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Hey everyone!

Here in NC we are really getting ready for this storm, I didn’t think I would ever get out of Walmart this morning. Geez, I felt like it was doomsday and everyone was fighting over a loaf of bread. Whew! Florence is a coming and we are in survival mode. By now most people have their batteries, water, food, etc and we are getting bunkered down to see whats going to happen. I’ve seen a lot of hurricanes come through, but none have ever touched Fran. These hurricanes that are in the F’s (women) are some mighty hateful chicks!

This week has been crazy – trying to get ready for the storm, still working  – crazy chaos. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week and we can actually start our Fashion Fridays! Speaking of fashion, lets talk about this casual little number I wore today.

 I have on a pair of Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings (they are not tight on me – I have lost some weight since these were purchased – these are size 10), but they wear like jogging pants or leggings (Shop now and get 20% OFF your total PROMO CODE: SWEET). Very comfortable and very soft to the touch. These jeans are pull up, no zipper, they don’t have front pockets, but they do have back pockets. The top is from Cato Fashion, Size M, has two straps to hold it on your shoulders and tie at the elbows for cute detail. I love the sleeves on this!! Too cute and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these blouse- every time I wear it. The shoes are from Amazon Prime Wardrobe(you can read my post about my experience with the Prime Wardrobe- CLICK HERE), Earth Origins Women’s Keri Wedge Sandal,  these are so comfortable  – you can wear these all day and you will think you’ve been in tennis shoes! I have worn these multiple times at the bank, standing all day and shopping before! They are keepers! As we get older we like shoes that are kind to our feet, but we also want shoes that are cute. So this is a win win for us women! These come in different colors, Taupe (shown in picture), Khaki, Black, Dusty Rose and Moroccan Blue. They range from $36.95 to $79.98. The heel is about a 2 1/2 inch heel, block heel and zips up the back.


The jewelry – I paired this cute Ivy Necklace ($26.00) from JBloom Designs with this pendant from Amazon – Gorjana Faye Gold Pendant ($55). The earrings are from JBloom also, they are called Tahiti Earrings ($24.00). You will LOVE these cute earrings, they wear very comfortable and you barely know you have them on! I love earrings like that – I cannot stand to have heavy earrings on. Bracelets are mostly JBloom Designs, I’m wearing the Glory Rose Gold Bracelet ($26) paired with the Uptowne Bangle in Gold ($29), I opted to have the verse, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Those are on my left hand along with my Fitbit (btw – I love my Fitbit!! ha). Right wrist is the Luca and Danni bracelet, Druzy Bangle Bracelet In Metallic ChampagneThis is a bracelet that I wear everyday, I alway have this on. The price is $38.00 and it comes in different colors, I purchased mine from Jernigan’s Nursery in Dunn, but you can get the same bracelet online – just click on the name of the bracelet and it will take you to the landing page. The other bracelet with it is from JBloom Design, the Simply Stated Bracelet in Stainless Steel ($32.00).

Since I have partnered with JBloom Designs, I have found so many pieces that I actually really like to wear. It has pumped up the desire to wear jewelry again, for the longest time, all I would wear is my wedding band and maybe I would throw on some earrings. I forgot just how good it feels to feel “girlie” lol. Plus, this venture has brought my daughter and I closer together, it has been something that we have done/shared together.

JBloom is a direct sales company and there is hardly any designers in our area. That means it WIDE OPEN for those that love direst sales. You can see more about this opportunity, just click JBloom Designs in the menu bar above this post. Or if you would like to earn FREE jewelry, host a party at home, online or a book party. One of the Hostess gifts this month is a set that is worth $107.00 and you can nab this set for only $35.00. It’s totally worth it girls – I was sent this set and I’ve been wearing it nonstop!

If you are interested in being a Designer or Hosting a party, just drop me a line at [email protected]  , I would love to talk with you about the possibilities. I have been blown away by how nice the employees are with this company – I have never had a company go out of their way to support their Designers or their Affiliates the way this company has.

I’m off to gather all my patio furniture up before Florence get here, say a prayer for all the states that will get hit. Stay safe and I will talk with you ladies soon!



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