One Top -3 Ways to Wear It

I talk to girls all the time and it seems for the last 25 years the biggest issue women have is putting different outfits together from a limited amount of clothing. This can be a struggle at times and we may need some inspiration from our friends, bloggers or Pinterest. Today I took one pullover Vineyard Vines Top and made 3 simple outfits from it.

I originally paired the pullover with American Eagle High Waisted Jeans and Keds, nothing spectacular…just something to wear to work and be comfortable.

Later when I got home, I thought I would step it up a notch to go out to eat with my husband. Same clothes, different shoes. I traded the Keds in and put on a pair of Wedge Heels from Toms in Beige. Simple little change, but made a bit of a difference. I didn’t add any jewelry, just wanted to look a little bit more put together. (You can only do so much with a pullover, right?)

The wedges dressed it up a tad, not so sporty, but I liked the look, so I ran with it. I tell you girls all the time, create your own style! Yes, there are fashion trends, but ultimately we wear what we like and feel comfortable in. I remember when I was in grade school, I hated dresses. I hated anything girly. It took me till I was about 20 years old before I started wanting to wear dresses, skirts, jewelry — really getting into Fashion. Once I started working in the Fashion Industry – oh my word….it was like a rocket had launched, I was hooked!

Later in the night, I wanted to get more comfortable so I grabbed some leggings (Old Navy Built-In Sculpted Leggings) and it was chilly, so I pulled out my old trusty Ugg boots. This is a look that I would and will wear on the weekends, I like to be comfortable and this is as comfy as it gets!

A lot of times, I see fashion bloggers looking down on leggings and sweats, well – I’m from the South and we girls believe in those two things as much as we believe in sweet tea! Nothing better than a big ole sweatshirt, leggings, and thick comfy socks curled up on a couch with a cozy blanket and coffee in the morning time! There is no way that women, fashion bloggers, etc. are looking their best every day- that is not realistic. We all have those days we want to lounge around and just be lazy or comfortable. I will tell you girls, my favorite look out of the three is the leggings and Uggs. ha!! (the coziest too!)

Here are some that are the same items I have on and some items that are similar. I found items for the pullover, leggings, jeans and of course the shoes! Click on any picture and you can get more info, or if you want to purchase, it will take you to the site.


Till next time ladies! Be safe and know that God is always there with you…



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