Struggle Bus and Working Out

Girls, I don’t know about you, but I am having the hardest time getting back in the routine of working out! Geez…I want to go in my mind, but I cannot for the life of me, get the “get up and go” hidden down deep in me come out. All my life I have worked out in some way. All the latest trends, you guys remember Jane Fonda? Yeah – I been doing it since then. haha

Ever since I was traveling around the Eastern seaboard, I have failed miserably in getting back in my routine. I really enjoy weightlifting and I love to run. I’m walking these days – but I miss the years that I ran. Anyway – I feel like I am going to have to MAKE myself go to the gym. I literally paid a monthly subscription for over a year and wasted a lot of that. I’d rather walk outside and feel the air, listen to the birds and the trees blowing. Something makes me get lost in nature.

I always used that time to pray and seek God, just my time with him. With all the rain that has been going on this summer, I really lost interest ion doing anything. I am pathetic! Somebody out there reading this has to be like, …(“Girl – I feel ya!”). I honestly do not know what it is, I think it’s just plain laziness. (I just busted out laughing – I know it’s TRUE!!!).

So her I am with all my athletic gear and I’m really just sitting around looking at it, watching it sit in my drawer and that has become a waste of good CHA CHING!! OK, enough pity party!! You guys know I blogged about the Evernote APP? Right?? Well, I have set daily reminders up for me to hit that gym when I leave my Marketing job. I am keeping a “go bag” ready at all time in my Jeep  – no excuses!

So this app I’ve been talking about, it’s like a little personal assistant. I actually used it today at work, I took notes on it, I actually set a timer to remind me to scrub down my front porch. And guess what, I did it! I got to thinking, I might be on to something. Obviously I need a dedicated routine with prompts -geez, that sounds pathetic! But  – it seems to help, I guess I needed a visual note popping up on my phone to remind me to get up off my butt and get work done.

Getting to the end of my “woohoo, I might can get off this struggle bus -NOW” blah blah blah…….

I am not receiving any compensation for telling you guys about this app, Evernote is the app, but this is me telling you how I am using it. And how I can see the need for this in my own life.Since I “retired” semi early, it seems I can’t get on a schedule that I can keep. Now, I know I’ve only been using this a couple of days, but I have been more productive today (at work and home) than I have in the last month! If you have a lot going on and if you’re like me, you forget everything or you have little notes sticking everywhere – this is for YOU!

There is an extension to this app (Evernote Web Clipper) that you can download on your computer and it is out of this world handy dandy! I know I’m talking in circles, but I cannot help it!! So for those of you that don’t know me, I am a HYPER child! I am ADHD and I stay at one speed mostly and that’s “ZOOM ZOOM!!!”. So, for me to not be organized and be on schedule really messes my groove up. As I was saying, this Web Clipper, lets you highlight things you read, such as an article, or really anything, copy and paste it for later, it clips it and holds it for you. It’s way better than Clipboard. It’s freaking cool!  JS. I haven’t used it that much, but I know it’s going to be a huge help with my blogging.

If you are finding yourself on the Struggle Bus, like me, sometimes we just need a visual. Some people need to see it on a calendar, I like to see it pop up on my phone – “Give Ziva a TREAT and a HUG!!” HAHA! I’m being silly, but again, sometimes I need to be reminded of things. Check it out, you can download it on your phone and your laptop, iPad, etc.

If it is helping me, it can surely help you. I will let you know how I’m doing with the workouts – sighhhhh, I will be at the gym tomorrow getting my workout on! FYI – younger ladies, start that weight lifting now, because when you get around 45, it starts getting rough. Drop some comments below and please Lord, let someone out there be like me. You know, everything sounds good on Monday, by Wednesday –ehhhh, I’m not sure, Friday gets here and I definitely am not feeling it. Let’s help each other out! I can even start a forum for us, if needed!

Be Blessed guys!!

Beverly (cross your fingers I stay on track)


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