Getting Organized, Back at Work and Developing a Routine!

A lot of you that follow me know that I opted to stay home and be a mom and housewife….and if you know me well, you know that I get bored very easily! I started this blog in May of this year, really just playing around and entertaining myself while everyone was at work. It soon grew faster than I was expecting and actually was turning into a job. Mind you a job that I absolutely LOVED and one that was more in my field of expertise. Most of you know I was in Fashion and Retail for many years before going back to school for my Cosmetologist License and then on for my Accounting Degree. I took the Accounting Degree and went into Banking and stayed there for about 13 years, although I am very good with numbers, it was not the same as interacting with people. I sat in a cubicle or an office and was staring at a computer screen doing the same thing every day, same thing each time of the week, same thing each time of the quarter- you get the picture. BORING!!!

I left Banking to stay home once we suffered the loss of a child, my husband’s youngest son passed away and I felt it was best to stay home for him and my children. I soon became VERY bored after I had reorganized every nook and cranny in the house. So I hopped back on the work horse and became a Corporate Trainer, aiding in the development of an Onboarding program and Training Department. Once that was complete, I was back home and looking for my passion. I found my passion in writing and sharing with other women. Women on or around my age, that could relate to the craziness of life and the desire to still be fashionable. Looking the best sales, cute outfits, easy hairstyle, etc…..I was loving every minute of it.

Just a few weeks ago I accepted an offer to help a local Boutique and Gift store as their Marketing Director. The owner was absolutely wonderful in letting me work part time so I could still pursue my fashion and beauty blog – so it was really a win/win for me. Ok, so here I am first full week in and we get sick…really?? How embarrassing can that be, very first week and my house has a stomach bug! How gracious and understanding was my new boss? Oh my gosh….over the top wonderful! I couldn’t ask for anyone more understanding! So we are starting anew tomorrow! OH MY GOSH!!!

Here I am trying to figure out how to write my blogs, get my pictures taken, find the best sales and schedule everything out, all while getting back on the work horse. EEEKKKKK!!!!  For me to be OCD, I am feeling like I don’t have anything together. I’m so organized and I am so prepared and yet I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I got a Planner….then I got Evernote! Yo! It’s a dream come true ladies – and it was FREE!!!!

OK, never heard of Evernote before, until I read about it in a fellow bloggers article. I immediately downloaded it on my phone and my computer. I’ve only had it for one day, so it’s extremely NEW to me, but I am absolutely LOVING this concept. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Evernote is an app that runs on your phone, desktop, or any other mobile device and automatically syncs with the other devices after you’ve made a change in a note. Talk about a lifesaver!

For example, I can type in a few blog post ideas on my phone and when I sit down at my desktop to write them, I’ll just open up the Evernote app to get the prompt and start working. I love that I can make checklists and use different font features as well. I’m able to track my progress on a list and add to it from wherever I am. I can do this anywhere and not have my laptop with me. Who knows when I’m going to get an idea for a blog or see something cute I want to share – my phone is always with me and this helps me tremendously since it syncs everything.

I use Evernote for business lists, from blog post ideas to other ” to do” lists. I also keep a running grocery list open that I’ll add to throughout the week. If you’re like me, you need that grocery list because I am forever forgetting something when I go to Walmart or the grocery store. And I HATE getting back out to get one or two items. (That’s when I try to text Barry and see off he won’t pick it up…lol). I can make a checklist for each person in the family, mainly the kids,  and then print it out or send a snapshot to them for their chores or things I need them to do. Talk about a lifesaver…I’m really loving this app now! Oh – it also has timers to remind you what you need to do – you can’t see this – but I’m screaming SCORE!!!!!!

I’m sure there are a ton of features that I’m not using that would also be helpful, but like I said, I’m brand spanking new to this and just getting the basics now. I wondered if you other girls have apps that you use to help keep you organized? Moms with kids going back to school, you guys must have some type of app or planner to help keep you organized. I would love to her from you. This is an open forum and I really enjoy the interaction I have with other women. I mean, we are Moms, Wives, Worker Bees – sharing is. caring lol!! So, she some things you guys do, I know I could use the ideas and help. Drop your comments and suggestions below, I look forward TO HEARING FROM ALL OF YOU!


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