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Ladies, ladies, ladies….I have to tell you that I really wasn’t expecting to see so many clothes that would catch my eye when I decided to take on The Loft. I love their clothes and shop there frequently, but it seems the past few seasons their picks have been kind of blah. Not sure what happened, but it was a very different look in the store. Everywhere I looked I was liking what I saw and I am picky when it comes to clothes. I only buy stuff when something has really caught my eye, I absolutely LOVE it in the dressing room and if there is a SALE going on! (PS – I learned the hard way of buying clothes that were “meh” while trying on in the dressing room….now I’m trying to sort through and resale!).

So, lets begin….first of all they were extremely busy! That in itself put me in a little panic mode, I do not like crowded stores and I definitely do not like waiting for a dressing room or in a long line to check out. I will skip the clothes and go somewhere else. I’m not sure where that impatient part comes from, maybe all the years in Management and Fashion taught me to service the customer as fast as possible (who knows). I know things happen, but I do believe in being prepared for customers so they don’t have to wait  and their shopping experience is pleasurable. Let’s move on….ok, for real girls…every wall I looked at, every 4 way of clothes and every bar of clothes I was finding something that I liked. It literally SHOCKED me! So kudos to The LOFT’s  buyers!! Ya did good!

I’m not going to lie, it was so crowded in there I picked a few items out and decided to try and hurry up, I had NO intentions on purchasing anything! So I try on the cargo pants first…whoa, they fit perfect and I knew they were going home with me..period! I looked and they were around $69 and you could get another pair for $10. Well, we all know that’s a sales technique to get you to buy more and I fell right into it! Sure did, bought me a pair and decided to get my daughter a pair too!

I wrote a blog about the Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 – It’s All About The Sleeves and I was NOT lying! I saw all kinds of sleeves and I tried to gather up a few tops and sweaters to show you! There were flutter sleeves, bell sleeves, cold shoulder, sweaters with the arms open…it was crazy! You can’t go wrong with your tops this Fall….and your summer tops….get you a cardigan and you can continue to wear your favorite short sleeve or sleeveless top and keep rocking on!

Pants – it looks like the ankle pants are going to still be popular with cute booties and jeans rolled up or cuffed right above the bootie is still hot! The cargo pants I purchased are going to be really popular this fall, they all are cuffed at the bottom with elastic and will look great with the shooties, heels, booties and flats. You can dress these up or throw on a tee shirt with a denim jacket and pair with some “chucks” or converse or pair it with the booties. As Fall gets closer I will show you how to pair these types of clothing together to make multiple outfits and have several looks.

Dresses – I did find A LOT of dresses that I really liked! They are still popular and I don’t see them going anywhere! I picked out a knit dress (the navy one in the slideshow) with pockets and I actually brought that one home. I can wear that with sandals, tennis shoes or when it gets cooler I can pair with a denim jacket or Kimono with boots (short or tall) will go great with this. I think that dress would look too cute in the Fall with a scarf, denim jacket and a pair of cute little boots! I picked out another dress that was mauve with a print and I actually really liked this dress, it fit well, not too roomy and would look great with Boots and a jacket as well. I’m a solid 8 and I picked up all bottoms size 8 and the tops were all M except for the sweater, that one was a Large. I will say that the flower print top I purchased and have paired with the olive cargo pants is an XL. I picked that up by mistake and I was pleasantly pleased it ran small. It’s roomy enough to be a Large, I’d prefer a Medium, but I can roll with my tops being a little loose.

At the end of my Try On Session I walked out of The Loft with 2 pair of the cargo pants, 2 tops, 1 dress and 1 necklace for a total of $149.86. I did use a $20.00 rewards coupon I had to bring the price down, but overall I did pretty good, cause let’s face it, these clothes will last awhile. Not to mention, I feel like I can get at least 5-6 outfits from these pieces I snagged today. An FYI – most of the clothes are 40% off right now and I think the entire online store is 40% off on your entire purchase. So, if you want to check out THE LOFT CLICK HERE. I have been wearing The Loft clothes for as long as I can remember and I love them, they are well made and they last. Thought you girls might like to see what’s in the stores and the Outlet and I’m glad you came along!!


Happy Shopping!!



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