to my loving Goldendoodle, Ziva! She decided to jump in my lap as I’m writing my blog and off goes the blog, never to return. Life happens huh? I have to laugh it off!! haha

One of the hottest trends going on in the makeup world right now is brows! Everywhere you look people are talking about brows and how to define them! I can remember when I was younger, somewhere in the age range of 8 and 12, I can remember talking with my sweet Aunt Elgie about eyebrows. I happened to be staying with her and I was watching her get ready and she began penciling in her eyebrows. I never knew that she had to pencil them in, so I asked what happened to her eyebrows. She sat me down real quick and gave me Eyebrow Training 101 in a split second! She told me back in the 50’s the rage was to pluck your eyebrows and pencil them in and give them a high arch, like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and more. In other words -something similar to what’s going on now. Over time her eyebrows never grew back as full as they once were and now she penciled hers in.

Today we have everything from waxing, microblading to some of the best brow gels I’ve ever seen. And let’s face it, having your brows defined makes a HUGE difference in your appearance. It really makes those eyes pop! So let’s talk about brows over the past few decades and see just how things have changed!

In the 1920’s Brows Were Thin and Rounded Arch

During the last leg of the silent film era, thin, rounded, and overly-dramatic brows took the lead. Actresses like Clara Bow penciled their eyebrows into high-impact, drooping arches.

In the 1940’s It Was All About Full and Natural Arch

The ’40s marked the beginning of fuller, more natural-looking shapes. Joan Crawford inspired women to manicure their natural brows with a light hand.

We already looked at the 50’s with the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe and too cute Audrey Hepburn, now let’s look at the 60’s.

In the 1960’s It Was All About Short and Mod Brows

Eyes became the focal point of 1960s beauty thanks to Twiggy’s signature lashes, which meant brows were treated as more of a sideshow (read: short, neat, and understated). Wow- things change fast huh?

In the 1980’s the Brows Came Back to Thick and Natural

The ’80s saw a spike in full, natural brows thanks to beauty icons like Brooke Shield. I can remember my friends tweezing their brows when I was a teenager, I was never into the brow thing then. Not to say I didn’t pluck a few here and there, but seriously, it plain hurt and I didn’t like that. I was into sports and between working and school, those brows were the last thing on my mind. Although, I can remember going on a date with a young fellow and as he was looking at me while we were talking, he blurted out, “You don’t tweeze your eyebrows, do you?”….Red Flag NUMERO UNO!!! #1

In the 1990’s Brows Were Way Skinny!

Eyebrows were majorly plucked in the 1990s, with thin shapes defining the faces of models like Kate Moss. And again, WOW, a lot changes in fashion and brows in a decade!

Jumping Ahead to 2015, We Now Have the Instagram Eyebrows!

The year 2015 marked the beginning of the “Instagram Brow” and the #OnFleek revolution. Instagram became the go-to destination for brow inspiration thanks to beauty influencers and beauty bloggers. You know this look well: They are perfectly brushed up at the beginning of the brow, and then faded into a super defined arch all the way to the tail. Now you see them everywhere, all the kids know how to get these brows – but with a lot of work!

This look is great, but I’m not going to lie – I’m not a huge fan. It looks beautiful on some ladies, but as we get older I don’t think we are going for something that bold around our eyes. I do believe women, like me, do want to have more natural looking brows, but with a good arch and filled in correctly. In other words, we only want to do a little bit of work to get a decent, natural looking brow. I’m almost 50 and my eyebrows are darker above my eyes and lighter towards the outer part of my eyes, so that’s where I need the most help!

Yesterday I posted a video on Facebook of how I do my brows and how easy it is to get an arch and to fill in your brows without a lot of trouble. I used Limelife by Alcone Strike Rick Brow Gel in Medium.

I don’t fill my brows in, I go very basic – I’m not looking for a dramatic look,  I’m showing you an everyday look for women 40+

Fibers attach to your brows, it’s buildable to get a dramatic brow, or you can use it to fill in your natural brows.

Check out the video out, we women that are over 40 don’t have to pick up every trend that’s going around. But, we certainly can take a trend and make it our own in our own way. this is how I did it. I hope you girls enjoy!! XOXO




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